Letters to P.E.I., Malcolm Shaw to wife, Jean (Auld) Shaw, December, 1851

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Transcribed by Gary Carroll, garycarroll@hotmail.com

Letter addressed to :

Mrs. Jean Shaw
Brackley Point
Lot 33
Prince Edward Island
British North America
Care of Mr. Jas. Peake, Merchant, Charlottetown

New York,
Dec -- 1851

My dear wife and children ---
I do not think that I could muster courage to look back only that I know that it will give you pleasure to know that I have got here safe. After some delays and disappointments and more costs than I expected when I left home yet I am in good health and spirits and I hope that through the Mercy of God you are all the same. My dear Jean you thought the strange sights would amuse me but if you could only see with what indifference I view them all you would wonder Believe me a city is but Vanity Fair and until now I did not know that I was in this world My dear Jean I send this with my likeness It may be said by some but not by you that money was too plenty but it is my only act of prodigality since I left. I have taken passage to Gray's Town in a good sail vessel for $25.00 as I could not get my passage there in a steamer for less than $60.00 and my dear family I am glad to get to the sea or to the woods from the awful noise of a city Believe me it is no small matter to travel but the same kind of Providence is still able to protect and I can say for you and for myself, God of our Fathers be the God of their succeeding race. My dear children as Joseph said to his brethren, see that you fall not by the way Excuse haste

Your affectionate
Husband and father
Malcolm Shaw

Malcolm Shaw (1802-1852) died Jan., 1852 en route to California; letter was written to his wife, Jean Auld (1804-1892)

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