Prince Edward Island Pence/Decimal Postage Stamps

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The following stamps are from the collection of Mike Salmon, [email protected]

Collectors, of course, are familiar with P.E.I.'s early issues of postage stamps. Many of us, though have not seen these issues, so I am displaying the early P.E.I. stamps on this page. Prince Edward Island's first stamps were in pence, issued during the years 1860 to 1871, and the decimal system of postage was used in 1872 and 1873, later than the other stamp issuing provinces. Following P.E.I.'s joining Confederation in 1873 [See Campbell's History, Ch. 10], Prince Edward Island used Canadian postage, though the use of the former P.E.I. stamps remained legal.

Mike notes that there were various perforations and papers used. All but the 4.5 pence were printed in London by Charles Whiting. The 4.5 pence was printed by the British American Bank Note Company in Canada. There are various trials and reprints as well as bogus and forged P.E.I. stamps, and that to add to the fun the authorities allowed some P.E.I. stamps to be used for half their value if bisected diagonally. For a more complete guide interested parties should refer to Lehr's book, "POSTAGE STAMPS and CANCELLATIONS OF PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, 1814-1873"

Decimal Issue 1872-1873

1 Cent 2 Cent 3 Cent
1 Cent 2 Cent3 Cent
4 Cent6 Cent 12 Cent
4 Cent6 Cent 12 Cent

Pence Issue 1860 to 1871

1d 2 d 3d
1d 2d3d
4d4.5d 6d
4d4.5d 6d

The 4.5 d currency 3d sterling was the last to be issued before the Island converted to decimal currency. It was the only one printed in Canada by the British American Bank Note Company. The others were printed by Charles Whiting in London.

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