Letters to P.E.I. - Virginie (Ledret) Littaye (1842-1918) of the Island of St. Pierre to her relative Charles Binns (1811-1890), 14 Dec 1865

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Transcribed by Gary Carroll -

Letter from Virginie (Ledret) Littaye (1842-1918) of the Island of St. Pierre to her relative Charles Binns (1811-1890) in Charlottetown; from Mabey family file at PARO

St. Pierre le 14 Decembre 1865

My dear Sir

I wright you these few lignes to let you know that we send the certificate of Joseph We could not send the paper you send us because Joseph is not here he his in the West Indias so he cannot sing it I have no news to tell you. I have been very sick at last I am confined I had two twins both mere boys unfortunately one was dead when he was born & the Doctor says it

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was dead about 20 days before it was born we suppose it was the fright of the fire was the cause of its Death I was very sick my life was in Danger but thank God I am getting stronger I was confined 9th of November if you seen poor Papa how he was and my poor husband they thought I would surely die I was so weak for I was sick those 9 months I could not eat any thing without vomiting it

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You must excuse my wrighting for my hand shakes so much I cant hardly hold the pen. I have only begone to get up this 2 days and I cant set up long for it fatigues me too much My poor head his very feble I cant hardly see. Kiss Betsey and all the children for me I will wright her when I get better and stronger if you seen me you would not know me I am a perfect ? We had a dreadfull fire the 6 of last month more than 100 houses burnt

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and all the best houses two from Joseph Coste corner all up the street the ? Cordons shops and houses burnt Dagout? the two bakers and the next streets right up to the buring ground the Cafe Paris is burnt Leros shop folkeys forge and shop none escape it for the fire stop at the Patissier poor St. Pierre his verry lonsome now you would not know it they all have begone to build some are going to build in brick God Bless you all

I remain your cousin

V Littaye

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