Letters from P.E.I. - Sarah Bell Dollar, Charlottetown PEI to Margaret Jane Taudvin, Prescott, Ontario, July 27 1892

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Transcribed by Patricia Bravender, [email protected]

July 27th Charlottetown 1892

Dear friends:

With pleasure I sit down to answer your kind letter. I must tell you the reason I have been so long of writing. We were in the Country when your letter came and we had a nice time with our friends. Lena came home this morning feeling well and looking well. Dear Maggie, (Margaret Jane Taudvin) I am delighted with Johnnie�s (John W. Taudvin) picture it is just perfect. I think he becomes his moustache well. I thank him for it very much. I will expect the rest later on when it is convenient for you to get them. I am very sorry to hear that your Mother (Jane Donovan Taudvin Boyd) is so sick. It is hard for you and your little sister (Mary Aziola Taudvin or Helen Clara Taudvin) to have all the care of the House but I feel happy that your Mother is a little better and that she has two good Girls to nurse her. I think it is very kind of Mr. Boyd (John Boyd) to want you to stay with your Mother but I think you are quite right to make a home for yourself. Getting married won�t make you forget your Mother. I like the name of your young man. There is an old lady living near me the same name. She is very old and has lots of Money. She lives with a friend a Mrs. Furnough. They all have plenty of Money. She may be some relation of his. Your Uncle Joseph�s Wife and two children is here. (Joseph Taudvin and wife, Sarah J. Goss Taudvin) They are guests of Aunt Sophia�s. (Sophia Taudvin) She was inquiring for all of your family. By their appearance I think they are doing well in the World. I saw Uncle John Bell lately. They are all well. Carrie and Grandma (Jane Bell Donovan) is well. All your friends is well. I showed them Johnnie�s Picture. They all think he is like his Uncle Tom. (Thomas Bell) As I have nothing interesting I will close with love to all. Hopeing (sic) to hear from you soon. I will say goodbye Maggie. I may be wrong. Perhaps it is McOats (?) but I will know what to say the next time.

Aunt Sarah Dollar (Sarah Bell Dollar)

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