Letters from P.E.I. - Samuel Symmons born 1840 Cornwall, Great Britain - to his nephew in Great Britain, Febr 14th 1876

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Transcribed by Gary Carroll,

Letter from Simmons family file at PARO

Samuel Symmons born 1840 Cornwall, Great Britain - died 1906 at Lot 18 to his nephew in Great Britain

Burlington Febr 14th 1876

Dear friend

We received your kind letter with mutch plesure Tusday 9th We air all happy to hear that you were all well. We air all well at present, hoping these fue liens will fiend you all the same.

Your grand father is a cripple - he can just get about the house by the support of two sticks he is getting bliend he canot see for to reed or write he is 77 past

James is married he has four children three boys and one girl he has a farm of fiftey acres

Mary is a widow She has three children living two boys and one girl She has one child ded.

I have been married twice my first wife died four years ago leaving behind her two childrn one a infant one hour or so oald

I married again to years ago the 28 of october last my wife and I was both stricken down by sickness last planting I may say we were both under the docter care the best part of the sommor we have buired our baby descember 3 aged 6 moths twelve days

your uncl william left home a seaman for englan the last acount we herd from him he landed safe at liverpool

I will write you what I can about the Island the way we manure our land we dig the oyster beds out of the river we have to hall it miels it is grate menure aspeshely for hay our farm is small only fifty 2 acres it is in a good state of cultivation we ceep a small store we air with in a mile of the church of ingland and within a half a mile of a school the rail road running through the center of the island the station is within 5 mile of us the markets is dull in this part on account of the vessels been frozen in the harbor thea were laden with produce for ingland.

I now must bring my letter to a close with our best respects to you all and believe me to be your affectionate uncle

Samuel Symons

Plese answer this as soon as you fiend it convenient Give us all particulers.

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