Letters to P.E.I. - Archibald Taylor, Mirimachi to his brother, Donald, August 28, 1837

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Transcribed by Gary Carroll, [email protected]

PAPEI HFG Taylor 25-6: Letter from Archibald Taylor born 11 Sep., 1813 Malpeque, PEI; his brother Donald was born 28 Oct., 1809

Marimachi August 28 1837

dear brother I wright you these few lines to let you no that I am well at present hoping these few lines will lines will find you the same I have goot the letter wich you sent me 10 August and I intend to send you the things you sent for the first chance as there is no craft in at present I intend to be at gilmours til the fall and if you intend to send over oats in the fall I will sell it for you but oats is expected to be cheap hear this fall as there is no lumbers scarcely? going to the woods this winter I think if you would send the flour over for the things I sent you that it would pay much better than oats and I want you to send me these oxion of mine which is at mi fathers if they are in good order for beaf as I intend to healp donald to pay for that land you may send them with the first chance Donald was wanting me to send for his hors but there is no price for horses this year You menchant about too pair of trousers you sent me with gorg elson but I never got them oats may fech a better price than is expected I dont know whither I will get a birth to go to the woods or not this winter So no more at present
I am your affectionat brother
Archibald Taylor

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