The Descendants of John Henry Mack and Bridget Ann Love

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Submitted by Kristin Rivers - [email protected]

There are some shaky connections in the first portion of this file. Please help Kristin to straighten them out. It appears that John Mack and his wife started out in Ontario, moved to PEI where most of the children were born, then most of the family moved to California. There are later generations omitted to protect the living. Please direct Queries and requests for source information to the email link above!

The Descendants of John Henry Mack and Bridget Ann Love

First Generation

1. John Henry MACK.1 Born abt 1857 in South Bay Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada.2,3,4 John Henry died in Lennox and Addington, Ontario, Canada, on 2 Jul 1930; he was 73.5 Religion: Roman Catholic.3

John Henry married Bridget Ann LOVE6,1. Born abt 1844 in Ireland.2,3

They had the following children:

2 i. William (~1872-)

3 ii. Mary E (~1873-)

4 iii. James Henry (1876-)

5 iv. Catherine M (~1879-)

6 v. Susanna Maud (1881-)

7 vi. Margarette Regina (Margaret Jane) (1884-1968)

Second Generation

2. William MACK.1 Born abt 1872.1 Religion: Roman Catholic.3

3. Mary E MACK.1 Born abt 1873.1 Religion: Roman Catholic.3

4. James Henry MACK.1,7 Born on 21 Jun 1876.1,8 Christened on 12 Jul 1876 in St. Anthonys R. C., Bloomfield, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Religion: Roman Catholic.3

Baptized in Bloomfield9

5. Catherine M MACK.1 Born abt 1879.1 Religion: Roman Catholic.3

6. Susanna Maud MACK.7 Born on 21 Nov 1881.7 Christened on 11 Dec 1881 in Sacred Heart R. C Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Canada.10 Religion: Roman Catholic.3

7. Margarette Regina (Margaret Jane) MACK.11,12,13,7 Born on 9 Jan 1884 in Prince Edward Island, Canada.14,12 Margarette Regina (Margaret Jane) died in Los Angeles, CA USA, on 30 Oct 1968; she was 84.12 Buried on 4 Nov 1968 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.12 Christened on 27 Jan 1884 in Sacred Heart R. C., Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Canada.15 Occupation: Housewife.12 Religion: Roman Catholic.3

Immigrated in 1898, Naturalized.16

Margarette Regina (Margaret Jane) married Charles Calvin RANDALL12, son of Melvin M RANDALL & Viola J DUNLAP. Born on 20 Jan 1883 in Missouri, USA.14,12,17 Charles Calvin died in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, on 22 Jan 1952; he was 69.12

They had the following children:

8 i. Constance Margaret (~1912-1978)

9 ii. Melvin McKendrick (1913-1977)

Third Generation

8. Constance Margaret RANDALL. Born abt 1912 in CA.18 Constance Margaret died in 1978; she was 66.

Constance Margaret married Richard Edward SWENEY19, son of Clair B SWENEY & Ethel SKINNER. Born on 13 May 1911 in Los Angeles Co, CA.19 Richard Edward died in Mar 1987; he was 75.20

They had the following children:

10 i. Margaret Louise

11 ii. Richard Charles (1939-)

12 iii. Charles Calvin

9. Melvin McKendrick RANDALL.21,22 Born on 24 Aug 1913 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.21,19 Melvin McKendrick died in Palm Springs, Riverside, CA, on 2 Dec 1977; he was 64.12 Buried on 6 Dec 1977.12 Occupation: Insurance Underwriter for Occidental Life Insurance.22

Melvin McKendrick first married Living DOOLITTLE21,22, daughter of Thomas DOOLITTLE & Margaret Rachel ARNOLD. Born on 13 Dec 1911 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT.16,21

They had the following children:

13 i. Living (1943-)

14 ii. Thomas Charles (1944-1986)

Melvin McKendrick second married Living COOPER23.

Fourth Generation

10. Margaret Louise SWENEY.

Margaret Louise married William STEVENS.

11. Richard Charles SWENEY. Born on 26 Dec 1939 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.19

Richard Charles married Mary Lou DUNCAN.

12. Charles Calvin SWENEY.

Charles Calvin married Doris WORKMAN.

13. Living RANDALL.21 Born on 2 Apr 1943 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.21

On 10 Apr 1965 when Living was 22, she first married Living MILLICH21, son of Stephen George MILLICH & Ruth Helen TALIA, in Berkeley, Contra Costa, CA.24 Born on 19 Dec 1942 in Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA.21

Living second married Living WRIGHT.

14. Thomas Charles RANDALL.24,12 Born on 29 Oct 1944 in Los Angeles, CA USA.24,12 Thomas Charles died in Hilo, HI USA, on 16 May 1986; he was 41.12 Buried on 21 May 1986 in Naalehu, Hawaii, HI.12

Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage, Cirrhosis of Liver, Chronic Alcoholism12

Thomas Charles married Gail Lehualane KAAWA25, daughter of David Haile KAAWA & Julia Nawahine KAUPU. Born abt 1964 in HI.26


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