The Descendants of Hugh "Ban" MacEachern and Mary MacDonald

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Submitted by Allan Gillis -

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Allan J. Gillis, 2004

HUGH "BAN" MacEACHERN ( -1804) of Kinlochmoidart and his wife MARY MacDONALD, along with six of their eight children, left Scotland for the Island of St. John (now P.E.I.) in May of 1772. They sailed on the brig Alexander which had been hired from John Buchanan & Co. of Greenock by Captain John MacDonald of Glenaladale to transport 214 settlers to their new home across the Atlantic. The MacEacherns left one son, Angus Bernard, behind as he was to begin his studies for the priesthood at a small local seminary that fall. After a journey of roughly six weeks the Alexander reached Charlottetown Harbour around June 25, 1772. From there the colonists proceeded up the river to Scotchfort.

The six MacEachern siblings who sailed on the Alexander were: I. EWAN, II. JOHN, III. DONALD, IV. CATHERINE, V. MARY and VI. ANNE. Of VII. ANGUS BERNARD and VIII. MARGARET, more later. The MacEacherns settled first on Captain John MacDonald’s Lot 36 in Queens County but later, along with some of their fellow Scots, moved east to Savage Harbour on Lot 38 in Kings County. Hugh "BBn" died in 1804 and is buried in the Roman Catholic cemetery at Glenroy, PEI.

The P.E.I. census of 1798 shows the following grouping of MacEacherns on Lot 38.


M, -16

M, 16-60

M, 60+

F, -16

F, 16-60

F, 60+


John McEachran








Widow McEachran







7 [Donald’s


Hugh McEachran








Hugh McEachran Sr.








Revd. Angus McEachran








Abbreviations used:

b. = born m. = married

ca. = circa, around nfi. = no further information

d. = died n/m = not married

d/o = daughter of s/o = son of

I. EWAN (EaGHANN/HUGH) MacEACHERN ( -pre1835) m. Mary _____, with issue:

1. Eugene, 2. Benjamin, 3. Donald Sr., 4. John, 5. Donald Jr., and three girls. Hugh followed his brother-in-law Michael "Mor" MacDonald over to Judique North and he took up 600 acres of land at Indian Point. He eventually returned to P. E. I. and, after 1800, disposed of his lands in Cape Breton. Thomas "BBn" MacDonnell of Strathglass bought half of the property and a MacDonald family bought the remaining 300 acres.

II. JOHN MacEACHERN m. ______ and settled at Savage Harbour, with issue: 1. Donald "BBn" MacEachern, 2. Isabella; at least three others.

1. Donald "BBn" MacEachern, mentioned in will; nfi

2. Isabella MacEachern (ca. 1795-Jan. 15, 1883), b. at Savage Harbour, m., about 1815, John Gillis (1786-Dec. 18, 1845), b. in Lot 36, s/o _____ and Donald Gillis. They had issue: A. Pulcheria, B. John, C. Margaret, D. Angus E., E. Donald, F. Simeon, G. Aeneas, H. Joseph. Both Isabella and John Gillis died at Clear Springs, PEI.

A. Pulcheria Gillis (1817- ), b. at Hay River, m. James D. Campbell "Angus" (1816- ) of Priest Pond at St. Columba in 1850. They had issue: a. John, b. Isabella, c. Mary Catherine, d. Marie Ann, e. Mathias. Both Pulcheria and James d. at Priest Pond.

a. John Campbell (Mar. 12, 1851- ), b. at Priest Pond; nfi

b. Isabella Campbell (1853- ), b. at Priest Pond, m.??

c. Mary Catherine Campbell (Mar. 7, 1855-Dec. 23, 1891), b. at Priest Pond; nfi

d. Marie Ann Campbell (Jul. 28, 1856- ), b. at Priest Pond; nfi.

e. Mathias Campbell (Feb. 24, 1858- ); nfi.

B. John Gillis (Apr. 27, 1819-Apr. 21, 1904), b. at Hay River, m. Mary MacPhee (1840- ) on Sep. 20, 1881 in St. Margaret’s Church. H e left his farm to Mary in his will and, on her death, to one Joseph MacDonald.

C. Margaret Gillis (1827-May 2, 1882), b. at Hay River, m., in 1852 at. St. Columba, Angus A. Campbell (1827- ), b. Inlet, Lot 47. Angus owned a 100-acre farm at Campbell’s Cove. They had issue: a. Ann Isabella, b. George Allan, c. John Aeneas, d. John Charles, e. Gabriel Pius, f. Mary Jane. Margaret and Angus d. at Inlet, PEI.

a. Ann Isabella Campbell (1853- ) m. Joseph Moran (1847- ); nfi.

b. George Allan Campbell (Jan. 18, 1855- ), b. at Inlet, m., in 1881, Flora Catherine Campbell (1857- ), d/o Mary MacDonald and Joseph Campbell. In 1891 they were living in the home of Flora’s parents. Flora and George had issue: i. Mary Margaret, ii. Ann Gertrude, iii. Tobias, iv. Infant, v. Francis. Flora and George d. at Inlet.

i. Mary Margaret Campbell (1882- ), b. at Inlet, m., in 1901, William Wallace Doyle (Sep. 13, 1876- ) of Mt. Stewart; nfi.

ii. Ann Gertrude Campbell (1885- ), b. at Inlet; nfi.

iii. Tobias Campbell (1886- ), b. at Inlet, lived with his grandparents in 1890; nfi.

iv. Infant Campbell (Mar. 5, 1888-Mar. 5, 1888)

v. Francis Campbell (1890- ), b. at Inlet; nfi.

c. John (Joe) Aeneas Campbell (Apr. 25, 1857- ), b.

d. John Charles Campbell (Dec. 15, 1859- ), b. at Campbell’s Cove; nfi.

e. Gabriel Pius Campbell (Mar. 23, 1862-Sep. 10, 1946), b. at Inlet, emigrated to Boston on May 7, 1883, aboard the S.S. Worcester. He d. in Arlington, MA; nfi.

f. Mary Jane Campbell (Jun. 24, 1864- ); nfi.

D. Angus E. Gillis (bef. 1835-May 7, 1865) A Gloucester , MA, newspaper reported on May 17, 1865 that he was lost overboard and drowned from the schooner Prince of Wales on the passage from Surinam.

E. Donald Gillis (1835- ), b. at Hay River; nfi.

F. Simeon Gillis (1836-Jan. 12, 1894), b. at Hay River, perished at sea when the Gloucester fishing schooner Flash sank with all hands in a gale while bound down for Newfoundland. In 1866, Simeon had purchased 50 acres of land, east of Joseph Gillis on Lot 44, from Nathaniel MacGillivray and his wife Mary.

G. Aeneas Gillis (1839-Jan. 21, 1899), b. at Hay River, m., on Feb. 12, 1866, at St. Columba, Mary Ann MacIntyre (Dec. 22, 1840- ), d/o John MacIntyre. They had issue: a. Agnes E., b. James Aeneas, c. Mary Belle, d. Angus Daniel, e. Catherine Pulcheria, f. Theresa, g. Florence, h. Benedict, i. Eugene, j. Mary Ann Florence. Aeneas d. at Hay River.

a. Agnes E. Gillis (Feb. 6, 1868- ), b. at Hay River; nfi.

b. James Aeneas Gillis (Sep. 15, 1869-May 11, 1882), b. and d. at Hay River; nfi.

c. Mary Belle Gillis (1871-Oct. 7, 1892), b. and d. at Hay River; nfi.

d. Angus Daniel Gillis (Jan. 18, 1873-Aug. 8, 1904), b. and d. at Hay River; nfi.

e. Catherine Pulcheria Gillis (Mar. 5, 1875-Aug. 2, 1895), b. and d. at Hay River’ nfi.

f. Theresa Gillis (Apr. 3, 1877- ); nfi

g. Florence Gillis (1878- ), b. at Hay River; nfi

h. Benedict Gillis (Sep. 28, 1879- ), b. at Hay River; nfi.

i. Eugene Gillis (Sep. 11, 1881-Mar. 27, 1940), b. at Hay River, m., on Jul. 9, 1908 at St. Patrick’s Church in Mystic, Edna Brown (1885-1948 ), d/o Matilda Stanton and Alonzo Brown of Mystic, CT. Eugene was a house carpenter. Edna and Eugene had issue: ai. Clement, bi. Eldridge Eugene, ci. Abbie Elizabeth, di. Bernard Prestom, ei. Mary Agnes, fi. Edna Irene, gi. Benjamin Aeneas. Eugene suffered from TB and spent his last 6 years in a sanatorium. He d. of a diabetic coma. Edna d. in Boston.

ai. Clement Gillis (Aug. 2, 1909-Aug. 24, 1909), b. in Groton, CT, d. due to premature birth.

bi. Eldridge Eugene Gillis (May 21, 1911- ), b. in Groton, m., in 1952, Jacqueline McCarthy, with issue: aii. Eldridge.

bii. Eldridge Gillis; nfi.

ci. Abbie Elizabeth Gillis (Dec. 25, 1912-Jun. 14, 1973), b. in Groton, m. Harry F.E. Knight; nfi

di. Bernard Preston Gillis (Dec. 29, 1916-Dec. 27, 1995), b. in Groton, m. Gertrude L. Johnson (1914- ); nfi.

ei. Mary Agnes Gillis (Mar. 4, 1920- ). b. in Groton, m., in 1940, Norman Rice (Nov. 29, 1908-)ct. 16, 2000), with issue: aii. Norma, bii. Gary.

aii. Norma Rice

bii. Gary Rice

fi. Edna Irene Gillis (Oct. 23, 1922- ), b. in Groton, m., in 1952, Kenneth Abernathy, with issue: aii. Blaine.

aii. Blaine Abernathy; nfi.

gi. Benjamin Aeneas Gillis (Dec. 31, 1925-Mar. 10, 2001), b. in Groton, m., in 1954, Christine Clark, with issue: aii. Cheryl, bii. Benjamin Aeneas, cii. Hal Morgan. Benjamin Aeneas Gillis was a policeman and he d. in New London, CT.


H. Joseph Gillis (1843-1926), b. at Hay River; d. in PEI; nfi.

III. DONALD MacEACHERN ( -pre 1798) m. _____, with issue: 1. John; five others. Apparently, Donald died at sea on a voyage to St. John’s, Newfoundland, and his family members were raised at Savage Harbour.

IV. CATHERINE MacEACHERN m. ALLAN (TAL) "BAN" MacDONNELL (ca. 1757-1816 ) of Glengarry, Scotland. They settled at Judique, with issue: 1. Teresa, 2. Anne, 3. Jane, 4. Allan, at least six other sons.

1. Teresa MacDonnell (1812-Dec. 23, 1876) m. John MacKenzie (1806-Jan. 6, 1884), shoemaker, s/o Isabella MacDonnell of Eigg and _____ MacKenzie of Eigg. John was an only child and his father was killed at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. His mother later married a MacQuarrie and their children also came to Nova Scotia. Teresa and John lived in Port Hood, with issue: A. Allan, B. Mary Ann, C. Isabel, D. Catherine, E. Christine, D. Duncan, G. John, H. Angus.

A. Allan MacKenzie (May 9, 1837-Aug. 24, 1903), a coal cutter, m. Catherine Chisholm (ca. 1842-Oct. 20, 1916), d/o _____ Chisholm "BBn" and William Chisholm "Clerk" of Caledonia Mills, with issue: a. Teresa, b. John Angus, c. William John.

a. Teresa MacKenzie (Jul. 23, 1879- May 19, 1975) m. at Port Hood on Aug. 24, 1903, Ambrose Layton, s/o Mary MacDougall and John Layton. She is buried at Mt. Carmel Cemetery, New Waterford. They had issue: i. Mary Helen, ii. Catherine Isabel, iii. William John, iv. Allan James, v. Margaret Anne, vi. John David, vii. Margaret Philomena, viii. Herman Joseph.

i. Mary Helen Layton (Aug. 4, 1904- ), b. Port Hood, m. John Hugh McDonald (Apr. 6, 1904- ) in Allston, MA, on Jul. 18, 1925. He was the son of Catherine Quinn of County Cavan, Ireland, and Daniel McDonald of Antigonish. They had: ai. Mary Teresa, bi. Catherine Aileen, ci. John Hugh Jr., di. Ann Elizabeth, ei. Margaret Frances, fi. Daniel Ambrose, gi. Dorothy Rita, hi. Helen Agnes, ii. Claire Winifred.

ai. Mary Teresa McDonald (Aug. 15, 1926- ), b. Allston, MA, m., on Aug. 27, 1955, Thomas Michael Redican (Jan. 5, 1923-Aug. 11, 1970), s/o Bridget Agnes McGurrin and John Michael Redican, with issue: aii. Marie Terese, bii. Eileen Ann, cii. Rita Louise. Mary Teresa is an avid genealogist and has generously supplied me with a great deal of this information on the MacEacherns and their descendants.

ii. Catherine Isabel Layton (Sep. 18, 1906- dec’d), b. Port Hood was Sister Mary Ambrose of the Sisters of Charity, Halifax; nfi.

iii. William John Layton (Jun. 7, 1908- dec’d) , b. Port Hood, m., on Aug. 21, 1937, Jessie MacIsaac, (Apr. 17, 1904) of Newfoundland, with issue.

iv. Allan James Layton (Oct. 3, 1910-dec’d), b. Port Hood, n/m; nfi.

v. Margaret Anne Layton, b. New Waterford, d. at age of three weeks.

vi. John David Layton, b. New Waterford, d. at age nine months.

vii. Margaret Philomena Layton (Jun. 14, 1917- ) m., on Feb. 26, 1946, William Kearney, s/o Clarence Kearney, New Waterford, with issue, all b. in New Waterford.

viii. Herman Joseph Layton (Apr. 7, 1918- ), b. New Waterford, m. Josephine Baggio

b. John Angus MacKenzie (Aug. 12, 1881-1974), a coal mine labourer in 1901, m. Alice Monica Dwyer (Feb. 14, 1897-1952). He is buried at Mt. Carmel Cemetery, New Waterford. They had issue.

c. William John (Willie) MacKenzie (Jun. 28, 1884-1907), a coal mine labourer in 1901, was one of ten men killed in the Port Hood Mine explosion. Six were locals of Scotch extraction and the other four were Bulgarians.

B. Mary Ann MacKenzie m. Angus MacIsaac, with issue

C. Isabel (Bella) MacKenzie (ca. 1850- ), seamstress, n/m; nfi.

D. Catherine (Kate) MacKenzie (ca. 1853- ), n/m; nfi.

E. Christine MacKenzie; nfi.

F. Duncan MacKenzie; nfi

G. John MacKenzie ( -Apr. 15, 1874)

H. Angus MacKenzie; nfi.

2. Anne MacDonnell m. Andrew MacDonald (1789-1843), merchant, of Eigg and Judique, with issue: A. Archibald, B. Allan, C. Catherine.(see: FIP, p.551; HIC, p.223)

A. Allan (Allan Andrew) MacDonald (ca. 1826- ) m. Anne MacLellan, d/o Margaret MacLellan "Captain Angus" and John MacLellan, Esq., of West Lake Ainslie and Hillsdale, with issue

3. Jane (Jessie) MacDonnell m. Allan MacEachern

4. Allan MacDonnell (ca. 1796- ); nfi.

V. MARY MacEACHERN m. ROBERT MacINNIS "CLACHAIR" of Blair Atholl, Scotland, with issue: 1. Alexander, 2. Donald, 3. Robert, 4. Margaret, 5. Mary, 6. Cecelia, 7. Isabel, 8. Elizabeth, 9. Jane, 10. Catherine, 11. Mary, 12. Anne, 13. Charles. Robert MacInnis was a stonemason engaged by Captain John MacDonald to accompany the other settlers on the Alexander in 1772. Mary was a widow before 1813 and there are a number of documents recording a long-going dispute between her and her son Donald over property at Judique North.

1. Donald MacInnis (ca. 1776- ), b. PEI, m. Mary Cameron, with issue: A. Robert, B. Charles; at least three daughters.

2. Alexander (Alasdair mac Rob) MacInnis (ca. 1778- ), b. PEI, m. Mary MacEachern, d/o Jessie MacDonald "Allan" and Duncan (Dbnnchadh mac Iain ‘ic Ailein) MacEachern of Moidart and Creignish. These MacEacherns had come out to Pictou in 1791. They had issue: A. Angus, B. Alexander, C. Allan, D. Robert, E. John, F. Janet, G. Charles, H. Flora, I. Cecelia, J. Hugh, K. Mary. (see: HIC, p.587)

A. Angus MacInnis (ca. 1808- ), n/m, lived with his brother Alexander.

B. Alexander MacInnis (ca. 1818- ), farmer, n/m, lived on the old homestead.

C. Allan MacInnis; nfi.

D. Robert (Rob Gobha) MacInnis (ca. 1820- ), farmer/ blacksmith m. Rebecca Cameron (ca.1826- ), b. Scotland, name given as Sophia in the 1871 census. They had issue: a. Alexander, b. Mary, c. Cecelia, d. Janet, e. Catherine, f. Mary, g. Flora, h. Allan , i. Robert.

a. Alexander MacInnis (ca. 1848- ) m. Janet (Jessie) MacDonald (May 27, 1853- ) of Port Hastings, with issue: i. Catherine, ii. Duncan, iii. Robert, iv. Jane, v. Rebecca, vi. Mary Jane.

i. Catherine (Katie) MacInnis (Nov. 1, 1877- )

ii. Duncan MacInnis (Feb. 28, 1879- ), railroad section man, m. Martha Livingstone, d/o Mary MacIsaac "John" of Glencoe and Donald Livingstone of Little Judique, with issue: (see: FIP, p.229) They were the grandparents of Al MacInnis, the NHL player.

iii. Robert MacInnis (Dec. 1880- )

iv. Jane MacInnis (July 18, 1883- ) m. Alexander (Sandy) Christopher MacDonnell (Jul. 26, 1891- ), s/o Elizabeth (Eliza) MacDonald and Christopher MacDonnell of Judique North, with issue:

v. Rebecca MacInnis (Jul. 15, 1885- )

vi. Mary Jane MacInnis (Jul. 13, 1887- )

b. Mary MacInnis (ca. 1849- )

c. Cecelia MacInnis (ca. 1850- )

d. Janet (Jessie) MacInnis (ca. 1854- )

e. Catherine (Katie) MacInnis (ca. 1856- )

f. Mary MacInnis (ca. 1860- )

g. Flora MacInnis (ca. 1862- ) m. Angus D. Cameron

h. Allan MacInnis (ca. 1864- )

E. John MacInnis (ca. 1818- ) m. Catherine MacInnis ( -1869), with issue: a. Alexander, b. Mary, Allan. In 1881, John was living with his brother Alexander.

a. Alexander MacInnis (Jul. 16, 1865- ) m. Ellen _____, (Aug. 2, 1856- ). He adopted: i. Allan J. MacDonell.

i. Allan J. MacDonell (Aug. 22, 1886- ); nfi.

b. Mary MacInnis (ca. 1866- )

c. Allan MacInnis (ca. 1869-1870s) d. young.

F. Janet (Jessie) MacInnis (ca, 1833- ), n/m, lived on the old homestead.

G. Charles MacInnis (ca. 1826- ) m. Flora MacLean (ca. 1845- ), with issue: a. Alexander, b. Allan, c. Mary. (Was Flora a sister of Fr. Allan?)

a. Alexander MacInnis (Jan. 2, 1878- ) m. _____ MacMaster of River Denys Road; nfi.

b. Allan MacInnis (Sept. 26, 1880- ), a policeman, was m. in St. John, NB; nfi

c. Mary MacInnis

H. Flora MacInnis

I. Cecelia MacInnis (ca. 1810- ) m. Thomas MacDonnell (ca. 1801-1870s), s/o Janet _____ and Thomas "BBn" MacDonell of Strathglass and Indian Point, with issue: a. Duncan, b. Angus, c. Augustine, d. Mary, e. Alexander, f. Jessie Anne, g. Donald, h. Charles.

a. Duncan MacDonnell (ca. 1833- ), farmer; nfi.

b. Angus MacDonnell (ca. 1837- ), farmer, m. Janet (Jessie) _____, with issue: i. Thomas, ii. Angus

c. Augustine (Austin/Hugh) MacDonnell (ca. 1840- ), farmer; nfi.

d. Mary MacDonnell (ca. 1845- ); nfi.

e. Alexander MacDonnell (1846- ) m. Flora Chisholm(?) (ca. 1848- ), with issue: i. Christopher, ii. Mary, iii. Cecelia, iv. John, v. Thomas.

i. Christopher MacDonnell (Apr. 1871- )

ii. Mary MacDonnell (1872- )

iii. Cecelia (Cecily) MacDonnell (1874- )

iv. John MacDonnell (1876- )

v. Thomas MacDonnell (1878- )

f. Jessie Anne MacDonell (ca. 1850); nfi.

g. Donald MacDonell (ca. 1851- ), farmer; nfi.

h. Charles MacDonell (ca. 1853- ); nfi.

J. Hugh MacInnis

K. Mary MacInnis

3. Robert MacInnis; nfi.

4. Margaret MacInnis m. John MacEachern, s/o Jessie and Duncan above. They lived in Long Point, with issue: A. Robert.

A. Robert MacEachern was sent to Rome in 1828 by his granduncle Bishop Angus Bernard MacEachern to study for the priesthood. He was the first ecclesiastical student sent to Rome from Cape Breton. Unfortunately, he died there before being ordained.

5. Mary MacInnis m. Donald Cameron of Lochaber and Rear Judique, with issue: A. Duncan, B. Angus, C. John, D. Sarah, E. Isabel, F. Anne, G. Jane, H. Flora, I. Jane, J. Mary.

A. Duncan Cameron d. at age 18.

B. Angus Cameron d. in infancy.

C. John Cameron d. in infancy.

D. Sarah Cameron (ca. 1809- ) m. Donald MacDougall (ca. 1799-pre1871), b. Judique Intervale, s/o Flora MacEachern "Duncan" of Moidart and Neil MacDougall "Patrick" of Eigg and Judique Intervale [Sarah and Donald were my gt.-gt.-grandparents]. Donald MacDougall was sent to Quebec, along with Charles MacInnis and four other boys, by Fr. MacEachern in the fall of 1813 to study for the priesthood. However, due to ill health and a lack of funding, he did not complete his ecclesiastical studies. [A good thing, as I would not be writing this if he had!]. Fr. Johnston mentions him on pages, 265, 390 and 391.

E. Isabel Cameron m. John MacDonald "Retland"

F. Anne (Nancy) Cameron (ca. 1812- ) m. Stephen Gillis (ca. 1810-1870s) of Lower Hillsdale, with issue: a. Malcolm, b. Alexander, c. John S., d. Anne, e. John Jr., f. Duncan, g. Catherine, h. Mary, i. Cecelia.

a. Malcolm (Calum Steaphain) Gillis (ca. 1840- ) m., in Nov. 1870, Anne ____, with issue: i. Donald, ii. Rory, iii. Marcella,iv. Christina, v. Mary C., vi. Robert.

b. Alexander (Sandy Steaphain) Gillis (ca. 1844- )

c. John Gillis (Dec. 25, 1846-Mar. 24, 1924) m. in Gloucester, MA, on May 9, 1874, Abigail E. Walsh (Oct. 5, 1847- ) of Port Hood. In 1894 they moved to Quincy, MA. They had eight children

d. Anne (Nancy) Gillis (1851- )

e. Duncan Gillis (1852- )

f. John Gillis, Jr. (1853- ) was his second name Daniel?

g. Catherine Gillis (1854- )

h. Mary Gillis (1856- )

i. Cecelia (Cecily) Gillis (1858- )

G. Jane Cameron m. Angus MacDonald

H. Flora Cameron m. Hugh MacLean

I. Jane Cameron m. Donald MacDonald

J. Mary Cameron, n/m.

6. Cecelia MacInnis m. "Red" Donald MacNeil of Barra and Christmas Island, with issue: A. Cecelia, B. Isabella, C. Mary, D. Rory. [HIC states she m. Alex MacDonald of East Bay but that is a generation out. See: CIP, p.117]

A. Cecelia MacNeil m. in Judique; nfi.

B. Isabella MacNeil m. in Judique; nfi.

C. Mary MacNeil m. in Judique; nfi.

D. Rory (Ruairi Cecili) MacNeil m. Anne MacKinnon, d/o John MacKinnon "Shoemaker", with issue: a. Donald, b. John. Rory went to Boston to work but never returned.

a. Donald MacNeil m. Mary MacNeil, d/o Rory MacNeil "James" of Big Beach, and had a large family. They moved to Victoria Mines and Donald was the ferryman between Low Point and North Sydney for many years

b. John (Iain Crubach) MacNeil d. young.

7. Isabel MacInnis m. John "Mor" MacDonald of Barra and West Mabou, with issue: A. Donald, B. Robert, C. Rory, D. Charles, E. Mary, F. Anne, G. Jane, H. Mary Jr. (see: HIC, p.284; MP, 414)

A. Donald MacDonald m. ____ with issue: a. John, b. Ellen.

a. John "Ban" MacDonald b. Ellen MacDonald

8. Elizabeth (Eliza) MacInnis m. Angus MacDougall of Rear Judique Intervale (see: MJI, p.8)

9. Jane MacInnis ( ca. 1792- ) m. William Sutherland (1786-Feb. 20, 1839) of Caithness and Little Mabou, with issue: A. Margaret, B. Donald, C. Mary, D. Robert, E. Jane, F. Angus, G. James, H. Euphemia, I. Francis. (see: HIC, p.278)

A. Margaret Sutherland (ca. 1820- ), n/m, d. at age 69 in Little Mabou.

B. Donald Sutherland (Mar. 25, 1823- ) m. Anne (Annie) Walsh (ca. 1833- ), d/o Angus Walsh of S.W. Port Hood, with issue: a. William, b. Isabella, c. Cecelia, d. Anne, e. Jane, f. Mary, g. James Francis, h. Christina, i. Margaret F., j. Angus Sinclair, k. Francis.

a. William Sutherland (1857- ) d. young at home.

b. Isabella Sutherland (1859- ) m. Dougald A. MacDonnell of S.W. Margaree, with issue:

c. Cecelia Sutherland (1860- ) m. Fred Borden of Manchester, NH; nfi.

d. Anne (Annie) Sutherland (1862- ) m. Dan Campbell "Blacksmith" of Antigonish and Mabou, with issue: i. Josephine.

i. Josephine Campbell

e.. Jane Sutherland (1864- ) was m. in Boston, MA; nfi.

f. Mary Sutherland (1866- ) d. young.

g. James Francis Sutherland (1869- ) m. Nora Sullivan in Dorchester, MA; nfi.

h. Christina Sutherland (Aug. 4, 1872- ) moved to Manchester, NH; nfi.

i. Margaret F. Sutherland (1873- ) m. _____ Collins of Manchester, NH; nfi.

j. Angus Sinclair Sutherland (Mar. 26, 1874- ) moved to Winnipeg, MB. He later kept a store at McIntosh, ON; nfi.

k. Francis Sutherland (?) went to the Dakotas; nfi.

C. Mary Sutherland m. John MacDonald of Mabou Harbour

D. Robert Sutherland (Apr. 7, 1829- ) m. Ellen J. MacDonnell (Aug. 15, 1840- ), a niece of Fr. J.V. MacDonnell and d/o Isabel MacDonnell "Farquhar" and John (Iain Dhbmhnullach) MacDonnell of Long Point , with issue: a. Jane, b. Isabella, c. William Francis, d. Angus Stephen, e. Alexander, e. Mary Ellen, f. Cecelia, g. John Francis. (see: HIC, p.226)

a. Jane Sutherland (1864- ) m. Dougald MacQuarrie (1838- ) s/o ____ MacKinnon of East Lake Ainslie and Lauchlin MacQuarrie of Little Mabou. They lived in Magnolia, USA, where she d. young without issue. (see: MP, p.804)

b. Isabella Sutherland (1865- ) m. Ranald R. MacDonald of Seaside, Port Hood. (see "Red Bank" MacDonalds)

c. William Francis Sutherland (Feb. 26, 1867- ) m. Mary Anne MacDonald (Dec 7, 1891- ), d/o Katie Campbell and Alexander MacDonald of Port Hood. (see: MP, p.563; SCB, p.269)

c. Angus Stephen Sutherland (1869- ) m. Mary Anne Chisholm, d/o Mary MacDonell "Hugh Thomas" of Indian Point and John Chisholm "Miller" of Long Point, with issue: i. John Robert, ii. Donald Alexander, iii. Joseph Duncan, iv. Francis, v. Helen, vi. Mary Margaret. (see: MP, p.629; MPII, p.393)

i. John Robert Sutherland (1913-Oct. 15, 2002) d. in Sydney; nfi.

ii. John Sutherland; nfi.

iii. Joseph Sutherland; nfi.

iv. Donald Sutherland; nfi.

v. Mary Margaret Sutherland is a nun in Connecticut, USA; nfi.

v. Helen Sutherland ( -dec’d); nfi.

d. Alexander Sutherland (1871- ); nfi.

e. Mary Ellen Sutherland (1874- ) m. John Batherson of Seaside, with issue: (see: MP, p.84)

f. Cecelia (Cecily) Sutherland (Feb. 13, 1877-May 13, 1951), b. at Little Mabou, a teacher, m. John D. MacEachen (Mar. 4, 1866-Feb. 7, 1922) of Sight Point. They lived in Port Hood, with issue: i. Mary Teresa, ii. Robert Joseph, iii. Dougald Bernard, iv. John Francis. These MacEachens were originally from Larach Mor, Arisaig, Scotland (see: ED, p.101)

i. Mary Teresa (Sr. St. John of Avellino, CND) MacEachen (Oct. 9, 1908-Mar. 20, 1931. Mary Teresa entered the Congregation of Notre Dame on Aug. 22, 1926. She died of influenza at St. Joseph’s Convent, Mabou, and is buried in St. Peter’s Cemetery, Port Hood.

ii. Robert Joseph MacEachen (1911-Jul. 23, 1997), b. in Inverness, n/m, died at the Inverary Manor in Inverness. He is buried in St. Peter’s Cemetery, Port Hood.

iii. Dougald Bernard MacEachen (Jul. 25, 1913-Dec. 20, 1995) was a professor at John Carroll University in Cleveland, OH.

During WWII, he served with the American forces in Europe, in the European Civil Affairs Division (ECAD). He was the author of several books. Dougald Bernard m. Margaret (Peg) Kiernan (1921-Apr. 15, 1983) of Cincinnati, OH, with issue

iv. John Francis (Fr. Bede) MacEachen

(Jul. 18, 1915-Feb. 6, 2004), b. at Mabou Coal Mines. He entered the community of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement at Graymoor, Garrison, NY, in 1930. He professed his final vows in August of 1927 and was ordained on the Feast of St. Bede, May 28, 1942. He said his first mass at St. Peter’s in Port Hood on Trinity Sunday, 1942. He received his master’s degree in theology from Columbia University in 1947. Fr. Bede spent some years in Rome earning degrees in theology and canon law. He was given many posts of high responsibility and always carried out his duties capably. He had a great love of family and relations and spent numerous summer holidays in his native Cape Breton. Fr. Bede was an avid genealogist, always seeking further information on his MacEachen and Sutherland connections. He was buried in St. Peter’s Cemetery, Port Hood, after a final Mass of Christian Burial in his home parish where he had once been an altar boy.

g. John Francis Sutherland (Feb. 21, 1878- ) d. in Boston, MA; nfi.

E. Jane Sutherland m. John MacDonald of Centennial, with issue

F. Angus Sutherland drowned at sea while fishing out of Gloucester, MA.

G. James Sutherland drowned at sea while fishing out of Gloucester, MA.

H. Euphemia (Effie) Sutherland (ca. 1833- ) m. Peter MacLean (ca.1819- ), s/o Mary MacNeil and Alasdair MacLean "Gobha" of Barra and Little Mabou (now Colindale), with issue: a. Angus, b. Mary, c. Jane, d. William, e. Isabel, f. Mary Jane, g. James Angus, h. Alexander, i. Hector, j. Rory Francis, k. Peter.(see: MP, p.730; MPII, p.532)

a. Angus MacLean (ca. 1853- ), farmer, n/m; nfi.

b. Mary MacLean

c. Jane MacLean (ca. 1859- )

d. William (Willie) MacLean (ca. 1861- )

e. Isabel MacLean (ca. 1865- )

f. Mary Jane MacLean (ca. 1867- )

g. James Angus MacLean (1868- )

h. Alexander MacLean (ca. 1870- )

i. Hector MacLean (Mar. 10, 1872- ), a railway worker, m. in New Hampshire; nfi.

j. Rory Francis MacLean (ca. 1873- )

k. Peter MacLean (ca. 1876- )

I. Francis Sutherland d. young at home.

10. Catherine MacInnis m. "Red" Archie MacDonald of Mabou Harbour,

11. Mary MacInnis m. _____ of East Bay,

12. Anne MacInnis (ca. 1800- ), n/m, lived all her life on the old homestead.

13. Charles MacInnis, who was living with his widowed mother in June of 1813, was sent to Quebec by his uncle, Fr. MacEachern, in September of that year to begin his studies for the priesthood. For various reasons, he did not complete his studies. He is mentioned four times in Fr. Johnston’s first volume of the history of the Church in Eastern Nova Scotia, on pages 265, 391, 458 and 480. However, he is not mentioned in HIC and is not in the 1871 census.

VI. ANNE MacEACHERN m. MICHAEL "MOR" MacDONALD (ca. 1745-1815), poet, farmer and ship owner of South Uist, Scotland, and PEI, with issue: 1. John, 2. Hugh. Michael MacDonald was the first white settler in Judique. He came over from P. E. I. in 1775 and spent the winter there alone. The next spring he brought his wife and two children over from "the Island". After some years, this family returned to P. E. I. Michael MacDonald had composed a song in praise of his new home in Judique, "O, ‘s Blainn an t-Bite" (Fair is the Place).

On a homeward trip from Quebec during the War of 1812, Michael’s ship and crew were captured by an American privateer. The Americans took the Michael and his Island crew aboard. Noticing that there were two large boxes stamped with the name of Father MacEachern, they asked what was in them. On being told that they contained vestments and supplies for the altar, they transferred these to their ship as well. They then destroyed MacDonald’s ship by setting it on fire. However, they treated the captain and crew well and landed them safely on PEI, along with the crates containing the vestments and sacred vessels. Not bad for a gang of Protestant New Englanders! (For the song, see: The Emigrant Experience, Margaret MacDonell, p.58)

1. John MacDonald, mentioned in Bishop MacEachern’s will.

2. Hugh MacDonald m. _____, with issue: A. Lawrence, B. John Sr., C. John Jr., D. Hugh.

VII. ANGUS (AENEAS) BERNARD MacEACHERN (Feb. 8, 1759-Apr. 22, 1835), b. Kinlochmoidart, entered the seminary at Buorblach, North Morar, in September 1772. He remained there until 1774. There is no record of where he was from 1774 until he entered the Royal Scots College at Valladolid, Spain, on Aug. 25, 1777. He studied there for the next ten years and was ordained by Bishop Moreno on Aug. 20, 1787. Upon returning to Scotland he worked in "the Small Isles" until July of 1790. He desired to join his family and the other Catholic Highlanders in the Island of St. John and was given a release and a letter of introduction by his bishop, the Rt. Rev. Alexander MacDonald, at Samlaman on July 6, 1790. After a good voyage, he arrived in Charlottetown in August of 1790.

From 1791 until 1821, apart from his many duties in what is now PEI, he also visited and cared for the many Highlanders in what is now the Diocese of Antigonish. On Jan. 12, 1819 he was named the Titular Bishop of Rosea and a Vicar General of the Diocese of Quebec. He was consecrated in the church of St. Roch, Quebec, on Trinity Sunday, June 17, 1821. The consecrating prelate was Bishop Joseph-Octave Plessis, assisted by Bishop Bernard Claude Panet, and by Fr. MacEachern’s friend, Bishop Alexander MacDonell, the new Vicar General of Upper Canada.

He was assigned jurisdiction over Cape Breton Island from 1820 to 1830 and he became the first Bishop of Charlottetown on Aug. 11, 1829. He took possession of his new see on Nov. 11, 1830 and formally established St. Andrew’s College on Nov. 30, 1831.

Bishop MacEachern died at Savage Harbour on Apr. 22, 1835 and was buried at St. Andrew’s, beneath the sanctuary of the first church. His remains were reinterred on Aug. 3, 1865 beneath the second church. This church was destroyed by fire on Feb. 6, 1946.

Angus Bernard MacEachern is remembered as a great missionary and as a great bishop. For more information, see A Sketch of the Life and Times of the Right Reverend Angus Bernard MacEachern, the First Bishop of the Diocese of Charlottetown, by Emmet J. Mulally, M.D., in the papers of the Canadian Catholic Historical Association (1945-1946), pp.71-106.


I have yet to place his nephews Angus (Aeneas) and Patrick MacEachern. Thanks to Robert Pierce of PEI, I was able to place Isabella (MacEachern) Gillis in the proper spot.


Island of Prince Edward Decr the 31st 1800-

In the name of God, Amen, I Hugh MacEacharn of savage Harbor Prince Edward Island North America Yeoman, being sick and weak in body, but of perfect mind and memory, thanks be given unto God, calling into mind the mortality of my body, and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament, that is to say principally and first of all, I give and recommend my soul into the hand of Almighty God that gave it, and my body I recommend to the earth, to be buried in decent Christian burial, at the discretion of my executors: nothing doubting but at the general resurrection, I shall receive the same again, by the mighty power of God.

And as touching with such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life, I give, devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form.

First, after my just debts are paid I give and bequeath unto my dearly beloved wife Mary one third of my personal property forever, and one third of my real property during her natural life time.

Secondly, I give to my beloved son Angus MacEacharn, whom I likewise constitute, make and ordain the sole executor of this my last will and testament all that piece or parcel of land at said Savage Harbor commonly known as Big-field or Dail mhor and the adjacent tract bounded on the east by the division line between my lands and those of my grand children the orphans of my deceased son Donald MacEacharn and on the south west by Savage Harbor Bay untill the two lines meet at the Spring below my son Hugh MacEacharn’s house.

Thirdly I leave and bequeath unto my two sons Hugh and John MacEacharn the rest of my lands at said Savage Harbor to be divided between themselves with equity with the interference of any excess [?] for the said Angus MacEacharn my son.

Fourthly I bequeath unto my grandson John MacDonald three cows out of my personal property. And I do hereby utterly disallow, revoke and disannul all and every former testaments wills legacies bequests, and executors by me in any ways before named and bequeathed and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament.

In witness whereof I have herewith set my hand and seal this thirty first day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred. Signed, sealed, published, pronounced, and declared by the said Hugh MacEacharn as his last will and testament in the presence of us, who in his presence, and in the presence of each other have hereto subscribed our names his

Hugh McEacharn X


F. Dingwell [?]

John McKay

Robert McKinis [sic]

N.B. The above will has been explained in Galic verbatim to the Testator before us.

Robert McKinis [my gt.-gt.-gt.-grandfather, Robert MacInnis "Clachair": AJG] John McKay

[This is the father of Bishop Angus Bernard MacEachern, first Bishop of Charlottetown. Robert MacInnes "Clachair"was married to Hugh’s daughter Mary. Is this John MacKay the same John MacKay who was a stepbrother of Neil MacDougall of Judique Intervale? If so, both of these men settled in Judique.]

Transcribed by Allan J. Gillis, Ottawa


In the name of the Father, and of the son, and of the Holy Ghost, Amen.

I, Aeneas Bernard MacEachern Bishop of Charlotte Town Prince Edward Island British North America considering the uncertainty of this transient life do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following

1. I order that when it will please God to call my soul to himself my body be interred along side of the Remains of my dear Nephew the Revd Aeneas MacEachern Acolite at St. Andrew’s in a decent manner.

2. I leave in Trust to Angus MacEachern Duncan Currie and Allan MacEachern of Tuidnuge East Arm, Bras d’ Or Lakes, Cape Breton two hundred acres of land at said Tuidnuge granted in my name for which Land the Inhabitants said East Arm paid sixty pounds currency to be occupied by such a clergyman as the Right

Revd. Doctor Wm. Fraser will be pleased to establish, and keep in the service of said Mission, as well as for a school that the said Doctor Fraser and successors in office may think to set up on the said premises. I also leave at the disposal of the aforesaid Rt. Revd Doctor Fraser an Island at the Narrows called and known by the name of Christmas Island for the use of the clergyman whom the said Doctor Fraser may employ at said Narrows, Bras d’Or Lakes, Cape Breton.

3. I leave and bequeath unto my beloved Nephew Eugene MacEachern now studying in the Urban College Rome five hundred acres of land of which I have a Grant, situated on Lewis Basque’s Cove near the Indian Chapel Cape Breton, in order to enable him the said Eugene MacEachern to educate in part by means of what Rent or Rents he may receive from such land some such student as he may fix his eye on.

4. I leave for the use of the clergyman whom my successor may appoint for the Mission of east Point Lot No. Forty seven (47) of this Island, one hundred acres of land, on which a Chapel and Glebe house are built, as well as for a school which may be established on said hundred acres of land.

(1st page) Aeneas Bernard MacEachern Bishop of Charlotte Town

5. I leave to John MacEachern son of my late brother Donald MacEachern ninety acres of lands on Lot No. Forty six (46) which lands are now in his possession on the following terms, ie He shall not, neither shall his children have power to dispose of said ninety acres of land to any one out of their own family, neither said land be subject to any debt, that he John MacEachern may contract nor to any debt that his Heirs may contract. For which tract of ninety acres beginning at a Post 20 chains west of the the Division line of Lots 47, and 46. he the said John MacEachern will annually pay or cause to be paid on or before the seventeenth day of March yearly Fifty shillings currency in good wheat at the market price to my aforesaid Nephew Eugene MacEachern now in Rome.

6. I leave to my Nephew Benjamin MacEachern ninety acres nine chains wide adjoining the lands in the occupation of his cousin John MacEachern as aforesaid. Also to the said Benjamin MacEachern son of my late brother Hugh MacEachern another tract of land say two hundred, and from ten to twenty acres of land west of the lands in the occupation of my Nephew Donald BBn MacEachern, for which he the said Benjamin MacEachern will account, with his brother the above mentioned Eugene MacEachern for the purpose of raising any person whom he may think fit in education. I moreover transfer to the aforesaid Benjamin MacEachern one hundred and fifty acres which I held under lease from the late John Cambridge formerly of this Island between his own last mentioned land and John MacDonald’s west of said 150 acres of land lot 46 for which land he Benjamin MacEachern shall pay, annually to the Heirs or Representatives of the aforesaid John Cambridge Five pounds sterling money together with His Majesty’s Quit Rents.

7. I leave unto the use of the Mission of St. Margaret’s twenty acres of land which I hold of the late John Cambridge, together with ten acres bestowed on me by Allan MacDonald Gernis now in U. Canada, with this proviso that as long as John Gillis and my Niece Isabella Gillis of Hay River lease to hold said tract on halves they may have it.

(2nd page) Aeneas Bernard MacEachern Bishop of Charlotte Town

8. Whereas my brother John MacEachern has broke through his agreement with me respecting his claim on one hundred acres of land occupied by my late Father Hugh MacEachern Senr and has occupied that part of said land called the High farm, and by so doing has abandoned his son Donald (BBn) MacEachern, to whom I was to let one hundred acres on Lot 46 if the said John MacEachern his Father would quit all claims to our Father’s lands, (of the purchase money of which my late brother Hugh MacEachern and myself paid above one half). But things having taken a turn from the non performance on the part of the said John MacEachern my brother I am not disposed to let Donald (BBn) MacEachern have any claim or right whatsoever to the land on which he now lives. But leave it that is to say one hundred acres to my above named Eugene MacEachern for the same purpose as before mentioned. Yet I leave and bequeath to the said Donald Ban MacEachern the value of ten pounds currcy in cattle. His cousin Eugene MacEachern may settle with him as he may think fit.

9. I leave and bequeath to my sister-in-law Mary MacEachern Relick of my late brother Hugh MacEachern the use of one end of my stone house, at Savage Harbor, if she chooses to live in it, during her natural life time, together with one third of the proceeds of what crops of all kinds may be raised on the plot of Ground willed to me by my late Father at said Savage Harbor, and after her death to my above mentioned Nephew Eugene MacEachern, so as to prevent any person from having it in his power to dispose of it, or sell said land, and house. He Eugene MacEachern may settle with his brother as he may please.

10. I allow my Nephew Donald MacEachern senr son of my late brother Hugh MacEachern together with his bothers Joseph and Donald MacEachern junr the use, and occupation of a tract of land which I own due south joining lands purchased by my late brother Donald MacEachern from the houses of my Nephews children of the late Patrick MacEachern 12 chains broad, and running on parrallel lines south untill it includes my swamp to the old Road

(3rd page) Aeneas Bernard MacEachern Bishop of Charlotte Town

Savage Harbor Mill Creek, and bounded on the East by lands in the possession of the late John MacEacherns children; also a tract of wooded land which I own north and west of land occupied by the late Allan MacDougal, & MacEacherns of Savage Harbor. But not to be disposed of or alienated by any means.

11. As to seven hundred acres which I own at Ceann a Bhaidh Lot No. Thirty eight (38) I leave that at the disposition of my aforesaid Nephew Eugene MacEachern to be leased by him on easy terms to his brothers Donald and Joseph MacEachern, and to my brother John MacEachern of Ceann a Bhaidh, who has no claim whatsoever on me, as far as lands are concerned, one hundred acres on which he now lives for such a rent as the above said Eugene MacEachern may think proper.

12. I leave two lots of land which I own on Lots 49 and Fifty on one of which a chapel is built, the other 4 acres two of which are out of the late John MacDonald’s land, and the other two acres joining the former two acres, out of the late John Haley’s land on Lot Forty nine, for the use of the clergyman at Vernon River.

13. I leave and bequeath to my Niece Isabella Gillis all the Marsh which I own on Lot No. Thirty seven.

14. As an explanation my brother the aforesaid John MacEachern will cut that piece of marsh hay annually, which he these two years past has cut between his own house and the Creek. But at no time whatsoever shall the said hundred acres and marsh in the possession or occupation of him the said John MacEachern my brother, be liable to any debt that he has contracted, //////////.// prior to the date of this my last Will and Testament or hereafter by securities or Bonds, or any other ways of contracting debt. For it is my will that no part or parts of any lands belonging to me be liable to any debts except those due to His Majesty or due to any of whom I hold lands.

15. I leave and bequeath unto my aforesaid Niece Isabella Gillis one hundred acres of land which I bought of Mr. Irving of Charlottetown on Lot No. (45) Forty five fronting on the S. Sea commonly called the channel with this exception that when the line shall be run between Lots Forty six and ///// No. Forty five (46 & 45) and the

(4th page) Aeneas Bernard MacEachern Bishop of Charlotte Town

the road changed above the Hollows west of Donald MacPhee’s house near the supposed line between Lots 45 and 46, she the aforesaid Isabella Gillis will allow twenty acres free of all expences to the Inhabitants from Sourrie to the West River for a chapel, and Glebe house grounds, above the aforesaid Road when altered, so as to have eight chains front on the East side of my aforesaid hundred acres of land, which is in all ten chains front on the shore and on hundred ///// chains on paralell lines to the rear. Also my beds and blankets at St. Margaret’s (at said St. Margaret’s) with my furniture.

16. I leave and bequeath my big mare called gealachas to my beloved Nephew Benjamin MacEachern together with two oxen rising five years and two cows, such as his mother may think fit for his use.

17. I leave and bequeath to my sister-in-law Mary MacEachern in some recompense for her attachment to my interest, and her arduous task of managing the affairs of this house, my young black mare called Moina with all my sheep and two cows, together with half of all the beds and bedding belonging to me in this house: the rest of which Bed clothing she will dispose of to my sister Margaret MacIntyre, and others.

18. I order that all my Chests of drawers be carried to my new house at the Place called after this, Kingearloch, instead of Ceann a Bhaidh. also all the articles of silver in this house, and household furniture, of all sorts, to be delivered to my Nephew Eugene MacEachern, when it will please God to send him back to this Island.

19. I leave the use of my brown, rising four year old, horse called Harme to my beloved Nephew Donald MacEachern Junior, which horse he is not to swap or change with any person, or dispose of as the horse will belong to the farm on which he Donald MacEachern lives.

20. I leave on this Farm of St. Andrew’s a horse called Bob for the use of the farm, but not to be drove by the students, on their private business, also two milch cows, and two breeding swine.

(5th page) Aeneas Bernard MacEachern Bishop of Charlottetown

21. I leave and bequeath to my loving Nephew Benjamin MacEachern all my tools for Carpenter’s work or otherwise save and except such as may be requisite for the house and Farm of Kingearloch, such as carts, harrows, forks, ploughs, and sleighs, with a crow Bar, hoes, and spades.

22. And whereas I owe this seventh day of March 1835 twenty five Pounds currency to Mr. Irving of Charlottetown of the purchase money of the hundred acres of land, which I bought of him, I order, in case I do not pay him myself, to have said balance paid to him out of my property, which being done my said hundred acres of land on Lot No. Forty five (45) will remain clear of all demands, except the King’s Quit Rents when demanded. said Lot of 100 acres is bounded on the East by 200 acres bought by Mr. Pleace formerly of this Island from the Division line between Lots 46 and 45.

23. It is my unalterable intention and resolution that no part of my landed property be sold, or leased out of my own family, and that any bargains made by any of those to whom I will the use, or usus fructus,, of any parcel or spot of said lands shall be null, and void, when alienated out of my family.

24. Whereas all the Vestments, altar linens, chalices, Missals (except a large one), oil stocks, Pixis, and Tabernacle in this chapel of St. Andrew’s are my own private property I ///// leave them, and all my Albs etc. at the disposal of my above mentioned Nephew Eugene MacEachern, now in Rome.

25. I leave for the use of Joseph MacEachern son of my late brother Hugh MacEachern that piece of land on which he now lives, from the line of the lands in the occupation of my brother John MacEachern his neighbour on the west side, to the spring below said Joseph’s house and thence to run on a straight line, /// two chains East of the said Joseph MacEachern’s byers, and having continued two chains past the said byers or stables to run then South fifteen degrees West untill it reaches the rear of my aforesaid lands of seven hundred acres.

(6th page) Aeneas Bernard MacEachern Bishop of Charlotte Town

26. I leave and bequeath the use, and usus fructus of a tract of land adjoining and being East of the aforesaid line running as specified from the spring to within two chains of Joseph MacEachern’s stables, and then continuing on the said afoesaid variation untill one hundred acres are completed, to my Nephew Donald MacEachern Junior. But leave no power to him the aforesaid Donald MacEachern, or his brother Joseph MacEachern, any power to dispose sell or lease any part or parts in above two tracts of land.

27. I leave unto the said Donald MacEachern Junr and Joseph MacEachern, and to their mother my sister-in-law Mary MacEachern the use of all the Marsh from John MacEachern my brother’s marsh unto // the line of Allan MacIntyre’s lands west of said Marsh, in equal shares. But no way to be alienated or disposed of. I also leave to the said Donald MacEachern Junr and to Joseph MacEachern the use of the cows belonging to me on the(ir) premises on which the said Donald and Joseph MacEachern live, In that Tract of Marsh is comprised Island mor and Island beg marshes.

28. I leave and bequeath to my little Nephews sons of my late Nephew Patrick MacEachern the use of that part of my lands due south, and adjoining the lands of my late Brother Donald MacEachern on which they have built, and improved, as far as said improvements have prior to this date been carried on, and then thirty feet for a Road south of their improvements, and adjoining them from the west line of lands held and owned by my Brother John MacEachern to the east line of the High Farm so as to have a road for all parties from Scotch Savage Harbor, to Savage Harbor Run: But at the same time they the said sons of my late Nephew Patrick MacEachern must keep a road of the same width to the Big Spring in or nearly so of the house in which they now live, so as to have a communication without interruption with the shore of Savage Harbor Bay.

(7th page) Aeneas Bernard MacEachern Bishop of Charlotte Town

29. I leave and bequeath to my Nephew Eugene MacEachern now in Rome all my Mathematical instruments, Thedolite, Gold Crop, Watch and silver seal, to be kept at Kingearloch house untill he may call for them which house and all my furniture of all description will be at his disposal including an eight day Clock in said house, and other articles, all my Books in different languages.



NOTES:Added by Allan J. Gillis, 2004

Bishop Angus Bernard MacEachern (Feb. 8, 1759-Apr. 22, 1835), b. Kinlochmoidart, Scotland; s/o Mary MacDonald and Hugh "BBn" MacEachern. Missionary priest for P.E.I., Cape Breton, much of eastern Nova Scotia and parts of New Brunswick; first Bishop of Charlottetown.

2. "Tuidnuge": today called "Tweednoodge", from the Mi’kmaq "Tewitnochk". The whole area is now East Bay.

Angus MacEachern (Aonghas mac Dhbmhnaill, ‘ic Ailein, ‘ic Aonghais, ‘ic Alasdair) was a native of South Uist who emigrated to P.E.I. He moved from there to North Side East Bay in Cape Breton in the year 1814. (see: WEB, p.299)

Allan MacEachern, a brother of Angus above.

Duncan Currie, possibly the Duncan Currie (WEB, p.36) or the elusive Duncan Currie mentioned on p. 58 of the same volume.

"Doctor William Fraser": Rev. William Fraser (1779-Oct. 4, 1851), First Bishop of Arichat (now the Diocese of Antigonish), a native of Craskie, Strathglass, Scotland.

3. Eugene MacEachern, student at the Urban College, Rome, in 1835. Ordained in Rome; died at sea on his voyage from Rome to Philadelphia. The principal heir of his uncle, Bishop MacEachern, he died intestate.

6. Hugh (Ebghann/Ewen) MacEachern, brother of Bishop Angus Bernard, came out to P.E.I. with his parents on the Alexander in 1772. He was one of the petitioners for land at Judique in 1789. He settled for some time at Indian Point, Judique North, but later sold his land to the MacDonnells and MacDonalds and returned to P.E.I.

7. Allan MacDonald Gernis: Allan MacDonald "Geirinish"; Geirinish is a hamlet in South Uist, Scotland. It appears this Allan MacDonald left P.E.I. for Upper Canada (now Ontario). There is a Gernish Street in Alexandria, ON.

11. Ceann a Bhaidh: Ceann a BhBigh (Head of the Bay)

15. Sourrie: Souris

16. Gealachas: Whitey? Perhaps from "gealachd" (whiteness)?

18. Kingearloch: Ceann GeBrr-loch (Kingairloch), his new name for Ceann a BhBigh. This was not the first time that Angus Bernard MacEachern wished to have this name applied to a MacEachern property. According to the late Colin S. MacDonald of Kingston, ON, ..., Bishop Angus B. MacEacharn of Prince Edward Island, when applying for a grant of 500 acres at "Laugh at the Yankees" (Louis Cove, Cape Breton), asked that it be named "Kingairloch". The explanation probably is that his forbears had been MacLeans of Kingairloch, Morven, Argyle, who for some reason had gone to Kinlochmoidart. The MacLeans of Kingairloch were known as "Siol Eachuinn."[sic] Also, the late Dr. Alasdair MacLean of Raasay and South Uist put forth a very reasoned argument that the South Uist MacEachens were of the same stock. See article #3 above.

20. "students": Bishop MacEachern had turned his house at St. Andrew’s into a "college" for the basic training of youths who felt they had a vocation for the priesthood. They would finish their ecclesiastical training in Quebec, Rome or elsewhere. His nephews Angus (Aeneas) and Eugene would have been two of these.

24. "pixis": pyxes, containers used to hold the reserved sacrament on the altar or to carry the Holy Eucharist to the sick.

27. "Island mor and Island beg": Eilean Mor agus Eilean Beag (Big Island and Little Island)

28. "little nephews": grand-nephews

29 "Thedolite": theodolite, a surveyor’s instrument for measuring horizontal and vertical angles


CEN= A History of the Catholic Church in Eastern Nova Scotia, Rev. A. A. Johnston, Antigonish, 1960

CPE= The Early History of the Catholic Church in Prince Edward Island, Rev. John C. MacMillan, Quebec, 1905

HIC= History of Inverness County, John L. MacDougall, Truro, 1922

MJI= The MacDougalls of Judique Intervale, Allan J. Gillis, Ottawa, ms.

MP= Mabou Pioneers, A. D. MacDonald, privately printed, ca. 1952

MPII= Mabou Pioneer II, Reg Rankin et al, Mabou, 1977

The Scottish Catholics in Prince Edward Island, Memorial Committee, Charlottetown, 1922

WEB= A West Wind to East Bay, Allan J. MacMillan, Sydney, 2001

West Highland Emigrants in Eastern Nova Scotia, a paper by Colin S. MacDonald of Kingston, ON, read before the Nova Scotia Historical Society by Dr. H. L. Scammell, Nov. 7th, 1958

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