Letters from P.E.I. - Mrs. D. C. Morson, Cardigan, to Miss Jean Morson, Oregon, 1928

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Transcribed by Lynn Stiles, [email protected]

Postmark: Cardigan, P.E.I., No 1928

Front: Miss Jean Morson
2400 Lake Road
Millwaukee (stet) Oregon
U.S, America


Mrs. D. C. Morson
Cardigan P.E. Island


Prince Edward Island

Dear Jean

You dear little girl I was so pleased to hear from you, for you have always been in mind since your cousin Cyril was at your house and he used to write about you, as a favorite with him, and he was my darling boy, my baby, and I want you to tell Mother, that I also received her letter and will answer it soon. And now for your questions about your poor father�s family �

He was the youngest of 7 children with the same Mother. The eldest was William, then Charles, Walter, Dugald, Stewart, and John your father. & Mary. Your Uncle Will lived and died in Boston was married and left 3 daughters, one married; Elizabeth the eldest, then May who is married and Julia the youngest, all grown women � Uncle Walter had two little boys, both died early and it broke their father�s heart � he was never the same again � Then Uncle Stewart has one son Wilbert lives in Boston and two daughters, Beryl who has gone as a Missionary to India having trained in the city of Toronto, after graduating from "Prince of Wales College" in Charlottetown P.E. Island � Enid is the other daughter, she is in Dundas, P.E.I � where the family lived of late years � Aunt Mary came next to your Uncle Dugald, she has 4 sons and two daughters, Bessie teaches school and is first class, Anna is Mrs. Nelson Legge, all live in Edmonton, Alberta, a large Canadian City, the Capital of Alberta Canada � Well then we have four children living Muriel who has lived in Toronto the last ten years, Hilda in Calgary Alberta for even longer and is still there, both stenographers. Earl in Sunkist, Saskatchewan farming all not married, Evelyn who is Mrs. Will Agnew of Barrie Ontario Canada and she has 5 children, Douglas the eldest will be 13 the 1st of January 1929, Daisy, Edith, Phyllis and wee Billie 3 years old � they were all born in Charlottetown P.E.I. � except Billie who was born in Aurora Ontario �

Well we are rather different in Canada where we sing "God Save the King" instead of "My Country tis of thee" so you see you are half British, and your father�s people are all British � I read many a good old English author to poor dear Cyril, and he and I had such good times over them.

Douglas Agnew your second cousin loves all those pets you mention and has them all �

I forgot the second half of your father�s family., Rev. Robert Robertson Morson, Palmer Mass. Herbert James Morson Boston Lawyer, both married (but only one adopted daughter of Robert�s, Uncle Herb has none) and three sisters, named Ethel married in Western Canada, Prate, in Edmonton and Clementina Grace, in Winnepeg the largest city in Western Canada. Prate is a teacher and Clemmie a stenographer. I am afraid you will have to sit up nights to study this big family of 13 children all told �

Your father married late in life, so his children are so much younger than ours, but write to Hilda whose address I�ll send and she is such a little girl although so much older than you, and she looks so very young. I believe your father would have recognized her if he had ever dropped in to see her in Calgary as one of the little fair haired girls he left on the Island so long ago � he was so fond of our babies, he drove six miles to buy dolls for them one Christmas �

Miss M.H.L. Morson
Montrose Place
Calgary, Al�ta

Now dear I must close as I am far from strong and letter writing is tiring at my age, and dear child write me again and I�ll be glad to answer any questions you as about your own people �

I should not have stuck in a half sheet of paper but you will understand. I did not think I�d have to write so much �

Too bad you are all so far away, but if you ever have a chance you or any or you will always be welcome in Cardigan.

With kind love to your dear Mother and Patricia & Jac Elaine, whom your father wanted to call after your always affectionate

Aunt Edith

Not forgetting your own dear self �

P.S. I forget to mention Aunt Mary�s 4 boys, Harold, Walter, Reginald, & Claude, Beairstos all �

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