Letters to P.E.I. - Mrs F.... to John S. Cantelo, Nov 30, 1906

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Transcribed by Grace Cantelo Blackette, [email protected]

1525 Pacific Avenue
(- - ameda ?) Cal
Nov 30, 1906

Mr John S Cantelo

Dear Sir

My brother WP (likely William Pond) Cantelow of (Vaca Valley) has asked me to answer a letter for him which he received from you last June in answer to a letter of inquiry he wrote you.

He is thinking I could better answer your questions.

My father was William Cantelow born on Prince Edward Island in 1824. He like you left there when quite young. His father was also William, he spelled his name without the w. My father added the w when he was a boy.

My grandmother's maiden name was Macaulay. Her second husband was a Crawford. There were three children by this marriage, Charles who died, Kate and Angus, the two latter now living in Boston.

My father never mentioned that he had any other relatives.

I have a testament posted in 1838 which belonged to my father, his name written in that is spelled without the w, that we are related I think is without a doubt, if it is true that your great grandfather was the only Cantelo on the Island.

My grandfather was a sea captain and was lost at sea when my father was too young to remember him.

The only thing that he had that belonged to his father was a watch making glass. He told me that his father had carried the watch makers trade. My father died at his home in San Francisco and undoubtly your sister attended his funeral for he was the only Cantelow in the state whom we have ever heard. His name having been the only Cantelo in the San Francisco directory.

(Next 2 lines missing) without the w . At the time we spoke of it------- it was the only time we had ever seen it in print.

You spoke of a book titled "The Norman Profile" I would like very much to read that book, you did not mention the author but I assume I can find out by inquiring at the library.

Thanking you for your information, I am

Yours respectfully

Mrs F --------- (sisters names were Adaline Willmina & Mary Emma)

Names on back of letter:(these would be the half siblings to William Cantelow)

Angus Crawford /Kate Crawford
1974 Dorchester Ave/ 209 (West ?) Springfield St!
(Mass, USA ?)/ (Mass USA ?)

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