Letters to P.E.I., Elizabeth Purvis, Dublin, Ireland to Ann Paterson Thomson (Mrs. David John Thomson), of North Tryon, 30 Jan 1842.

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Transcribed by Bonnie House, [email protected] from a letter provided by Wylie Barrett, St. Eleanors

Elizabeth Purvis, Dublin, Ireland to Ann Paterson Thomson (Mrs. David John Thomson), of North Tryon, 30 Jan 1842.

Island Bridge (Dublin), 30 January 1842

My dear Sister,

I had great pleasure in receiving your welcome letter which I would have answered before this only for the difficulty in getting the letter franked. I was happy to hear that you Thomson and the children are all well and so comfortably situated. We are all well at present thank God. Anne came from Galway in the beginning of December with a severe cold from which change (?) of her has entirely recovered her and she intends leaving this with (?) on Tuesday. He came upon the beginning of the month so that I have been pretty busy lately. Mary Anne has been (?) for some time before Anne came and miscarried of a son the ___ of last month but I am happy to say she is in as good health and even her husband is stationed at the Magazine since August last and I think she caught cold moving up there for it was there she took ill and she continued so til she was confined but I hope now that her health will be better than ever.

Since I wrote to you last James has come from England. The surveying was finished where he was and in the hopes of getting a permanent situation at home he came here but I am sorry to say he has not succeeded as yet. There is some gentleman has promised to look out for him and W. McLean (?) House and Land agent in ________St. has spoken to Wm Guinness the Brewer and W. Pollack of William St. with some others who has promised him the first situation which becomes vacant in their establishments but as W. McLean says it may be some time before one becomes vacant that would answer but we must only hope for the best.

George is still in Woolwich assistant schoolmaster. I heard from Bess a short time ago. She was well also the children. She had a second little daughter on the 8th of _______ last. William came over to see us last August and his son has been engaged by a gentleman connected with the Houses of Parliament for two years at a salary of 20 pounds for the first year. The gentlemen will teach him Drawing and Geometry which he has some knowledge already and when he last heard from him he was teaching pupils younger than himself.

Ed Gartley who succeeded you in Wm. Labertouche has his salary increased since the beginning of this year _____ a week his son is also _______ at 20 pounds a year.

Sgt. Allen has succeeded _______ as _____ sgt. Here. Mr. Perkins is _______at Woolwrch. His dtr Mrs. Young is living with them until her husband gets a situation. He failed a business some months ago and is now living with his mother.

I believe this is all the changes has taken place since I wrote you last. Mary Anne�s child was a boy, he is buried beside our mother in James� Churchyard. Purvis _____ to be remembered to Thomson. Anne and James send their love to you.

From your affectionate sister, Elizabeth Purvis

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