Letters from P.E.I. - Patrick Gormley to the Chief Justice, July 03 1854

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Transcribed by Gary Carroll, [email protected]

PAPEI RG6 Supreme Court Case Records 1854

JH Conroy vs Patrick Gormley July the 3rd 1854

please your loard ship on the complent that is had against mee with Mister Conroy I am very sorrey for it and when I went to the Victoria Inn & asked Mister Davis if McGowan was in hee said hee would see Hee told me hee was makin a speach and told mee to wate to hee would be don So I left the place for 15 minets and then come and tha told mee that Mister McGowan had left so then returned to Mister McGowan house Mis Cathren told mee that hee was in the Victoria I went back and when I got in to the haul there was towe boys asked my Bisnes I told them my Bisnes that Mister McGill came to mee for to get security that there was a Boy in jale for fling a snow ball and for bring them to Mister McGowan the Boyes 2 told me that had no Bisnes there for it was a privet meeten & told them that it was no hirt so with that B? the tailor struck me so that ? McaPhee came out the room and colerd mee to put mee out I told him that he tore my coat and when that Mister Davis would come I would go out But it would tak ten like him to put me out so out comes the Doctor Studin himself By the ? tak this man to jale Easey Docter and see hoo is in the fault no that would not dow well. Well says I if you have the authorite or allele? to writ my comitment I will gow myself But I did not no that the Doctor was a magistrate at time Mister Samuel Much was ther hole time and was sober hee came forward and seas men let the mane go for hee is not in the fault. So the Docter ordered them to let mee go and McaPhee was very unruly I then asked the Docters pardon Your Lordship this is ? bad feiling of McaPhee and spite to mee So I trust your loard ship will ? to the bad feeling to your humble serbvant

Patrick Gormley

This letter from Patrick Gormley to the Chief Justice refers to an incident at the Victoria Hotel on Water Street which occurred 10 March, 1854. Dr. James Heron Conroy was the doctor referred to. Mr. Davis was the proprietor of the Victoria Hotel

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