Alex Mc Donald to Messrs Broad and Fowler, Merchants, New Castle Mirimachie 14th May 1832

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From the collection of Ivan W. MacKenzie, [email protected], Transcribed by Dave Hunter.

Alex Mc Donald to Messrs Broad & Fowler, Merchants, New Castle Mirimachie 14th May 1832

East Point 14th May 1832



I expect that J. B. Johnstons acknowledgement for the payment of the Cargo of Lumber I had in the St. Ann last fall has come to your hand by this time which I hope will meet your approval.

I am concerned this season in three Vefsels Burthen from 60 to 100 Tons each and owing to the severity of the Winter there is no produce left for Exportation and consequently no employment for vefsels. These circumstances has induced me to send the Schooner True Friend, the only one that is now ready to pave the way for the others. Please to facilitate her loading with spruce of half merchantable & half refused lumber of a good quality as this cargo will be a sample to enter into agreements for the subsequent cargos. -- Please write per first chance the lowest Prices you can furnish us with 150,000 Feet Lumber, Some shingles for Stowage and a few spars which if you can supply at a rate to allow us to realize the Freight we will continue the Vefsels in the trade during the season.

Please to furnish Mr. John McDonald Mr of the True Friend with what he may require for the Vefsel and use all dispatch to Load and I will see his engagements fulfilled and by so doing you will be much obliged.

Your most Obedient and Humble Serv't

Alex Mc Donald

P.S. direct your letter to Alex McDon'd, Prospect Hill, E. Point, Prince Edward Island.

Please to state in your letter whether Mr. Hardacre? Has taken of the notes left by me in your possession or not. Please direct the Master how to go to work and facilitate his dispatch and not allow him to be imposed on as he is unacquainted in the trade. This will greatly oblidge me.

Yours Truly,

Alex Mc Donald

Note: The vessel mentioned in the above letter, the "True Friend" was built by John MacDonald Jr. in 1829 in St. Peters, P.E.I. It was first registered in 1829, and the registration was closed in 1836. It was a Schooner, 54 feet long, 18 fee wide, a depth of 8 feet, and had a net tonnage of 67. It was co:owned by John MacDonald Senior, John MacDonald Junior, Alexander MacDonald, and Ronald McDonald, all listed on the papers as Farmer/Planter from St. Peters, P.E.I. -- Information from the "Ships and Seafarers of Atlantic Canada" Cd by the Maritime History Archive of the Memorial University of Newfoundland.

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