Letters from P.E.I. - Letter from Cuthbert Cooper to "A Dear Old Chap", Apr 20, 1904

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Submitted by Hazel Davidson MacLaren, [email protected]

I would like to thank Martha Johnstone Garland for providing me with this memento. The people mentioned in the letter were members of the 'Artists Colony" at Fortune Bridge around the turn of the century and the early 1900's.

Letter from Cuthbert Cooper to "A Dear Old Chap", most likely C. P. Flocton.

Postal address: Fortune Bridge
Prince Edward Island, Canada

Cuthbert Cooper, Resident agent for C.P. Flocton

April 20th 1904

My Dear Old Chap,

I have not written before, because Warrick, in his last letter, told me of the safe arrival of the goods. Everything came in good condition .The harness is simply stunning, the saddle good.

The books are a good useful lot for leisure reading .The tobacco and cigars, I have stowed away in a dry place two pairs of boots, ditto. I thank you very much for the cigars, you marked for me and enjoyed them muchly .

Is it true that you have a ----[hanker?]---for California and the Coast ? I heard from others that you have.

I have the receipt for money sent to Milford also others accts.

I shall be glad to hear of your welfare. I have had no letter since 5th March .Let me know something of your doings. Is it true that you have sold the "Stroller"1?

Mrs McLean has set up a shack hard by Mrs Haskells. This, I know will be a shock to Mrs "H" also to Kent.

C.K. wrote that he is in a success5. I am so glad "poor old chap".

The Warricks3 are well. I see them daily almost

The weather is beastly. Hen house under water at present. I am well, barring rheumatism.

When may I expect you? I don't think they have prospered far with my book..

Waiting for fairer weather to walk outdoors.

I ---?--- God bless you Yours ever

C. Cooper

This letter was written on personalized note paper. [beige paper, green pen and ink drawings]. At the top of page one , there is a pen and ink drawing of "Abel's Cape" and "Selten" cottage and a coat of arms with insignia "PARVA SUB INGENTI" with one large tree and one smaller tree similar to or perhaps P.E.I.'s crest. The letter is written in pencil and quite legible and begins halfway down page continuing on pages two and four. Page three is most interesting. At the top of page three, there is a pen and ink drawing of "Seagull Beach at Abel's Cape". At the bottom corner, a pen and ink drawing of "The Gables and the Fortune Bridge"2. The rest of the page is an advertisement promoting tourist information: Trout fishing --Deep Sea Fishing --Sea Bathing, plus the following information ;

'The Cape Farm House" and Cottages to let -- furnished for the summer season.
Comfortable rooms and board can be obtained at many of the farmers' houses.
Excellent accommodations at "The Gable House"2.
Saddle and Harness horses, a Village cart, a Buggie, a Buckboard, a Wagonette
Also an able little schooner [12 tons], a sail boat [10 ft beam] and a rowing boat for hire.


1 The 'Stroller' would be [the able little schooner] captained by my grandfather John Davidson.
2'The Gables' was owned by my Grandparents [John & Martha Davidson] My father was born there and I lived there from age 5-7 years old.
3The Warricks. I remember Elsa Warrwick charming my childhood friends and I, in the early 1950's, with stories about Broadway and Vaudeville. Her small cottage was papered with newspaper clippings from The "Golden Days" of her acting career.
4Reginald and Barbara Short [sometimes known as the Carringtons] and their Scottish Terrier "Jeannie" were also a part of the Artists Colony still living at Fortune Bridge in the 1950's
5Success C.K's success would be a hit broadway show

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