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Mailing Lists:

There are a number of mailing lists for individual Canadian Provinces, and families. They are used to share genealogical data and as a platform for requesting information from others that are researching individuals in the given province.

Due to a recent crash at the Maiser mail server at Indiana University which until recently provided most of these services, many have moved to new servers. We will try to give you the latest information available. In all listed below, type nothing in the body of the message other than what is written in the "Subscribe Command" column, and use no tagline. Make certain that you address the message to the address given in the "Subscribe Address" column, and use no title. If you have your browser configured for mail, you may simply click on the red link, and enter the subscribe command in the message to send your subscription request through your browser mail program. You will receive a welcome message from each within a day, giving you the other commands for the system. Please let us know if there are any problems subscribing after following these new instructions, there are still changes taking place as the new listservers get going.

List Subscribe Address Subscribe Command
Atlantic Provinces subscribe atlantic-province
P.E.I. subscribe
Reid Family List subscribe
Newfoundland/Labrador subscribe
Nova Scotia subscribe gans
Quebec subscribe quebec
Ontario subscribe ontario
Manitoba subscribe manitoba
Saskatchewan subscribe saskatchewan
Alberta subscribe alberta
British Columbia subscribe british-columbia
Northern Canada subscribe northern-canada
Canadian-Roots sub canadian-roots-L name

i.e. sub canadian-roots-L John Doe

TheShipsList subscribe

Do NOT use the subscribe address to send messages to the mailing lists. When subscribed properly to these lists, you will receive a welcome message (may take a few hours depending on the message load on the server), which will detail how to send a message to the list, how to unsubscribe, etc. Save this welcome message for future reference. The proper mailing address for each list will be included in the welcome message from each listserver!

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