Letter from P.E.I. - Joseph Hensley, to William Sanderson, Eqs. 1869

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The following letter was transcribed for us by Mike Salmon, [email protected] from his collection of Prince Edward Island Covers.

Free Official Letter to William Sanderson Esq., George Town.

From J. Hensley
Attorney General

13 January 1869, arrived Georgetown January 15

11th January 1869

William Sanderson Esq.

Dear Sir,

Will you please to let me know by return mail what (if any) Bills of sale are on file in your office from Honble Joseph Wightman. Give me dates, amounts received � names of parties to whom given � and the particulars of the property assigned � you need not refer to a Bill of Sale given some years ago by J. W. Wightman to mesor T. B. Renny as I know all about that having taken it myself. Please let me know at same time your fee for this search that I may charge it to my clients the mesors Black who make the enquiry. Please to keep secret the fact of my having enquired as it is a professional matter strictly.

Yours truly

Joseph Hensley

We are all much grieved at Mr J. Owen�s death he was very much liked as a public officer.

Transcriber�s note: items in red may not have been accurately transcribed, as they are difficult to decipher.

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