Letters from P.E.I. - F. L.Haszard , Charlottetown, PEI to Mr. Arthur E. King of Toronto, Jan. 9, 1928

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Submitted by Carolyn Brooks -

Copy of reply of Judge Haszard, Jan. 9, 1928.


Charlottetown, 9, Jan., 1928.

Mr. Arthur E. King,

42 Playter Boulevard,


Dear Sir: -

I have your letter of the 3rd inst. and note its contents fully.

On reference to the Haszard book again I find that Anna Matilda Gardiner was born May 29th, 1791 � the daughter of John Gardiner and his wife Eunice Haszard � and therefore was the sister of John Rhodes Gardiner and the aunt of Charles C. Gardiner � She Married James Bagnall, a Printer and I believe a King�s Printer, so you have the facts pretty straight.

John Rhodes Gardiner was twice married, his first wife was Mary Gardner, his second wife was Mary Hooper, daughter of Major Hooper a refugee from New Jersey (as stated in the book). Charles C. Gardiner was, as you state, married three times, his third wife, Miss Minnie Palmer, daughter of Chief Justice Edward Palmer (deceased). She is also dead.

I have the Haszard Book in my possession, and if there is anything further you require will be glad to give you all information I can. If you come this way do not fail to call and see me.

If I should go to Toronto again I will certainly make myself known to you if at all possible.

Yours faithfully,

(Signed) F. L. Haszard.

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