Letters from P.E.I. - W. B. Wellner, to George W. Howlan, July 1 1854

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Transcribed by Gary Carroll, [email protected]

PAPEI ACC 2852/5

Cliftown 1 July, 1854

Mr. G W Howlan

Dr sir.

Since your promotion you appear to have forgotten the privates down this way seeing you have not sent on the scrape of a pen. You may thank McPhee the Ferry man's mother in law for this scrap as she was kind enough to say she would take it for you. I wanted to ask if you were in fun or earnest when you talked of taking Butter? Should I gather in some good will you take it? What will you give? & where will it be delivered? The current price now is about 11 some selling to regular customers at 1/ others when butter is not prime get 10 & there is every probability that it will range high as neither the grass nor the cows are in fit condition to yield more butter this season in fact many cows on this side will not calve till harvest time & if then they gather up the butter "into the horns" it will be shy. There have been some considerable changes in the town - Moses has taken away his round door in the corner & put it next a large new window next to Perkin the shoemaker thereby making quite a showy outside & possibly an improvement inside. - McIsaac has rented McGills house next to my uncle Charles Dempsey is fitting it up & intends moving there to dwell, - Duncan's 3 story pile of Brick & Morter has been commenced - there is also a large brick building for two shops I think opposite George Coles belonging to Foster of Covehead, - Williams the sailmaker is erecting a large 2 story dwelling opposite old Gainsford's brick house & on the opposite side of the street is erecting a large sail loft.

July 24th You will perceive by the above that I designed bringing you to account for the long silence on your part, this day however, I have received your esteemed favor of 16th Inst which puts a fix on my complaining, so as to business -- with respect to butter I shall be happy to sell you all I can procure but there is not as much made over here this year as formerly partly owing to the cows being so long poor this spring & the fine warm weather having dried up the pastures very much in consequence of this & Bell & some other person in Ch town buying up all the Butter that makes its appear ance the price is kept up to 1/ for rolls? and 1/1 for print which is astonishing at this season of the year when in former times at this period


8 & 9 were thought to be good prices My fixed opinion therefore is that a good article such as you want will scarcely range lower than 1/ It may, and if it does you shall have the benefit of it, just let me know when next you write (& I should hope that will be next mail) what is the most you will be willing to give. & when you you will require it, so that I may be better able to guide myself in purchasing, because if I find that money is required to keep it from going to town I will shell out having gathered a few £ since I came here & having paid up for nearly all my outfit the cash that comes in may go round for Butter & will turn in cash again so you will perceive that it is highly important that I know very soon to know what I may be guided to give for Butter!

I dare say ere this you have heard of the pretty batch of Tory Magistrates who would not sit with Whelan & therefore resigned. having now screwed themselves into office again, they knew very well that soon as the Liberals came into power they (the Tories) would not have the shadow of a chance to be then reinstated so while the Tories held the reins these coons wriggled themselves into power & yesterday there was an extra Council called and the Tory Government resigned in a body The Governor acepted their resignations but they are to retain office till there is a new Council formed & perhaps the House of Assembly will be called together at once this is "? it cripples"

You may depend there will be a clean sweep from office when the Liberals get the reins even to the Post Master! I would not now change places with the best office in the gift of the government although have been invited to seek for one with a promise to have one. 31st There was a raw? Scotch coon at Gillis' last winter he left there and went to McIsaacs well him & Kirwan both cleared out, the former by consent & the latter without, the former has taken up with Charley Saunders & the latter is on his way to Philadelphia to join his former employer Burns he is said to have been above £20 in debt to McIsaac when he started.

In consequence of the run of customers and getting moved over from town, fitting up these rookeries, &c I have been obliged to make several attempts to write this scrawl so have not been as explicit as formerly but hope to be excused under promise of better luck next time.

Yours truly
W B Wellner


P.S It is whispered about that Young is to be President of the Council Coles Secretary, Warburton Treasurer, Swabey Keeper of Plans?, William Clark of Darnley Excise Officer, Birnie Postmaster Pippy the printer is picking up his stakes to move to Woburn, N.S to publish a paper there with 1000 subscribers.

Postmarked: Prince Edward Island JY 31 1854
Addressed to: Mr George W Howlan
Care of Capn Ryder

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