Letters to P.E.I., James Palmer, England to Wm. Le Page - Jul 22, 1817

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Transcribed by Garth Bulman, [email protected] with assistance from Michael Rennie, [email protected]

Letter: J. B. (James Bardin Palmer) to Wm Le Page

On board Brig John to care of Widow Lymons & Co. Plymouth 22nd July 1817

Reference: Acc 2848 Item 69 PEIPA

110 T C R Lon 22 July 1817

Dear Sir

It is with infinite pleasure that I hear of your arrival by a letter from Mrs Palmer and I sincerely hope that you have had and may have a prosperous Voyage and that You have left your family in good health - Binns and Lobban imagined that I was ruined and thought it was the wisest way to take the other side as I suppose, they told Mrs Palmer every Packet that they had written to me. They never sent the letters however for hers always came safe and theirs would have done so of course if they sent them. She unfortunately depended on them, and never sent me any particulars as to Marsh�s business. - I have only conjecture to guide me upon that subject, and I take it for granted that the Governor dismissed my Bill against Marsh, and refused an Appeal unless enormous security was given.

If I had any knowledge of the particulars I should obtain an order here for an appeal upon my own Affidavit, but that is at present impossibb - she says that Lobban has written by Your Ship - I believe it to be only a repetition of deceit on his part. Thus I am totally ignorant of any one trial or transaction at law since I left Charlotte Town, except that Haszard says there was a verdict against Thompson as heard for �400, but does not say at whose Suit he also mentions Edward�s business and Mrs P says that Johnston annoyed You at the instance of Your Sister in-law -- "One good turn deserves another" Mrs White who formerly lived at Collector Townshends will send out by You or me a Power of Attorney to Your Brother to recover �300 from Johnston being money of hers which he received from Townshend and never remitted though Mr Turner her Solicitor here wrote to him by every Packet -- I am empowered by Lord Westmoreland and Lord Melvill to overhaul Mr Johnston and my only delay in London collecty<<???>> has proceeded from the difficulty on the part of Hills creditors to proceed regularly against him during his absence -- they mentioned Lord Bathurst in my favor the 28th of May last, I wrote to his Lordship the same day, and not before on the 23 of May In answers that Lieut. Governor Smith has been ordered to send a report of the proceedings in detail. This was all I could expect in the first instance -- in fact I knew the contents of the answer three days before it was written. I have a very pretty key to Master Johnston, which came from Scotland.- This you shall hear more of by and by. His Salary has been attached in London. - there never was a better opportunity of doing something for the Island, and I have accepted several of the proprietors particularly Lord Westmorland and Captn Seymour who is married to Lord Bathurst's niece.

Now my dear friend let me beg of You to read this Letter attentively, and answer it carefully by the first post. What particulars do you know if relative to Marshes business did my friends make any application, or was there any and what security offered or required?

Was there a verdict against Thompson, for what amount and at whose suit?

What trials were there at law? I don�t mean criminal trials.

Do you load at Plymouth or where else, and when do you expect to sail? -

Did you bring any letters from Lobban to any person, or did he speak to you about any? Did you bring any passengers?

Do you mean to come to Town and when? In what terms would you take out a Cargo of Passengers + freight from Dublin? Is Hill coming home, and had the Vessel sailed from Richmond Bay when you came away?

With any miscellaneous information that you may have time to communicate has there been any news of Lord Selkirk or James Williams his late agent?

My intention is to take my passage out with you, but as all the Devils hear are watching my motions I am obliged to mislead them. And I tell every person that I shall go out from Scotland. I may lose no time in writing because I shall only wait for Your letter + this go to Ireland for Lord Westmoreland - Could You sell any of this land Lot 29 (Crappeau) and 53 (George Town) at 20s per Acre front land, and 15s back land? - If You could get a parcel of people to join for about 2500 Acres (part of Lot 23) on one of the Rustico Rivers and the West road I could sell it to them for about 5s an Acre - it would be about eleven Miles from Charlotte Town. - this might be worth Your consideration on account of passengers - but I can�t expect an answer as to this land business at present Letters directed as above will always be forwarded to me.

Peter Townshend is here - he wants to send out a tomb Stone - I shall advise him to send you the order accompanied by a remittance, or guarantee to Mr. Mainjay for the amount - Mrs Callback wants to send out a Box..

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