Letters to P.E.I. - Elizabeth Ann (Cantelo) Binns to Bethia (Wood) Tweedy, Aug 06 1859

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Transcribed by Gary Carroll, [email protected]

Letter from Elizabeth Ann (Cantelo) Binns to Bethia (Wood) Tweedy. Thomas Stratton M.D., R.N. died March, 1886 at Devonport, England; his wife's name was Eliza Mary.

Kent Cottage
6th Aug 1859

My Dear Cousin

I am very glad to hear that you keep in good health I have been unwell for three weeks My back is very weak I had to send for the doctor he relieved my Bowels but gave me nothing for the other Mrs. Straton tells me she has been the same and Doctor Straton would not stopt it and she is very thin I have been to see her three times and she prest me very much to go and drink tea with her I have been a little nerves Mrs. Straton came to see me and told me if I got worse to send for her she is very kind she has a great many beautyful flowers Dorah brings me some very often I wish you could come and see them she is going to share seeds with me Govner Daleys family gave them to her Mr. Straton received a few seeds


from Scotland in a letter and Mrs. Straton gave me half of them We thought it was to late to plant them some yellow primrose and double vilot and minougnett you shall have a share with me she gave me a few plants three yellow lupens and one rose camphin and one Mager Convolvinest Mrs. Straton came and brought a box of building toyes for Margretta the children goes to see her very often Dorah pais me a visit every morning I had grany Doyl to sleep with me when Charles was away he has returned and left Soney I hope for his good if it is the Lords will not my will but his will be don the children is all in good health they all send their love to you and all the famley and grany Twedy and Lizzey give my love to grany and tell her I hope her hand will soon be better I have not been to church for three weeks

Good by my dear Bethia

E A Binns

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