The Island Register - Letters to PEI - Letter from William Creamer, Bathurst, NB to Brother Barnard Creamer, PEI - Jan 9th 1881

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Transcribed by Gary Carroll, [email protected]

PAPEI Lot 29 Leases, Reel #50

Order to Mr. Robert A. Strong
you will take care of this letter as it is from my Brother and oblige me
Barnard Creamer

Bathurst Jany 9, 1881

Der Brother
i receved your letter wich gave me geat pleasher to hear you and famley was well as this leav me at present thanks be to God for it Mary is verey weak yeat She is no better yeat i du not think she ever will Der Brother i was verey sorrey to hear you heaf anne troubel with your pleas and wat has the Beers to du with your land that land that the Beers claim is min and that you no and all the neaberys knows and I bilt a House on it and lives on it i wish i was ner the Beers i wold let them no hu oned tha land i wod su tham for traspeas Der Brother if i can be ane help to you i am willing to do so for my clam you will have it and Marys with all my heart onley let me no hou i am to serve you and i will do it for you

Der Brother i wod go to tha Island but to tell the Gods truth i can not afouard it but on your acount i will do all i can for you an famley if i was on tha Island i wod be abel to settel it for you Der Brother you teak concoul on it and let me know all abought it Give my love to your wife and famley sends thearse kind love to you and famly

i remane your Brother until Death
William Creamer

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