Letters from P.E.I. - Peter McGowan to Lt. Colonel Ramsay, & c, & c, & c 1855

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From the collection of Ivan W. MacKenzie, [email protected], Transcribed by Dave Hunter.

Letter from Peter McGowan to Lt. Colonel Ramsay, etc.etc.etc., Beech Point, Prince County, P.E.I., mailed Dec. 3, 1855. 2d. Paid, Charlottetown.

Adjutant General's Office,
5th Decem 1855.


I have to acknowledge receipt of your letter of the 19th of November last with a list of names of officers and other gentlemen for promotion and appointment in the First Regiment Prince County Militia.

I will cause this letter to be laid before the Lieutenant Governor, and should your recommendations meet with His Excellency's sanction, they will be gazetted accordingly, and the Commissions made out and forwarded to you for delivery to the respective parties.

Your obedient servant,
Peter McGowan
Lt. Col. And Staff Adjutant.

Lt. Colonel Ramsay, & c, & c, & c

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