Letters from P.E.I. - Letters to Woodwards, 1900-1906

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Transcribed by Kerri Lindstrom, [email protected]

The first letter is from my Great Great Grandfather John Patton (Alberton, PEI) to my Grandfather Charles Colby Woodward Jr. ( Natick, Mass) and the second is a letter to my Great Grandmother Margaret Jane Patton Woodward (Natick, Mass) from her sister Annie B. Patton in 1906 (Alberton, PEI). It tells of the death of their mother Julia Hardy Patton.

Dear little Charley wee ware very glad you was such a good boy when you was going home wee are very lonsom and Jack was so lonsom he got a boan and laid down at the big gate for 3 days and the gander is walking round for some one to bite and there is a fine new lamb and is all spotted and smart runs and jumps granpa put your slay and cart and wooden Duck away in the granary all snug for Charley and Charley must be a good Boy and then when he comes down to see granpa wee will have a great time jack will jump and bark for Charley O wat about the flop to

Good night

Dear little Charley
And Mama and

Written by Grampa Patton in 1900 to Chas. C. Woodward Jr.

Box 44 Alberton Nov 7th 1906

My Dear Sister Maggie,

I should have written you sooner but just could not. Poor dear Mama is gone as you know before. It was a great surprise to us all for I thought she would live till spring.

Sunday night Nov 7th she took a hemorrhage from her lungs we sent for the Dr and the bleeding just stoped as he got hear so he said to keep her very quiet in bed.

And she had been in bed since Saterday but Sunday she sat up for a while and felt about as well as usule. But Monday she was very week and could not keep any thing on her stomach and I could not give her Brandy or wine on account of her lungs so that left her very weak.

Monday at 3oclock George brough Mrs Albert Weeks down and Mama said she was glad to see her she was such a kind motherly woman and talked a little to her .

At five oclock we had supper and I stayed with her till the rest had supper then Mrs. Weeks went in with her and I had my supper and Ada Weeks and the boys came in and Ada and I washed the supper dishes and just as we got them dun Mrs. Weeks came out and said Mama had been vomiting what would we give her so I went in the room and her hand and arms were very cold so I got warm cloths and the hot watter bottle to them and she said she thought it was to sudden a change then we sent for the Dr and he was hear in half an hour after we saw Mama was not so well as usule. And when the Dr spoak to her she said oh its Dr Ross.

And a little after that he asked her what had she any pain and she said no And he said what is the trouble and she said nothing that was the last word she said I don�t know wheather it was after that a little before we heard her say Marry. She died very easey I don�t think she suffered any pain atall. And her face looks that she is at perfect rest It is heard bare and much harder for you than for us for you are so far away

But dear sister keep up as well as you can. For God knows best. And dear Mama has gon home to her eternal home. And let us look forward to meet her in the Heven no more trouble no more pain and sorrow past. Mary did not get home yet on account of storm but we expect her at 4 o'clock today.

Mama looks so nice I never saw any corps look so nice the Funeral will be tomorrow afternoon for I know Mary will be hear today. I got dear Charley letter Good by your loving sister Annie in sorrow.

(Evelope addressed to Mrs. C. C. Woodward 15 Pond St. Natick, Mass Canceled in Alberton, P.E.I Canada Dec 10 1906. Also has a Natick Mass cancellation on the envelope over the address.)

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