Letter from P.E.I. - G. Thornton, to Messrs. Wm Wilson & Son, 1839

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The following letter was transcribed for us by Mike Salmon, [email protected] from his collection of Prince Edward Island Covers.

Charlotte Town

Prince Edward Island

3rd January 1839

Messers William Wilson & Son

In compliance with the wishes of the Paymaster of the 30th Regt. Roderick McDonald Esquire I herewith forward as early as it could be realized from the sale of the tartans you sent to the Highland Society here; the first of Exchge. for 34.18.0 Sterling. Andrew Duncan or Andrew Duncan Liverpool at 30 days; the others of the Bill will be duly forwarded by next mail. I hope that before very long you will receive a further remittance, as part of the articles have been sent to the Society in Halifax and the proceeds of which will be remitted as early as possible, together with what more can be disposed of here.

I am, Gentlemen
Your most obedient Servt.
G. Thornton

Address side of letter:

Original 2/ 5
1/ 2 (half penny Falmouth Road Tax on mail to Scotland)

Messrs William Wilson & Son
Tartan Manufacturers
North Britain

This leter was probably carried by the Falmouth Packet Star

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