Letters to P.E.I. - J. McLeod to John L. Mackinnon, Alberton, July 18, 1876.

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Transcribed by Gary Carroll, [email protected]

Second Auditors Office,

Washington D.C.

July 18, 1876.

My dear Sir:

I regret my inability to take your paper. My time is so completely taken up now with other matters that I cannot even glance over P.E. Island papers.

Although it is important that I should keep myself posted up on American news and politics; yet I can hardly find time to glance even over our own papers.

Just as your


paper came to hand I was about to write to other P.E.I, publishers to cease sending me their papers.

I wish you and your paper unbounded success.

The heat here has been fearfully intense and protracted. For twenty consecutive days we have had thermometer readings from 90 deg. to 100 deg. in the shade. There have been a great many deaths by sun-


stroke. I am almost completely prostrated. I am but slowly recovering from severe illness. I am utterly incapable of any mental or physical exertion.

Lord, Man! I would like to spend three or four months up in your part of the world. Here I am however, like Prometheus bound to his rock.

Yours very sincerely,

J. Mc Leod

John L. Mackinnon Esq.


(over) P.E.I.


The principal reason for my desiring to drop nearly all of the papers that I might take is that it is very uncertain whether I'll remain long in Washington. I long for the free and glorious west, with its mighty rivers and boundless prairies.

J. Mc L.

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