Letters from P.E.I. - Letter from Benjamin Daniel Simmons [13 Aug., 1876-30 Jan., 1943]

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Transcribed by Gary Carroll, [email protected]

PAPEI - HF.81.63.4 - Letter from Benjamin Daniel Simmons [13 Aug., 1876-30 Jan., 1943]

Charlottetown, Oct. 18th, 1900

Dear Gordon

In the last letter I wrote I told you I would write and tell you all the news about the Boys coming home from the war. Well it was the sight of a lifetime. The Princess arrived about half past seven with the Contingent and hundreds that went over to meet them, among them the Boys Highland Brigade. Charlie was over and had a great time. As she came in the harbor the cannon at Fort Edward fired a salute and all the horns and bells in town were blown and ringing, the like of the noise I never heard in my life. Last winter was nothing compared with it. The Railway men had a floating bonfire in front of the wharf and no one was allowed down, not even the parents of the Boys, but at the head of the street the crowd of people was something awful - all the country was in town that night. Everybody was trying to get a good place to see. After a short spell of waiting the procession formed up composed of the different societies, Boys Brigades, Militia, active Boys from Africa. As it passed along the street the people all broke into the ranks to shake hands and such a crush you never saw. They marched to the Square where a large stand was built for the occasion. After speeches were made, the Boys were each given fifteen dollars after which they left for their homes. The Engineers hauled all the men out of their Company in a barouche drawn with long ropes. Well I guess this is about all I can tell you about it more than that we all enjoyed ourselves and came home sorry that it was over. There is nobody living in your old place yet. They have the windows all boarded up like the Old Franklin House used to be. Charlie got a new rifle the other day that will kill pigeons & rabbits and nearly anything that he can shoot. Well I guess I will have to close now, so goodbye for the present.

Yours truly
Benj. Simmons
Box 477 NB

The Charlie mentioned in the letter was the writer's brother Charles Simmons 17 Mar, 1888-6 June, 1976

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