Letters to P.E.I. - Congratulatory Letter on First Commercial Flight to P.E.I. Sep 29, 1919.

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Transcribed by Douglas MacLeod, [email protected]

From Don McClure: "The First Air Mail Flight to P.E.I. - This flight was flown on Sept. 29th, 1919 by pilots Capt. J. M. Stevenson and Lt. Logan Barnhill, from Truro to PEI in a Curtis JN4 ("Jenny") aircraft with a Curtis OX5 engine and bearing the registration letters G-CAAV. Further information indicates that this aircraft was scrapped in Halifax in 1924"

Lieut. J. M. Stevenson,
Manager for Prince Edward Island

Lieut. I. L. Barnhill, Jr.,
Chief Instructor


Capt. L. E. D. Stevens, A. F. C., General Manager
Head Office:
Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

Mr. Heath Strong

Dear Sir, �

We have great pleasure in presenting our compliments to you on this, the occasion of the first commercial flight from the mainland to Prince Edward Island, and we, esteem it a pleasure to include your name on our list, as a recipient of our compliments by the first aerial mail to the Province.

We know that you will join with us in appreciating the fact that a great amount of importance is attached to this flight, because it means the beginning of a new era, the entry of a new age, the birth of aviation as far as the Island is concerned.

Our experience in the world of aviation has taught us the assured fact that within the next few months travel by air will be as common as travel by train; mails will be carried principally by air; in fact, aviation will be the predominating factor in the commercial world. It is bound to be so considering that we are living in an age 50 years ahead of half a century ago, an age in which the world�s motto is "Speed," and the modem man requires modern methods.

Prince Edward Island will not be behind in aviation, and as soon as possible. with the co-operation, of the people of the province, we shall have a daily mail and passenger service connecting the bland with all the principal cities of Eastern Canada.

Our principle is "Boost Home Industry." Our company is a Maritime Province concern, managed by Maritime Province men, and for the benefit of Maritime Province people.

Trusting that health and prosperity may crown your efforts. we remain,

Very truly yours,

L. E. D. Stevens, Capt.,
General Manager,
Devere Aviation Co., Ltd.

J. M. Stevenson Lieut.
Manager for P. E. Island
Devere Aviation Co., Ltd.

First Commercial Flight to P.E.I.

First Commercial Flight to P.E.I.

Note: Colton Smith tells us Devere's airstrip was in Truro - more specificlly in Bible Hill, about 15 min outside of Truro, on the West side of Vimy Road it was not an airport but a airstrip in a farmers field, the field is still there today. Dalmar Lyndes was the last pilot to take flight out of the Devere Aviation Co.'s airstrip in August of 1957. There were many air shows there on the West Side of Vimy Road with many intersting aircraft, between 1920 and 1950.

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