Letters from P.E.I., Fred Clark, to Mattie and Willie Elton Robertson, Jan 30, 1950

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Transcribed by Rita Offer, [email protected]

Fred Clarks letter of Monday Jan 30, 1950

Note: This letter is typed exactly as written, all errors in spelling and grammar remain intact.


To Mattie and Willie Elton Robertson

Dear Friends

I was in Charlottetown Christmas time and went in to see Will Rodd. He looked pretty well tired out and said Mrs. Rodd always wanted him to attend to her wants. I would have went to the funeral but seen where it was to be private. Now hope this may find you both feeling well. I think we kind of review as over the country around. which will set you well to thinking but will not in any way I guess interest the family. on the old George Harken place A young Johnston lives now with his Mother, she was Annie Bryanton. A Young Graham is on the Charlie Simpson place and you know James O. Simpsons, where Tillie, Janis and Mary Clark were when you lived next place at Mr. Darnleys by the way his smartest son Ernest seems to have been born under a lucky star. He has sold about 30 acres of land down near the pond. On both the Darnley place and the Wm. Simpson land. As he Ernest has all the Will Simpsons place below the road. Now this land sold. He still works as if still owned. Get cash from Morrison from S�Side, a truck from Dave Stewart from ch�town, a tractor. plow and harrow from Alex Horne also from your town. Has also sold several other lots for big prices. Then Sterling as you know is next to yours truly, the old John McNeill place is well looked after by one Jerry Simpson (old Arthurs son). Your old friend Will Macomb and all the family are in heaven but Ham and his case has not bully been decided. The farm of course is all now (Golf Course) that is below the road then, Mary Stewart has built up quite a place along the road 5 double cottages and a swell dining room or Lodge I believe they call it, then you know the LePage Hotel & cottages are on the same old farm. Now owned by Fenner Stewart who by the way has just got home from Brackley Point, his first cousin Bessie Stewart died first of last week. Then the old David McNeill place is now as you know all National Park & more being added. They build 13 new cottages in front field next the Will Macomb side and 16 more to be built in spring are to be fitted up for familys not wanting to live in a cottage and board in a dining room do their own cooking is it were they the old Pircie McNeill place is also National Park. With the Wyand Cottages on shore end the Geo R. place is now a young McCoubrey. His wife Garnett Proffite daughter they do a good summer tourist business a Nice New Home & Church for the Minister. Prince you remember the place the old Alex & John F. place has Sill Ernest McNeill. A young Green on Murray Robertsons place, another young McCoubrey on the Will Laird place. Dick Moores son on the John Laird place. While Rusell McNeill is still next door. He got knocked out one day this winter by the slaming of a door in gale of wind. But is better. A son (Alvah) is on Will Landys place & Artie McNeill still lives in Big Gord home. A son on Albert McNeills farm. & Alex living alone on his place is 80 years old & not too well. Now we come to the McKenzie name which you will perhaps remember. Bob is not extra well lately is in bed most of time am told. But I knew an old Mr. Morris who stayed in bed every winter for years & considered it kept him alive a lot longer to rest in winter, the old home next is no more as even the cellar is now cleared out of stone & filled up. Think now will come back to Cavendish corner & go Cavendish Road (Now Mayfield) Austin Laird has fine House & Barn. Also a young fellow from the orphanage a fine young man. The cite of the old Baptist Church is now all woods & they have built a new Telephone line through Mayfield also a new Electric Line as far in as Jim Houstons. I also forgot to say the Electric Line comes up to Ernest Clarks the old Hall & Church both have lights. One dark night lately with a Meeting in the Hall the out side lights on Church & Hall I said never expected to see street lights in Cavendish. You Elton will remember that Hall Hill was pretty dark when woods on both sides. Now Cavendish Road again. Next place. The old John Robertson. Maxwell, Elton, etc. not forgetting Tennis has now the Electric Lights is now owned by the Allan Wyand family. He allay looked very nice in his last resting place. His wife & Blanch live in the new place one of the boys built up in corner of old Mrs. Wyands field opposite old Joe Nicholas gate. A Grand Son of Old Jones lives on the Sarah Jacks Place one of Allays twins has now all the land old Sam Wyand. Mrs. Wyands & your old place they bought off the other twin who did not like farm work he Always worked around the Cottages in summer. A young Soldier by the name of Butler is on the Chas Wyand place. The house on the McKensie home was Hauled to the old Mrs. Wyand place & fitted up for the Allan place. Eddie Tooms son and Grand son carry on in good shape in the old place. Another young Johnston, John Andrews son has nice new home in the old John Toombs place. Sylas Wyands old home now has a son of old Bob Stead the Horse buyer. His wife Harry Coles daughter. Mrs. Cole was buried yesterday. 70 years old & not a grey hair. Bob Wyand is now Jerry Pluck, the old Johny Wyand place is all woods where we used to cut & coil hay. Alex Toombs lives in Cavendish now looks great. A grand son of old Joe Nicholas has his place. Bob Mosir has moved to the Creek built a nice new house has a smart family real smart boys. He Bob is great looks well. Now we come to Will Rodds. Herman Hill is there & Harold Toombs store has a McDonald fellow married to one of Hills girls a son of Hills has built up a nice place near where Nelson Toombs Forge used to be. No one in Geo Henrys or the old Joe Gand place this winter he is down at Warfield. Mrs. Jim Tennis has both the John Arthurs place & Old Fidel the Corkers Willard Nicholson. Married to Wm Moffats daughter has the John Fraser place. A son Robert of old Uzebes (Zeb) is in their old place the old vendors place. Mrs. Q Mac has a son there. The Peter Mairoy Place has been sold to Robert Zeb. Frank Houston how owns the Wellington Houston farm. One of old Capt. Buotes Girls is married to (Peter Will Rodd) & live there. Alphonys Doiron is still by the School & Frank Houston on Johns place a grand son of Geo Houstons is there. David Moffat in Willies place. Allan sold out to Frank Houston. Jim Houston is still there . Zavia Doiron on the old Christy Place & this is as far as you had land & rented so will quit. Mother you can take spells reading this.

Fred Clark

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