Letter from P.E.I. - Charles Clay to Hon. E. Palmer, 1861

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The following letter was transcribed for us by Mike Salmon, [email protected] from his collection of Prince Edward Island Covers.

Part of folder letter addressed to Honble E. Palmer, Ch Town

From Mr Charles Clay 23 November 1861 (Postmark Lehr P7) Rate 4 pence paid with two 2d rose perf. 9 stamps

---- before His Excellency in Council and trust that you will still be my friend and see that it gets a thorough investigation, if the Govt. are determined to serve me worse than any other one on the lot I must allow it to go to the hammer, when I feel confident I shall get it at the first bid. For I feel certain that no one in Kings County covet (what to them would be a worthless mill site) so much that they would dare to bid a hard earned roof off of my head and turn my helpless children out of house and home, in the face of at least one hundred of my truest friends. I only hestitate to have it set up at auction because I dred the consequences in the event of some scoundrel being bold enough to bid against me (but remember I do not ??? loosing the place) I enclose Mr Goffs reasons for not signing the report, and also a copy of the agreement Taylor entered into with my father which I think will prove to your satisfaction that my father owns the best share of this wonderful mill-site.

Please understand that I put all my hopes in what you, Col. Grey and Mr Longworth will do for me and trusting to the justice of my cause.

I remain



Dear Sir




Your very Obt. Sevt


Charles Clay

P.S. I have given you my opinion of Messers McAuly & Andrews frankly but in confidence C.C.

Externally marked from Mr Chas. Clay (Price of his land)

Owner�s note double rate letter (four pence) because of enclosures mentioned in text.

The only Clays found on maps in Kings County are in Lot 55.

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