The Island Register - Letters from/to P.E.I. - The Douglas Letters - 8 March 1797

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Transcribed by Richard Walker, [email protected].

Edinburgh 8 March 1797

Dear James

On the 23 last Month I wrote you a very long letter per the packet to which I refer---- I understand that your goods are to be sent to Greenock this week

I have packed up a Box to send with this, the contents of it are:

A Medicine Chest with Medicines & etc.----

A Box containing twelve silver table spoons & two salts silver----

The Edinburgh Newspapers for the last three months----

Three last months Magazines----

An Almanack----

There is also with this, directions for using the medicines, for which you are obliged to your cousin Mr. John Braimer had he not made out these directions I would have been obliged to send the Chest without any.

I. Robertson has not claimed his account again, since I lent his man of business the receipts you sent---- as you desire you will receive with this a Commission by your acquaintance on St. Johns Island to me to recover what Robertson owes him---- when you send me the papers you promise be sure you get from your acquaintance a sum of money to send along with them say £20. Sterling as I cannot bring an action into Court till I see how I am to be paid my expence, if you give me authority to advance what money is necessary from your funds here it will be the same to me but otherwise I cannot engage in the business---- The Commission sent must be subscribed at X towards the right hand & two persons subscribe at X X towards the left hand adding Witness after their names. You will let me know when you return it the Place where it is Subscribed the day of the month & the witnesses designations that these particulars may be filled up in the Deed.

There is also in the Box the two printed papers in Netherhouses Cause I wrote you particularly about this Plea in my last---- upon the 18 January last the Court advised the Cause upon these two papers and gave an unanimous Judgement against Netherhouse with full costs they cut down both his heritable and personal Claims---- no Petition was presented by Netherhouse against the Judgement & it is now final.

A Summons has been already execute against Netherhouse in order to reduce all right he has by his presents titles to Broom & to bring him to an accounting for past rents---- he will have an opportunity of producing his heritable Debts again when they will not be objected to---- This new Cause you will no doubt approve of as it is proper that a tryal of Netherhouses rights to the Broom be made whatever success may attend it considering his past conduct.

I will write again with ???????? Goods when I have received an accounting of the prices & etc. Mr. William Aitken in Glasgow promised to me when I was last there to purchase what he did not furnish himself & have them shipped & etc. I hope they will arrive safe---- All friends are well

I am Dear James Your Afectionate Brother

John Douglas

P.S. I had a letter from Sandy of 21 October last he had received two letters that day from your wife Make my best respects to her and the family. I have brought an action against the Charterer & Captain of the Lupis for your Trunk lost.

Mr. James Douglas
Charlott Town
St Johns Island
Gulf of St. Lawrence
N. America

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