Letters from P.E.I. - Rev. Alec Munro, to Malcolm MacLeod, Omaha, Neb., March 20, 1876

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Transcribed by Louise MacLeod, [email protected]

Valleyfield Manse, March 20, 1876

My dear Sir,

I am very glad to learn from your letter of October last that you, Mrs MacLeod and your family are in good health, and enjoying a measure of prosperity in your new habitation. You have every reason to be thankful for having causes to be satisified with the change you have made, had it been otherwise you could not be satisfied .You should be willing then to praise the Lord and to acknowledge his goodness to you in all that concerns your happiness and prosperity. I am obliged to you for giving me so much of the history of your long journey, and all you have able to do after your arrival in Nebraska. The change of climate which is so great will I trust be favourable to your own health as well as the health of your own family. During a long open season for field labor you will be able to do more in raising crops and should on that account be in possession of more grain of all kinds and by the blessing of the Lord you need not fear a famine of bread. I am thankful to you for telling me so much about all who went from this neighbourhood to Nebraska. I hope and wish with all my heart that they may continue to prosper , be useful to them selves and others and never forget their duty to the Lord , the obligations under which they are to him. They will never ,I pray forget s their need of him who is mighty to save all who come to him. I hope to heat good news of all of whom you have made mention. Widow McKinsie�s father has been poorly all winter, I have seen him several times , but not for some weeks . Martin Martin who is married to her sister burried two children here on the 29th of February; they died of scarlet fever. I am sorry for them. Robert Campell, Lower Montague buried five children all in the space of ten days. Scarlet fever had been very prevalent over the whole Island during the winter and a great number of young people have died. Many have been chastised very sore, some has a right to call in question the righteousness of the Lord for he is the Judge of all his creatures. All your friends here about are very glad to hear of your welfare and prosperity. Mrs William Martin is in the enjoyment of feeble health, able to be out of bed daily, and to lay her hand to household work; Her son Donald has so far as man can judge undergone a gracious change and this is a great comfort to his mother for which she is very thankful to the Lord. He is as promising as any of those who have been the subjects of the revival here which took place here on July 1874. There are many reasons why I should be very silent about this subject. We have had a rather mild winter, and for the last few days we have real warm sunshine, and a considerable portion of the snow is thawing away very gradually. Old Malcolm McLeod on this road died a few weeks ago � he was above 100 years. Malcolm MacPherson and his son Archibald have died this winter also. John McPhee, a little further up the same road.

I am glad you have opportunities of hearing the Gospel; Will be glad of a letter from you when you are at leisure. Mrs Munro unites with me in kind regards to Mrs MacLeod and family, and I am My dear sir � Yours Alec Monro

Note: Rev. Alec (Alex) Munro appears as the signator of baptisms for the Valleyfield church beginning in 1851, and up to the 1880's, in the latter years, sporadically.

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