Letter from P.E.I. - Mr. Patterson, to Mr. Hooper, Bedec, 1790

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The following letter was transcribed for us by Mike Salmon, [email protected] from his collection of Prince Edward Island Covers.

Charlotte Town 21st July 1790

Dear Sir,

This will be delivered to you by Mr. Woolmer who, with Mr.. Jacob Duckendorf and Simon Elliot are returning home after having received my proposals for selling or letting lots 19, 15 and part of lot 17 which they seem satisfied with and are determined accordingly to become your neighbours- I therefore request you will be so kind as to have those lands shown to them as far as may be desired by them and any trouble or expense which may attend it, my brother or myself will satisfy.

You will be able to give them a full and true account of the soil and produce as no person is better acquainted with both than yourself. If they want any assistance or aid of provision to forward them to Bay (Fortune?) be so good as to let them both or either and I will be answerable. I am sure you will excuse any trouble I give you on account of these gentlemen from your desire of procuring good neighbours and forwarding the general good of this Island. My brother is not yet arrived but I expect him hourly.

Give my best compliments to Mr. Robins and believe me sir, your friend and honourable servant,

Mr. Patterson

If you or any friends near you have any letters to send to any friends to the southward, I shall sail for New York in a week or ten days.

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