Letters from P.E.I. - Isabella (Moffat) Nisbet, New Glasgow, PEI. to Jeanette (Laird) Nisbet, Mass., September 12 1876

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Transcribed by Gary Carroll, [email protected]

New Glasgow
Sepr 12 1876

My Dear Sister

We received your letter last Thursday and were happy to hear you got over all right I am sorry to hear Mrs. McKenzie is still poorly but I hope she will soon be restored to health again. Mrs. Christy is living but very low Mrs. Orr is improving. The Friday morning after you left she asked if she was at home or if she was at Cavendish yet, and ever since that she has been herself again. She had no mind of you being there. James Moffat junior has been poorly, threatened with inflammation. He looks quite ill If he don't get better soon it will put Australia out of his mind this year. I saw John Stevenson on Lords Day and told him Mrs. Marks was disappointed for him not going he said it was not too late yet but I don't think he is much of a traveller They are getting on very well with the harvest. It is all cut but the late oats and a good part in. Mary has got her web out and we have got ours in, and Minnie weaves on a dewey morning

Now I think you will be tired of hearing what has happened since you left us but I have a little more to say yet. Your old friend Mr. Laird has not been satisfied with the writing he had before and no sooner was the election over and the people getting tolerably quiet when out comes a long letter in the Patriot and saying it must be proved that water was used in the Apostle Paul's Baptism before he can believe it, which will not be very hard to do with an unprejudiced person when we have the 3d of John to refer to it is plain enough that water was used, ordained to be used in the institution. Give my kind love to Mrs. Henry and tell her she might write to me sometimes. Remember us to Mr. Mrs. Clarke and little Edgar. Give my kind love to Mrs. MacKenzie and Family and I hope she is getting stronger now since the cool weather set in Now Dear Sister be sure and write when you get home and let us know how you got home and how you found them all there. I feel more satisfied now than I did when you left us three years ago I was afraid you was going from home but now I think it will be better for you all there than here. George went to town this morning and the girls are in the fields binding Danny and Matty are taking in small loads with Charlie. I have got the house to myself I think it will tire your patience to read this so no more at present

Goodbye from your sister

Isabella Nisbet

Be sure and write when you get home


Letter from Isabella (Moffat) Nisbet to Jeanette (Laird) Nisbet, widow of Andrew Nisbet. Jeanette left New Glasgow for Massachusetts after the death of her husband Andrew Nisbet. Isabella was married to George Nisbet and had children Minnie, Maggie, Danny & Matty. Charlie was their horse. James Moffat, jr. (1853-9 Dec., 1888) died in Kansas. John Stevenson was the 2nd son of Elder John Stevenson and served as a local preacher. Mrs. MacKenzie was Agnes, daughter of Anderw Nisbet. Mrs. Henry was Martha Nisbet who married Kenneth Henry 9 March, 1858. James Laird of New Glasgow wrote several letters to the Patriot on the subject of religion.

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