Letters from P.E.I. - James Thomson, Tryon River, to David John Thomson, Ireland, Mar 02, 1833

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Transcribed by Norman Thomson, [email protected]

Letter from James Thomson of Tryon River to his brother David John Thomson of Dublin Ireland dated March 2nd 1833

Dear Brother

I received yours a few days ago dated Dublin 14th Nov 1832 and was glad to find that you and all our concerns were well and in good health. It gives me satisfaction to find that you are discharged and that you have received much ground of support, sorry that it was before you had come to Halifax as I would have seen you last summer providence so ordaining. Providence is a wise disposer and it is our duty at all times to lay our lives in his hands, to be at his disposal in all things

The latest account I have from Britain is from Uncle John dated April 2nd 1832.He writes that he sent it out with John Miller [son of William Miller at the west port of Inverkeithing] of the Brig Staffa but before I had received it the Brig had loaded and sailed, otherwise I should have gone to Three Rivers to see him. I was on the lookout last summer in the newspapers to see her entrance but there was no news of her. I suppose the reason is the owners have dissolved partnership .He also speaks of your further promotion and of paying him a visit, and of you being in Sterling Castle. He states concerning Helen having had a stroke of the Palsy and her husband�s kindness to her and of Jean having been married and living in Glasgow, but not who it was to. And Elizabeth keeping school in North Ferry and of her staying in his daughter Charlotte�s house and of Thomas Calder coming out to this country with a load of passengers. He was to come and see us or write, but I neither saw nor heard of him.

Uncle John wrote several times to know of my family and I gave him a particular account of it but if he received it or not I know not. In order that you may know I give you the details thereof. My wife was born in this settlement. Her parents belonged to the north of Ireland. Her maiden name was Sarah Leard .Her fathers name was Samuel Leard and her Mothers maiden name was Margaret Rogers. They belonged, I think, not many miles from Carrackfergus.either one or the other I believe came from the parish of Killmany. Carrackfergus was their market town of her mothers� people and Belfast was not far off. They could go easily to Belfast and home in a day. Our children, which we have had, are as follows and you should have them according to seniority. The first is James who is married and has three children, 2nd is Margaret who is married and has three children. James was born Aug 5th 1807, Margaret born Feby 3rd 1809,David John born Aug 19 1810,Samuel born Dec 31 1811 died when young with the whooping cough, 5th Helen born March 29th 1813,6th Isabella born Feb 2nd 1815.Isabella was married last Nov 7th,Andrew born March 30th 1817,8th John Kier born Dec31 1818,9thCharles born Jan 26 1821,10th William born April 26th 1823,died when young with convulsions 11th William MacGregor was born Oct 10th 1824,ElizabethJean born Oct 2nd 1826,13th Dudley John Ready born June 30 1829 and I thing it is worthy of remark that both of our wives are of Irish decent and both of them is likely to lose all their teeth with the toothache.

My daughter Helen wishes you to write to our sister Helen for she longs to hear how she is. We have been afflicted this some time with a bad cold but it is somewhat abated. The fall and winter has been very severe. We have lost upwards of 500 bushels of potatoes with the frost already and there are over 200 more that are in a greenhouse. I am afraid it�s gone too, but the appearing of spring will discover if they are or not. Dear brother it is all our desires that you would come out. I do not like to advise for fear of reflection .You must know the state of the country pretty well, having been so long in Canada. If you should take a thought of such a thing I wish you to let me know. But must say that I think by getting letters or recommendations [to our lieutenant Governor Lieutenant Colonel Aretas William Young] from the Officers you have been acquainted with and from other sources through them. . If there were any situation under the Colonial Government you might be favoured therewith and by good recommendations to some of our large land proprietors as you have the chief of them all in Britain such as our name sakes Robert John and Gordon Augustus Thomson Esquires of Belfast., Viscount Melville, Sir James Montgomery, and Brother Dean Welsh ,Earl of Selkirk and others and by bringing what dry goods you could with a little money out with you , you might settle yourself in a very comfortable situation and easy circumstances and also prepare for the welfare of your children after you. If any agency should turn up and if you do not wish to come out yourself you might favour me with your goodwill.

I wrote some time ago unto D McColeugh at Stranraar.I have no directions for uncle John as I do not know what place he stays in Greenock and he is not Tide Waiter------ now. In any of the communications I have from any of you, I do not receive any particular account of Mr Glen I wish to know what grade he is of, and if they have any children or not, and where he stays and how he is coming on. Be sure to give my respects onto him the first time any of you writes. Be particular in giving me an account of him the first time you write me, and at all times when you write be sure to give me your direction. My son David John wishes you to let us know whether you have annexed the name John onto your son David�s name. He has a great desire to see you and if you do not come out, he thinks he must endeavour to take a trip across the water and see you. Mrs Thomson and all the family joins me in compliments to you Mrs Thomson and all your children, and desires to be remembered to other concerns .I hope that this may find all of you in good health and comfort. Now may the presence of him that dwells in the Bush be with you and as the Bush burned and was not consumed, so may your hearts burn with love to Him, which will cause your souls to adore and serve him in this life and underneath you all be the Everlasting Arms which will take you soul and body to his Eternal Kingdom and Glory. The which may we be all partakers of the like Blessings, that we might all meet around his Glorious Throne in Heaven., there to praise Him for his redeeming Love which is the humble prayer of your affectionate and loving Brother

James Thomson

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