Letters from P.E.I. - J.M. Clark, Cape Traverse to Mr. Willard Broad, Miramachi New Castle 21 July 1830

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From the collection of Ivan W. MacKenzie, ivan.mackenzie@dfait-maeci.gc.ca, Transcribed by Dave Hunter.

J.M. Clark, Cape Traverse to Mr. Willard Broad, Miramachi New Castle 21 July 1830

June the 21 ---- 1830 Prince Edward Island Cape Traverse

Dear Sir:

As I have some idea of building a Carding machine and as you are in the habit of tradeing to the States I would be very much obliged to you if it is convenient to send and see what you could afford to furnish me with the cards and all the machinery it would require delivered at your store. I would want the cards to be good. I do not want you to make any contracts for it as I would wish to count the cost before I begin therefore I only want you to let me know as soon as you can what they might be obtained for. I would be glad if you will let me know what you will let me have half a chest of tea at in the fall and what you could let me have a small bag of tobacco at. I should not pay you till the Spring as I expect to bring you some hams and a few barrels of pork if you will want it.

I will be glad if you will say whether you want a few Barrels of pork and what you think you can afford to give if you should be inclined to send me the tea and tobacco. It would have to be smuggled under the protence of Grafs seed or some thing Similar to it as there is a heavy duty on those articles in the Island but I suspect you will write before you send and then we should be better able to plan some way to get it in the Island as you are a stranger to me and me to you.

You had better make some inquiry into my honesty from D. Street in New Castle. Will be a very proper person for you to make some inquiry. Also Mr. John Nelson at Nelson.

I am the man who sold you a barrel of pork this spring and bought a Glafs of you.

I remain your most humble servant,

John Clark

Mr. Willard Broad

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