Letters to P.E.I. - Letter from John Cody of Rathangan, Co. Wexford, Ireland, To Patrick Cody, Prince Edward Island - Sept 26, 1821

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Transcribed by Shirley Newbold, [email protected]

Letter from John Cody of Rathangan, Co. Wexford, Ireland, To Patrick Cody, Prince Edward Island

Date Sept 26, 1821

Dear Patrick,

I now embrace an opportunity of writing to you as I have one going to London which will forward this letter into the hands of W. Hill Vc. I have to inform you that I read no account from you since I read an inclosed letter of yours from W. Hill in March 1820 and that letter was written in December 1815. To this letter I wrote an answer but never read any one Since. I have now to let you know that I am Still alive tho, very feeble but let my circumstances be as they will I could not have a greater gratification than to hear from you, Save only the unparalleled happening of once more Seeing You, a happening which I never expect to live to see. I have to inform you that our Country is in a most distressed Situation owing chiefly to dear land and low prices, but then we have not to complain of any of these things, yet you may consider that my Circumstances cannot be boasted much of. I am quite happy that you are all together in one place and likely to do well, at the time I wrote there was a letter written in answer to Patrick Cahill's letter and another letter written by Mark Furlong. I am write content now in my old days supposing that my grey hairs may soon go to the grave to hear that you both are well Situated and in circumstances that will enable you to make out a lively hood for yourselves during life. I can assure you that it is happy for you that you left this country for there is much difference in the time here now and even then for there are very few in this country no matter how industrious they are but are very hardset to get through the world. Matt Cahill has taken his farm again which was out of Lease and Mark Furlong got married to Meg Ratford of Cullenstown and Mr. Boyce has put him out of his farm. I hope that I will hear shortly from you and that you will not forget letting me know is there any encouragement for any class of people to go to the place you are in as there are some talking of going out next spring from being reduced to low circumstances at home from the badness of the times. We are all in good health at present I mean your Brother in Laws and Sisters and their families. I am the only one myself that is feeble but old age must necessarily bring on me feeble days however I hope to live to hear from you once more which will be much gratification to me, Walter Stafford is well and his family, likewise John Moore who is married to Mary Redmand, James Moore and in short, all the neighbors are in good health. I conclude with my love to you both wishing you every blessing that heaven can bestow which is the sincere wish of your loving father

John Cody

PS If you write by post direct to Mr. John Cooney, Merchant, Wexford to be forwarded to me.

(I have preserved the spelling but not the punctuation as it read as one long run-on sentence)

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