Letters from P.E.I. - Letter to the Editor of the Weekly Recorder, William Roubel 1811

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Transcribed by Garth Bulman, [email protected]

Letter to the Editor, William Roubel 1811

Reference: Micro Film "Weekly Recorder" Saturday 08th June, 1811 Vol. 1 No.23 Page182
Robertson Library, Charlottetown P.E.I. Canada

Transcribed by Garth Bulman October, 2002

Mr. Editor,

Sir---It having been reported that I was jointly concerned with Mr. Palmer in the Loyalist business. I beg leave to state, that such report is false, I never received any sum whatsoever from any person on account of the agitation of the Loyalist�s claims and therefore professionally I stand totally unconnected in their affairs --- I cannot omit observing that I think their claims well founded, and my good wishes for their success in their attempts to recover their rights, may be tolerably well ascertained by the part I took in the House of Assembly, in the inquiry relative to the minutes of Council that were missing, and to which to this hour remains an incomprehensible mystery to me.

I am Sir

Your Obedient Servant
William Roubel

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