Letters from P.E.I. - George Van Iderstine, to John B. Van Iderstine, January 13 1857

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Transcribed by Gordon Furness, [email protected]

Letter from George Van Iderstine, Vernon River PEI to his brother John B. Van Iderstine of Tabusintac, New Brunswick, January 13 1857.

Vernon River Jan 13 1857

Very Dear Brother:

I write theas lines to let you know we are all well at present and hoping thay will find you the same I have been expecting a letter from you as yet got non

I have to Inform you that the Lord hath in his unerring wisdom been pleased to take away our dear Mother by death She died on the seventeenth day of November she was not particularly confined to her bed till Saturday and on Monday the minister Came to see her. The questions he asked her she answered correct and sencible and with satisfaction and on the afternoon about three o�clock she died her last end was pease: Father is well his Eye is much the same way the Rest of them is all well: I trust you are still pressing toward the Kingdom of heaven do not be discouraged at the ruffness of the way: whome the lord loves he _____ be in earnest to have the ____ of your mind girt about with the truth and to stand in perfect rediness for the time is fast approaching when you and I must be called away from this state of triel

O may we live so that if we never meet hear on Earth that we may meet whare _____ _____ _____ never come. Alexander was married last fall . . . the Frasers are all well thay feel a good deal about you. Uncle John was thinking if he could make it Convenient he would go over and see you I would like very much to see you myself if I could make it Convenient I think it is hard that one of the girls do not go over to you

Do try and send us a few lines to let us know how you�re a getting on for senc I received no answer to my letter I got afrad you had given away to grief and expired too: Cusen James wrot a letter to his father and the letter was return again so we have heard nothing from you at all: pleus give your kind love to

Willliam and his family tell Uncle Peter and Abenezer that thanes as far as I know are well _____ ______ I know that I have nothing more to say of preasent pleus to Expect our kind love yourself my sincer prayer to the Lord is that he may help preserve and strengthen you under your very great triel

I Reman your affectinatly
George Van Iderstine

Aunt Enman is very poorly she fell last summer and brouk her arm she was getting better but she fell again and she is worse now than she was: Old Sandy Docter died last Friday age ninety eight years Tell Uncle Peter that his grandson John was In London last fall he seen David thait he was well and and bound for Australia

Note: John B. Van Adestine�s wife, Eliza Blake, and two of their children, Ann (about 14 years old) and a baby, Eliza, died of scarlet fever in August of 1856. We believe that the great trials George refers to are their deaths.

The John Van Iderstine who was in London, was the son of John Van Iderstine and Mary Furness, who later drowned in the English Channel. David Van Iderstine settled in Australia where he married and had a least two daughters.

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