Letters from P.E.I. - Jennie McLaren Foster, Boston to William Ackland, February 26, 1903

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Transcribed by Earl Ackland, [email protected]

265 Princeton St
East Boston
Thursday, February 26, 1903

Mr. William Ackland

Dear Sir:

Please accept our thanks for contribution to McLaren and Gordon monument fund. In a few days, we hope to hear from Mr. Nath'l McLaren of Montague, how the work is progressing; then I shall write again and give you full particulars. Although I have never seen any of the Ackland family, I have very often heard my father, Alenander (sic) McLaren, talk of them and many of the other members of the family. He died two years ago last November in his seventy-fourth year. If you or any member of your family ever come east we should be much pleased to have you come to E. Boston.

Very truly yours

Jennie Mc Laren Foster

Alexander McLaren was the son of James McLaren and his second wife Annie Stewart. James McLaren was the son of Donald McLaren and Elizabeth Stewart.

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