The Island Register - Letter from P.E.I. - Letter from George Lowden, 1851

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The following letter was transcribed for us by Mike Salmon, [email protected] from his collection of Prince Edward Island Covers. A number of passages in this letter were difficult to read - question marks have been used to denote these portions.

Charlotte Town 27th February 1851

Dear John,

I recd. your letter of the 15th inst. and am surprised at you accusing me for not writing you weekly when you order me in your letter of January to write to you once a fortnight.

I recd. a letter of credit from Mr. Primoore for 300 and drew on him for 100 and sold it at 171/2 pr and oats are selling for 1/8 to 1/9 and a great deal of competition. You wish to know who are buying ??? Mr Dean for the New York ???, Harris, Wells, Holman, Coles, Dodd, Anderson, Hayden, Gibson, Beavis and a number of others who are buying for the [test?] market opening in the spring.

I have about 1600 Bush on hand at present of oats and 700 Bush of oats and 250 Bush of barley in George Town. By accounts from Mr. Eds. ??? town Fridays mail. 1/8 is the most that I have given for oats. Have to employ a man for � pw [pay?] just to buy for me on Thurs. [He has?] got one end of the Town, while I buy at the other end. All of the [other?] persons have two or three a piece for that purpose that I buy most myself. There is very little barley in the Market at present, in fact scarcley worth speaking about.

Oats will be much plentiful in the ensuing month and I am hoping that they will be cheaper.

Whitman wishes me to ship in a ??? which he intends to send to New York with grain, but I can get plenty vessels. Please inform me by next letter how would a lot of oatmeal sell in New York also what you would sell 20 chests of tea for in the spring and what time to pay.

If you write me next week ??? forget to accuse me of every immaginary fault you think of, because if you do not your letters will not be finished and I will have my doubts of it being from you. Do not be the least alarmed. I will do my best for you.

I remain Yours,

Geo F. C. Lowden

1 shilling 1.5 pennys postage

Letter addressed to:
Mr John W Lowden
No. 18 Beaver Street
New York

Mar 5 1851 arrival mark
Prince Edward Island Paid post mark
Fe 27 1851 Prince Edward Island post mark
Amherst N.S. , Mar - 1851 transit mark

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