Letters from P.E.I. - Angus Stewart, Mangawai, N.Z. to his sister on P.E.I., Sept, 1921.

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From the collection of Carole Stewart, c-a-b@paradise.net.nz

Carole would be very interested in further family information.

Letter from Angus Stewart, Mangawai, N.Z. to his sister on P.E.I., Sept, 1921.

Note: This is an edited letter sent from Angus Stewart, Mangawai, New Zealand to his sister in Prince Edward Island, Canada, where he was born. It has only been edited in the sense that in the original, some sentences ran together, as did the paragraphs. Except for the odd ‘and’ or ‘but’ all the words belong to Angus.

Angus was the second son of ‘Big’ Malcom Stewart (1808 – 1901) and Mary McPherson (1809 – 1889). His siblings were Mary (d. 9/12/1916), Ann, John, Christy, Charles, Donald and Alexander.

‘Big’ Malcom’s parents are said to have been Charles Stuart and Mary McMillan, who came to PEI from The Isle of Skye on The Polly.

Edited by Carole A Stewart: This was found in the roof of a house in Prince Edward Island. These were handed onto Carole by Beryl Smith (nee Judd)

Mangawai September, 1921.

Dear Sister:

I have not heard from you for some time and I hope you are still alive and well.

We are both well and in good health. Margaret will be 86 on the 18th day of this month. My birthday is on 19th November I will be 88 years on that date coming.

We had a grand-daughter got married on the last day of August,1921 She was my son Sandy's daughter. He had two girls and no boys.

My son Malcolm has 6 sons and 1 daughter, and she is married and his oldest son is married.

My son Charles sold his home and is now living in Auckland, he is married and his wife died after marriage.

I am sending you letter and pictures I got from John Allan in Belle River last month. The picture is of the Old home we lived in one time over 32 years ago.

We left Charlottetown first day December 1858, arrived in Auckland 12th May,1859, so were 5 months and 12 days on the voyage. New Zealand is a fine healthy country. I have not seen snow or frost since we came.

So will come to a close. Good bye..

Yours, brother Angus Stewart and Margaret Stewart.

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