Letters from P.E.I. - George Thresher to Eliza Brooks Thresher, October 17th 1857

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Transcribed by Gary Carroll, [email protected]

Letter from George Augustus Thresher, Charlottetown to his mother Eliza (Brooks) Thresher, who was probably in Montreal. This letter is one of several documents in the George Thresher Administration at the Registry of Probate.

Octr. 17th 1857

Dear Mother
I hope you have arrived safe to receive this, and in good health. Father was very sick last night. he gets good attendance from me and Rosie. Mrs. McK was here last night and Morrisons are wanting Father to make a will. They I am afraid will watch an opportunity if they can get me out to get him to sign papers. It was his intention when he took Father out driving to get him to sign papers at his shop. They were all ready made out. Goodness knows we have had trouble enough with paper signing. If there is any more of it I will leave you and him to your fates. I have not the least idea of raking & scraping to find money to support you to save property for those who would not give you a dollar if you were going to jail, Should Mr. Dillon refuse to sign the deeds, you must call on Rose & Monk Cite the Executors Immunity? and if they are dilatory send a statement to the Gov. General direct mother particularly Mr. Wise was here I think he said he put the note in the Bank. I am of opinion it would be better to make the deeds in my name if you think you can trust me, as it would save trouble in case Father has signed a will or other paper. You know he cannot be trusted in that respect they will tell him something else and I would require it done when you comes back It will also save expense of deed and registers again and they would also say Father did not know what he was doing which would be true. Morrison will do his best while you are away as I heard they intend to

him into it. When you left here I forgot to give you some American money hope you not been inconvenienced. Father is better this afternoon. Should you be at a loss as you return call on Fellows at St. John. Write often as the letters will take 10 or 12 days to come. Francis is with us no doubt Dillon will show you my letter which I have written ? written and am of the same opinion still they have not behaved like Honest Relations and therefore have not any respect for them shall say no more I feel disgusted with them If I had what is my right from them I would not mention their odious names again. No more at present.

Father wants tamarind water and will now close.

Your son
George A. Thresher

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