Letters from P.E.I. - Michael J. Murphy, Charlottetown, PEI Affadavit to the Supreme Court Apr. 10, 1916

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Transcribed by Gary Carroll, [email protected]

PAPEI RG 6 Supreme Court Cases 1916

April 10 - 1916

To the Mayor & City Councillors -

I Michael J. Murphy do hereby intend to inform your Worship and the board of City Councillors of the graft and unfairness of one of the City Policemen - namely Francis Kiggins. I have been selling beer and whiskey in this Prohibition City of Charlottetown without being fined, having paid "Francis Kiggins" $10 per month, paying his livery bill for serving subpoenas, and summonses throughout the country, also gave him a fur coat, all for him protecting me. Now your Worship and Gentlemen of the Council I have proof for all these things. The fact of me selling for four years and have not been fined is all owing to his advice and protection.

He would tell me a fort-night before I was raided that I was going to be raided. I would take off the beer I have in the pump that would go at least of 7 per c. and put in the pump beer guaranteed to go less than 3 per cent. I would be raided sometime the officers who raided me thought so little of the beer they would not take it. Other times they took it, and it went less than 3 per cent.

This last raid Kiggins informed me of the raid going to come off on me and to keep nothing in. The officers raided and got nothing. The following night he came to where I board, said he was glad they got nothing

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and laughed about it, told me it was Sargent Peter Bradley's fault for the raid. Also told me to keep whiskey on the days he was on duty, and there would be no raid. On his departure I gave him a $10.00 bill and he told me not to be afraid and he would stand by me.

Your Worship and Gentlemen of the Council, I could tell of a lot more instances of his "grafting' and I am prepared to swear and bring proof that he is what I tell you. Truly

(sgd.) M. J. Murphy.

I hereby certify that this is a true copy of letter sent by M. J. Murphy to the Mayor & City Councillors re charges against Francis Kiggins

J. McLauchlan
Clerk of Police Court.


Note: Frank Kiggins left Charlottetown the day this letter became public and lived out the rest of his life in Ottawa. See the Kiggins lineage - Francis Edward Kiggins, b. March 03, 1872; d. April 04, 1950, Ottawa, Ontario.

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