Letter from P.E.I. - Arch. MacNeill to William Sanderson, Georgetown, 25 December 1851

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The following letter was transcribed for us by Nicholas W. Easton, [email protected] from Mike Salmon's ([email protected]) collection of Prince Edward Island Covers.

Paid (hand stamp 2d) Letter to William Sanderson Esq., George Town

From Arch. McNeill

No postmark or cancellation

Mount Vernon 25th Dec/51

Worthy Bro:

Wishing you a "Merry Christmas" and many a happy return of the Seasons. I proceed to give you a few hints respecting passing (?) events. I should have written you long before now but knowing that you recently have been much engaged in politics, I may yet be in time. I fully expect to have accompanied John McKinnon to Geo' Town the day of the Election or I would by him send you a letter, but on that morning business of importance intervened and precluded the possibility of my going.

I am perfectly satisfied to find that McAuley came off triumphant, though the Majority is but a patent (?) Unit! And I think Whelan's comment on your G.T. Election but particularly on McAuley's character rather scurrilous and altogether unbecoming a Queens Printer. Though McAuley opposed me at a recent Election yet I urged John McKinnon to go and vote for his Countryman and offered him money to pay his expenses while at G.Town. And were it not for McKinnons Vote the contest would be on an equality. Therefore as McAuley is now a S. of T. I feel thankful that I had it in my favour to send him a Vote although I had none to give him myself for I love a Bro: [ . . . ] be he who he [may]. The G. Stream is still flowing and now and then gaining a member. We thought to have a Newyears Dinner but we have forgotten it due to the coldness of the weather - &c. The Bros at Belfast have some thought to get up a Dinner on Newyears day but I doubt that they can carry out their intentions.

We intend electing our Officers next Monday night and have all things ready for the Installation. You will please reply to this No[te] and inform me when we c[ould] expect you to visit the C[ . . . ] for the purpose of installing our Officers. A letter cannot contain the half of what I wish to communicate, therefore I must defer topics till I see you face to face. Excuse me for not writ[ing] you ere now, and let this just be forgotten. I have of late been very busily engaged having Tea, Molasses [&c] retailing it, so that my time is always occupied doing something.

Wishing you again all the happiness of the Season I remain as ever

[ . . . ] [ . . . ]
Arch. McNeill

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