The Descendants of John MacKay, Ann Calder, Big John MacKay and Ann Young

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The Descendants of John MacKay, Ann Calder, Big John MacKay and Ann Young

George Edward Hart, compiler 2011. Dedicated to the memory of Edward William MacKay, 1878-1926, and his wife, Emma Prudence Chandler, 1898-1997

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF SPECIAL HELP: Mrs. John Hay (Iain) MacMillan, nee Mary Margaret MacKay, Linda McKay-Panos


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Memoir of William McKay, born 1805, dated 1887

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Family Tree of ‘Big’ John MacKay and Ann Young and Their Descendants

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Memoir and Lettet by William E. Johnstone, Kensington, PEI, 1974


On the Internet at ANCESTRY and at ISLAND REGISTER: named throughout the text at appropriate places.


Census of Canada to 1911

Census of the United States to 1930

Australia: documents of vital statistics

Prince Edward Island Baptismal Index

Ontario Index of Births, Marriages and deaths

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Various State Indexes of Vital Statistics


Acknowledgements page 3

Chapter One Beginnings in Scotland page 6

Chapter Two Barbara’s Line in Prince Edward Island page 13 Chapter Three Annie’s People in Australia page 18

Chapter Four ‘Big’ John MacKay & Ann Young page 28

Chapter Five The Donald ‘Bush’ Family page 40

Chapter Six Sophia MacKay & the MacLeods page 62

Chapter Seven William’s Offspring in PEI, Canadian West & USA page 69

Chapter Eight Amelia’s Posterity page 84

Chapter Nine Johanna’s Unknown Story page 90

Index Names to the Fourth Generation page 92



The land of this MacKay family is mountainous, sea swept and historic. The spectacular Smoo sea cave about a mile east of Durness bears signs of human habitation five thousand years ago. The area holds relics of farming settlements of the Picts back over 2,000 years. Until 1724 the Durness parish stretched as far east as Tongue and as far south as Kylesku. To cover the twenty miles from Tongue required a ride on three ferries across the Kyle of Tongue, Hope River and Loch Eriboll. Durness is the most northwesterly village in mainland Scotland and its access by land is a single track road for the last fourteen miles. The Norse influence of centuries ago may be noted in some of the place names: for instance, Thurso (in the county of Caithness) was Thor’s River and Eriboll was Eyrr-bol, farm on a beach.

The parish of Tongue is bounded on the north by the Northern Ocean, on the east and southeast by Farr parish and on the west and southwest by Durness parish. No register of births, marriages and deaths was kept in Tongue until the period 1775 to 1797 but the session clerk became so deranged that one morning he distributed the pages on the grave stones to bring back the army of the dead. When retrieved the entries in ink could no longer be read. From 1797 to 1816 the register was kept but only in temporary form and so carelessly by clerks that many loose sheets were lost. Knowing that, the family historian can hardly be reconciled to the lack of documentary data about when Ann Calder was born and who was her mother.

Families of Highland Scotland were forcibly removed during the 18th and 19th centuries. They migrated to the sea coast, to Glasgow and Liverpool, to Australia and the Americas. Increase in capital and agricultural change throughout the United Kingdom resulted in families losing their small holdings and in the men becoming farm labourers. In Scotland the change came later when tenants under Scottish law had no protection, when the traditional clan system broke down abruptly, and lairds became landlords, often absentee ones, guilty of brutal evctions. The impact on the Gaelic semi-feudal culture was devastating. Crofters became free labour for chieftains who set aside their ancient obligations. The Battle of Culloden Moor in 1746 was followed by a ban on kilt and tartan. By that date capital was already eroding the feudal system. The lairds lived in ostentatious dwellings while their retainers lived in turf huts amid squalor.

In 1792, "year of the sheep", families were moved to the coast or forced into ships for Pictou, Antigonish or Cape Breton. In 1807 Elizabeth Gordon, 19th Countess of Sutherland, toured her inheritance with her husband, both of whom were "seized . . . with the rage for improvements", which led to depopulation. Between 1811 and 1820 they forced inhumane clearances. Donald McLeod, a crofter of Sutherland, wrote about 250 crofter houses set afire at the landlady’s orders during six days. His account and others aroused general condemnation so that eventually the Crofting Acts were passed, all too late. Some far-sighted landlords tried to improve the primitive social conditions by building planned villages. The potato crop failed from1846 to 1857 and cholera broke out widely. Those afflictions along with the clearances reduced the Highland population. John Edward Curtis Pebble wrote a humane and influential account in The Clearances (1963) in a mixture of fact and fiction.

Note that there is no evidence that Ann Calder MacKay, her second husband, William MacIntosh, and her children were forced to emigrate. They made their own decision to leave and paid 90 pounds each for the passage. John MacKay’s two brothers, William and Captain Donald, a shipbuilder in Charlottetown, were already in Prince Edward Island.

John Oig-Blacksmith1 MacKay, tenant in Auchinlochie, married (1) Barbara MacKay, daughter of Donald MacKay, in Durness, Sutherland, 12 April 1775. Barbara was born about1747 and died some time before 1 November 1792. Did they have children?

John Oig-Blacksmith1 MacKay of Eriboll and (2) Ann Calder, daughter of William Calder, were married by the Reverend M. Thompson in Durness Parish 1 November 1792. Ann was at least twenty years younger than John. They had eight surviving children. Their first child, Christian, presumably a daughter, was baptized in the Durness Parish 27 September 1793 and must have died soon after. [Source: Durness Parish Register, 1789-1854]. The same register shows the baptism of Jacobina, daughter of John MacKay "smith of Eribol" and of Ann Calder 24 June 1807. Jacobina must have died in early childhood.

Ann Calder was born at Achugaraside, Tongue, Sutherland to William Calder. Because her baptismal record has not been found, two names have been put forward as the mother of Ann. The Bernard Family Tree and the MacLeod Family Tree of French River, New London, P.E.I. and six othersshow her birth between 1767 and 1774 to William Calder and Janet MacKay. On the other hand, the One World Community Tree shows and a grandson John MacKay, 1824-1914, son of William MacKay and Catherine Simpson, declared that the grandmother Ann Calder was the daughter of William Calder and his wife by the name of Stalkar. In neither case is the given name of Miss Stalkar produced. The genealogical records of Scotland on the Internet fail to show the Calder-Stalkar wedding nor any Stalkar woman who might fit the time and place.

William Calder, highly respected in his community as charity schoolmaster, catechist and church elder, alias Francach, in Hunleam married Janet MacKay, alias Nin Alister, in Eriboll 4 May 1767, as recorded in the Durness Parish Registers 1764-1814. Janet MacKay was born about 1750 at Eriboll, Tongue, Sutherland, and died some time before 7 April 1786. Janet was the daughter of Alexander (Allan) MacKay and Margaret Sutherland, grand daughter of Hector MacKay and Janet MacKay, great grand daughter of Major Iye (Hugh) MacKay and so back through her ancestors to the twelfth century. William Calder and Janet MacKay may have had a daughter Ann, born in 1774, and they certainly had a son John, baptized 23 November 1769.

If the Stalkar claim is true, Janet died after the first John’s birth and William Calder found wife number two, a Miss Stalkar, who gave birth to Ann Calder about 1774 and perhaps the second John in 1776. Certainly we must give due weight to a grandson’s assertion about his grandmother but it is surprising that he did not state and perhaps did not know her Christian name. Mrs. Calder, nee Stalkar, died before 7 April 1786.

On that date William Calder married Grizel Ross. Now the records show an interesting duality. The parish register of Durness, Sutherland, and that of Edinburgh, Midlothian, both record the marriage of William Calder and Grizel Ross on 7 April 1786. It is likely that the wedding took place in Edinburgh, the bride’s parish, and was also recorded in the marriage register of the groom’s parish. Grizel might have been the daughter of an Edinburgh couple, either William Ross and Grizzel Lyde or John Ross and Margaret Fleeming. William Calder and Grizel Ross had two children, Barbara, baptized 29 November 1788, and Hugh, baptized 17 June 1791 at Durness, Sutherland. They are cousins in this MacKay line.

Catherine ‘Kate" MacKay’s memoirs state that William Calder’s first wife was a Stacker from Edinburgh and it was a brother of hers, a jeweller, who took the eldest boy John to that city as an apprentice. His second wife, Kate wrote, was Grace Monroe, an aunt of Mrs. John Sutherland, Johnny Interest Sutherland’s mother. The Stanley Bridge History, with access to the MacKay History, states that Ann Calder, 1774-1816, was the daughter of William Calder and Grace Munroe. "There was a large family of children and they settled in Canada West" (Ontario). These assertions have to be weighed against other sources of information and even then we may never know. From various sources William Calder has been credited with four wives and Ann Calder with two or three mothers.

John MacKay and Ann Calder had eight surviving children: John, Barbara, Annie, William, Donald, Sophia, Johanna and Amelia Harriet, whose families will be delineated further on. John died in 1811 in Durness at about age sixty-five. His health had been undermined by wounds that he received as a volunteer soldier in Ireland. Ann married (2) William MacIntosh, possibly in July of 1815. Without a parish record of his birth or baptism and also of this marriage, one must depend on the McLeod Family of French River/New London PEI for his given name, approximate date of birth and the date of his marriage with Ann. That family tree states that he was born about 1750, which would make him about a quarter century older than Ann. The McLeod family tree gives "after 1815" as his time of death. Shortly after the marriage, they with six of her MacKay children boarded the brig Prince William at Thurso, in the County of Caithness forty-five miles from Durness. After seven weeks’ voyage they arrived at Pictou, Nova Scotia, in September of 1815 and stayed there one week or ten days. They sailed to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, where Captain Donald MacKay, a brother of John, was engaged in shipbuilding and merchandise.

Ann died a year later at French River, near New London, Queens County. She was buried in Simm’s Field Pioneer Cemetery at French River with the inscription on red sandstone prepared by her son William, "Sacred to the memory of Ann Calder, who departed this life August 28, 1816, age 42 years". When William thus gave her age at death, he must have been sure that she was born in 1774.



Evidently Captain Donald MacKay, Ann’s brother-in law, bought them a farm at Cavendish. Catherine ‘Kate’ MacKay’s memoirs state that Ann Calder lived there with her family and that she and her second husband "died within a year after coming to this island." Captain Donald helped in the bringing up of Ann’s younger children after Ann died and provided work and eventually the farm to his nephew William. He sailed many new ships with cargo, especially timber, both for sale in England. In January, 1826 his ship Jessie ran on the rocks on St. Paul’s Island in a violent storm. He, the ship’s master Captain Mc Alpin, Mrs. McAlpin and the crew got ashore but died of privation in the harsh winter. It is said that Donald’s wife recognized his coat on a stranger, learned the worst about her husband’s fate and brought his remains from that island to Charlottetown for burial in the old cemetery.

Captain Donald’s widow "married a son of Samuel Holland, the man who surveyed and laid off the Island."



A brother of John the blacksmith and Captain Donald had come to the Island with his wife and family in 1806 in the Elizabeth and Ann. William MacKay, born at Tongue about 1746, married Jane Scobie ten years younger than he on 4 March 1783.

The Parry Family Tree shows Jane Scobie, born at Achimore, Sutherland in 1764, to have been a daughter of Kenneth Scobie and his wife Margaret MacKay, who were first cousins, for their mothers were sisters. Kenneth was the son of Rev. William Scobie, born in 1700 in Aberdeenshire. He was ordained in Strathbogie Presbytery near Huntly in 1727 and became the minister of the Gaelic-speaking congregation at Assynt, Sutherland. On 18 March 1730 he married Jane MacKay, daughter of John MacKay, 1668-1732, of Strathy, Sutherland and Elizabeth Sinclair, born 1676. John was the son of James MacKay, 1630-1692, and Mary Jane Fraser, born 1648. James was the son of John MacKay, 1592-1645, and Agnes Sinclair, born 1598 at Murkle, daughter of James Sinclair, 1572-1604, and Elizabeth Stewart, born 1572.


The information about William MacKay and Jane Scobie and their children is "taken from a family bible found in Ernest Dunning’s barn." They had eleven or twelve children, all of whom were born in Scotland. John, their first child, was born 5 April 1785 and died 4 February 1791. Kenneth, born 23 November 1787, and Jannet, born 5 April 1788, died young some time after they came to the Island. Kenneth lived from 21 January 1790 to 14 February 1827. George, born 1 February 1791, was lost at sea in December of 1813.

The life of the next son was one of adventure, wealth and sadness. Duncan Forbes MacKay was born 7 March 1792 in Sutherland, Scotland. The William MacKay Memoir states that Duncan F. MacKay and Sybella MacKenzie of Yankee Hill Farm were married by James Townshend, Justice of the Peace. This is not true. It was Duncan’s brother John who married her. They emigrated to Australia, as we shall see. We know from Australian records that Duncan arrived in Australia a free man (that is, not a convict) in 1826 aboard the Orpheus. In Dungog, New South Wales, Duncan amassed a large property. His photograph shows him confident and successful. He was admitted in 1846 at age fifty-four to Darlinghurst Gaol for "lunatic examination", the harsh language of the time. The benighted treatment of that age had him back in 1852 at age sixty, when he was described as five feet eleven inches in height with fresh complexion, black grey hair and grey eyes [Reference: New South Wales, Australia, Gaol Description and Entrance Books, 1818-1930]. At Dungog in 1860 he married Frances Leonora Hooke [Reference: Australia Marriage Index, 1789-1949]. He died on the third of February of that year [Australia Death Index, 1787-1985].

The lives of the next three children of William MacKay and Jane Scobie were short. Johanna lived from 31 July 1793 to 16 May 1808, Hugh from 15 March 1795 to 1825, and John from 3 December 1796 to before 1806.

A second John MacKay among the children of William MacKay and Jane Scobie was born at Thurso, Caithness County, Scotland, 13 February 1800 [Parry Family History]. . He it was who married Sybella MacKenzie. With their son George, who was born 10 October 1821, they emigrated to Australia, probably in 1826 with Duncan Forbes MacKay. John MacKay died 11 November 1851 and Sybella died in 1873 at Newcastle, New South Wales. Their headstone at Hiland Crescent Cemetery bears their photo [Parry Family Tree].

George MacKay, son of John MacKay and Sybella MacKenzie and grandson of William MacKay and Jane Scobie, married Jane Scott MacDonald, who was born about 1826 at Morpeth, Northumberland, England. George died in his 80th year 25 June 1901 at Dungog, New South Wales; Jane had died there 1 December 1884. They had four children:

    1. John McKinley Hooke, 1875-1930, married Irene Mary Wire, 1878-1960.
    2. George Hooke, 1877-1925, married Daisy Moller
    3. Frederick Augustus Hooke, 1879-1949
    4. Alexander McDonald Scott MacKay, 1881-1982
    5. Benjamin Hooke, 1883-1966, married Sybella Jane MacKay, 1855-1941 (see above) and they had six children.
    6. Harold Hooke, born in 1885
    7. James Hooke, 1887-1964
    8. Mary Hooke, 1890-1964
    9. Frederick Hooke, 1892-1960
    10. Jean S. Hooke, 1895-1994, married Clive S. Smith,
    11. 1891-1956, and they had three children

    12. Alfred Augustus Hooke, 1898-1960, married Doris Hill, 1904-1967, and they had six children

The order of the surviving children of John1 Mackay and Ann Calder is based on the dates of baptism except that Donald’s date is calculated from age given in the 1881 census.

  1. John2 MacKay, Jr. (John1), baptized 11 Oct. 1794, of Eriboll, Tongue, Sutherland
  2. Barbara2 MacKay (John1), baptized 4 November 1796, Durness
  3. Annie2 MacKay (John1), baptized 26 July 1798, Farr, Sutherland
  4. Donald2 MacKay (John1), born in1803 – baptismal record not found
  5. Sophia2 MacKay (John1), baptized 22 April 1804 at Eriboll
  6. William2 MacKay (John1), baptized 4 September 1805, Eriboll, Durness Register
  7. Amelia Harriet2 MacKay (John1), baptized 28 May 1808, Durness
  8. Johanna Thomson2 MacKay (John1), baptized 16 June 1811, Durness

1 John2 MacKay (John!), a son of John MacKay and Ann Calder, was baptized 11 October 1794 at Eriboll, Tongue. By the time his mother and her second husband, William MacIntosh, emigrated to Prince Edward Island in 1815, young John was nearly 21 years old and was earning his living in the trade of goldsmith. For that reason he remained in Scotland. According to an unpublished manuscript by Jock MacKay entitled Ann Calder’s Children, a copy of which is in the Toronto Reference Library, John was impressed into the Royal Navy and was lost at sea.




2. Barbara2 MacKay, daughter of John1 MacKay and Ann Calder, was baptized on 4 November 1796 at West Moine Mission, Durness. She married William MacKay, son of Donald MacKay, 29 February 1816. They had five sons and three daughters. Barbara died at French River, PEI, 1 March 1843. She went to help care for an ill child of a neighbour. When the child’s condition improved Barbara decided to go home. On the way with her infant son she collapsed in a sudden blizzard. She sought refuge in a haystack and wrapped her coat around the boy. The next morning they were found dead near their home. A weathered grey sandstone marks their place at Simm’s Field.

William MacKay married again, Janet MacKay of Murray Harbour, and they had two sons and five daughters. Alexander drowned. James moved to the States, as did two of his married sisters.

Note: Two handwritten pages of unknown authorship list some of Barbara and William’s children: Donald and Bella, unmarried, who lived at New London in a stone house; William and his unnamed sister who married Malcolm MacLean of Graham’s Road; and Neil, who married Elizabeth ‘Jessie’ Squarebridge, born 29 May 1830, child of Captain Henry Squarebridge and Catherine MacLeod and mother of two children, namely, Donald ‘Red Don’ MacKay, who married Matilda ‘Tillie’ MacNeill and had four children, and Dianne MacKay, who moved in 1884 ro Framingham, Massachusetts, married Joseph W. Tuttle and had two children. Irreconcilible data about Neil, son of William and Barbara, require further evidence if such exists. The compiler welcomes correction.

(1) Neil3 MacKay (Barbara2 John! MacKay), 1823-9 Feb. 1887, son of William MacKay and Barbara MacKay, a sea captain, sailed ships and cargo to England and sold them. He bought a parrot in the South Seas but excused it because it swore only in Spanish. Captain Neil married Jane MacIntyre, 1830-8 Jan. 1897, the postmistress of French River for thirty years. They were buried in the Geddie Memorial Cemetery, New London (Lots 349 and 350). The following list of their children, drawn from the census, is incomplete:

A. Margaret4 MacKay (Neil3 Barbara2 John1), born 8 May 1849, daughter of Captain Neil MacKay and Jane MacIntyre, married James Warren, born at Tryon River, Prince County, 12 October 1848, son of Benjamin Warren and Margaret Dunn [Thornley Gore Family Tree]. James and Margaret and their children were enumerated in Lot 20 Queens County in the census from 1881 to 1911. In that last census available to us the couple had just turned sixty years old and Myrtle and Amanda were still with them. Their children were:

A1 Charles5 Warren (Margaret4 Neil3 Barbara2 John1 MacKay) son of James Warren and Margaret ‘Maggie’ MacKay, was born 15 January 1877. The 1901 census of Lot 21 shows him at age 23 living with his parents and three of his sisters. In 1911 Charles was a lodger at 379 Pacific Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, earning his living as a teamster. He married at Winnipeg 3 March 1913 Agnes Huston Gibb, who had been born at Larne Magheramorne, Northern Ireland, in 1846 to Archibald Boyd Gibb and Rose Huston (Larne Lough is 22 miles north of Belfast). Rose had died in 1910, two years before her husband and many of their twelve children immigrated to Canada. The household of Charles and Agnes Warren at Souris, Manitoba, in the 1916 census showed a daughter, Agnes Warren, 9, and Ruby Gibb, 11, a sister of Charles’s wife. At Melita, Manitoba, Charles Warren died in 1944 and his wife, Agnes Huston Warren, two years later.

a. Agnes Gibb6 Warren, born in Northern Ireland 19 September 1905, married at Melita, Manitoba, Gideon Moore, 1901-1996. She died 28 November 1991 at Melita.

(a) Two children living7

(c) Colin David7 Moore, 1939-1994 at Boissevan, MB

A2 Barbara Janett5 Warren, born in October 1876 to James Warren and Margaret MacKay, of Lot 20, PEI, married about 1896, Lester Ammi Hutchins, of Kennebunkport, York County, Maine. In the census of 16 June 1900 they and their baby Marion were living on the farm of his parents, Ammi A. Hutchins, 1841-1908, and Annie M. Sproul, 1844-1918. The census of 1910 shows them on their own farm with daughter Marion, 12, and Barbara’s thirty-one-year-old sister Mary Warren. In 1920 Marion is elsewhere but her sister Helen, 8, is there along with Mary Warren. The 1930 finds these four together. Lester Hutchins died in 1954, age 76, and Barbara MacKay Hutchins died in 1966, age 86. They are buried in the Arundel Cemetery at Kennebunkport [references: Thornley Gore Family Tree and the US census over four decades].

a. Marion W .6 Hutchins, born in 1896 to Lester Hutchins and Barbara MacKay, married 20 January 1915 Derry W. F. Dow. They divorced after one child7, living.

b. Helen M.6 Hutchins, daughter of Lester Hutchins and Barbara MacKay, was born in 1911. She married Robert F. Chick, 1912-1989. Helen died in 2000 at Kennebunkport, Maine.

A3 Mary Ann5 Warren, was born about 1879 at Lot 20, PEI, daughter of James Warren and Margaret MacKay. We have seen that she lived for a long time with her sister Barbara and her brother-in-law, Lester Hutchins. Mary died 13 June 1964, age 84, at Biddeford, Maine [Maine Death Index].

A4 Charlotte M. ‘Follie’ or ‘Lottie’5 Warren was born 20 June 1883, a daughter of James Warren and Margaret MacKay. She married Garnet Campbell (1830-1909), whose father, Angus Campbell, willed him a farm at Nine Mile Creek, Prince Edward Island.

A5 Amanda J.5 Warren, born 13 October 1889 to James Warren and Margaret MacKay, married Wallace MacKinnen.

A6 Myrtle ’Martie’5 Warren, born 17 October 1891, married Joseph Murphy, born 1896. In the 1911 census of Clifton, PEI, they were living with her parents, James Warren and Margaret MacKay.

a. Louis6 Murphy, son of Joseph Murphy and Myrtle Warren, was born at Clifton, PEI, in 1900.

B. Lucy4 MacKay (Neil3 Barbara2 John1) was born about 1859 to parents Neil MacKay and Jane MacIntyre.

C. Duncan4 MacKay (Neil3 Barbara2 John1), 1865-1957, son of Neil MacKay and Jane MacIntyre, married Ada Elizabeth Howard, born to John Hopps Howard and Elizabeth Balderston at North River on 1 December 1863, died 1942.

2. Alexander3 MacKay (Barbara2 John1 MacKay), son of William MacKay and Barbara MacKay, died young in his mother’s arms [Reference: French River and Park Corner History, page 67; PEIGS, Simm’s Field Cemetery].




  1. Annie2 MacKay (John1), daughter of John MacKay and Ann Calder, was baptized 26 July 1798 at Farr, Sutherland. Annie married when not yet fourteen William Munro at Lairg, Sutherland on 25 March 1812. William, son of Donald Munro and Catherine Ross, was baptized at Lairg, Sutherland, 26 May 1793. Their first child, Donald Munro, was born in Sutherlandshire in 1812. William and Annie Munro had seven children: Donald, Ann, Jane, Angus, Hughina, Catherine and Barbara.

A. In 1838 Donald3 Munro (Annie2 John1 Mackay), son of William Munro and Annie MacKay, married Janett (Jesse) MacPherson in Scotland. Then on 11 February 1839 the whole family emigrated to Shoalhaven, New South Wales, Australia. Janett died at Nowra, NSW, in 1862 and Donald died at Tucki Tucki, NSW, 28 May 1892. Donald Munro and Janett MacPherson had ten children.: Donald, Annie, Mary Jane, William, Marion, George, Alexander, Helen, Jessie and Georgina.

A1. Donald4 Munro (Donald3 Munro, Annie2 John1 MacKay), born at Maitland, NSW, in 1840, was deaf and dumb. He died at Tucki Tucki 24 September 1907.

A2. Annie4 Munro (Donald3 Munro, Annie2 John1 MacKay), born 18 March 1842 at Nowra, Shoalhaven; died in 1938. Annie married in 1863 Frederick Ebenezer Miller, who was born 25 December 1837 at Hobart, Tasmania, and died 19 September 1913 at Byron Bay, NSW.

    1. William5 Munro Miller, born in 1864 at Shoalhaven and died at Burwood, NSW. In 1898 at Balina, NSW he married Hannah Brewers, who was born 30 May 1870 at Tentersfield, NSW.

(a) Charles Frederick6 Miller, 1899-1969 (No spouse

(b) Archibald6 Miller, 1901-1975 and

(c) Hector6 Miller, 1903-1961 children

(d) Marion Muriel6 Miller, 1905- ? shown)

b. Elizabeth Emily5 Miller (Annie4 Donald3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay) 1866-1931, married Walter Henry Stuart

(a) Mary Emeline6 Stuart, 1888-1976, married 1916 Neville Palmer Green, 1888-1952 Three7 living children

(b)Muriel Anne6 Stuart, 1890-1978, married 1916 Laurence Hugh Hughes, 1890-1973 Three7 living children

(c) Emily6 Stuart 1892-1919, married Harold Guy Tedder, 1890-1956 One7 living child

(d) Constance Lyle6 Stuart, 1895-1970, married 1926 Cuthbert Douglas Adamson, ?-1984 One7 living child

(e) Violet Armstrong6 Stuart, 1897-1979, married Regin Parkin

Two7 living children

(f) Jessie Madeline6 Stuart, 1901-1970, married 1926 John Street, ?-1965 Two7 living children

A3 Mary Jane4 Munro, 1844-1920 (Donald3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay) , married Peter Imlay McLaren, 1839-1917

    1. Hugh5 McLaren: no wife or children shown
    2. Walter5 McLaren: ditto
    3. May Jessie5 McLaren, 1868-1910, married 1885 Henry Robson, 1866-1915: no children shown
    4. Olive5 McLaren, 1875-?, no husband or children shown
    5. Frederick Archibald5 McLaren, 1877->, married Christina Janet Cameron, 1885-1967: two living children
    6. Sidney C.5 McLaren, 1879-? no wife or children shown
    7. Violet5 McLaren, 1881-? no husband or children shown
    8. Louis Munro5 McLaren abt 1881- ?, married Margaret Tyler at Sydney in 1906, lived in Rozelle, NSW No children listed
    9. Norman5 McLaren, 1883-?, married Ruby ? No children shown
    10. Raymond5 McLaren, 1885-1924 at Tucki Tucki, married Meta ? No children shown
    11. Gladys Marion5 McLaren, 1889-1978, married in 1916 Arthur F. Slayter and lived at Castle Hill; one6 living child
    12. Helen Myra5 McLaren, 1891-?, married 1911 brother-in-law Henry Robson, 1866-1915 No children

A4 William4 Munro (Donald3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay) was born 9 July 1846 at Willangong, NSW, died 12 September 1934 at Lismore, married in 1877 Emmie de Sonter, 1851-1945

a. Jessie Sarah5 Munro, 1878-1968 at Casino, NSW, married Walter Little, 1874-1963

(a) Living6

(b) Lesley Walter6 Little, 1907-71 married living nee Campbell

children Gregory7, died 1972 & two7 living

    1. Claude Leslie5 Munro (William4 Donald3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay) , 1879-1950, married Amy Talbot

(a) Norman6 Munro, died 1930

(b) Douglas Munro, died 1980

and two6 more living

c. Amy J.5 Munro, 1881-1919, married at Lismore, Walter Ross Tindall, 1877-? Two6 living children

d. William F5 Munro, 1882-1945, went to Queensland, married Sarah Nelms, !883-? Three6 living children

e. Austin M.5 Munro, 1884-1970, married Agnes Funnel four6 children living

f . Catherine Vera5 Munro, 1866-1971, married at Lismore1826 David Stewart, 1886-1935 Two6 living children

g. Donald M.5 Munro, 1889-1958, married Mary MacKay, 1894-1972 Six6 living children

h. Vida May5 Munro, 1890-1978, married 1914 Alan Crofton, 1890-1972 Six6 living children

i. Allan Victor5 Munro, 1892-1966, married Doris M. Rudd

Two living children

    1. Norman Edgar5 Munro, 1894-1918, killed in the First World War
    2. Raymond Douglas5 Munro, 1899-1980 at Lismore, married Alice M. Pinkerton, 1904-1969

Had 6 children, 4 living6

and Ronald Pinkerton6 Munro, died in 1983

and Nancy Lee6 Munro, 1935-2000 married Graham Lindsay Dare, 1929-1990 in Queensland

A5. Marion4 Munro (Donald3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay), born in 1849, married Captain Charles J. Harris, who died in 1935.

A6. George4 Munro (Donald3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay), 10 July 1851-1939, married Mary Louisa McDonald, 1875-1965.

    1. Alexander5 Munro, died at the age of nineteen years
    2. Donald5 Munro, died in 1975 No wife or children listed
    3. Georgina Marion5 Munro, 1906-1960, married Thomas Edgar Rigney, 1899-1981 Four living6 children

A7. Alexander4 Munro (Donald3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay), born in 1853 at Shoalhaven, died 22 August 1942 at Casino, NSW, married Sarah Munro (Marriage Index), 1851-1935

a. Florence Serena Jessie5 Munro, 1882-5 August 1956 at Lismore, NSW. No husband or children listed

b. Charles Alexander Richmond5 Munro, 1884-1965, married Janet Evelyn Rowe No children listed

c. Victor Albert Clarence5 Munro, 1887-14 September 1950 at Steve Kings Plains, NSW No wife or children listed

d. Donald George Sutherland5 Munro, born at Lismore in 1889 and died 28 January 1959 at Woodburn No further data

e. Edna Grace Elvina5 Munro, born 1893 at Lismore and died in 1957 at Woodburn, NSW

A8. Helen LyleMunro (Donald3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay) , born in 1855, married Charles Collte B. Huggins

    1. Cecil5 Huggins
    2. Donald5 Huggins

A9. Jessie Margaret4 Munro (Donald3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay) , 1858-1941, married William Riordan, 1862-

    1. Helen5 Riordan, died age six
    2. Thomas5 Riordan
    3. William5 Riordan, married Tess McMahon Nothing further
    4. John Riverstone5 Riordan, 1895-1981, married Fidera Williams, born in 1902 No children listed

A10. Georgina Catherine4 Munro (Donald3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay), 1860-11 June 1902 at Tucki Tucki, NSW, married David Cleaton Marshall, born in 1861

    1. John 5Marshall, 1887-20 October 1918, killed in Great War
    2. Marion5 Marshall, 1889-1965, married at Murrumburah, NSW, Edward Roberts, 1887-1972 No children listed

    1. Ann3 Munro (Annie2 John1 MacKay),1817-1900, daughter of William Munro and Annie MacKay, married at Shoalhaven 13 September 1840 John Ballantyne, who was born about 1814 at Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, and arrived in Australia 23 September 1833 at the age of nineteen but was sent away the next year on the Henry Tanner, sentenced fourteen years for housebreaking. These facts are derived through the Ancestry website from the Australian Convict Transportation Register 1791-1868 and also the New South Wales and Tasmania Convict Pardons and Tickets of Leave, 1834-1859 and also the New South Wales Registers of Convicts’ Applications to Marry. Having cleared all the legal hurdles, John Ballantyne wed Ann Munro. He died on 1 July 1898 at Woodburn, NSW. They had seven children
    2. B1. William4 Ballantyne (Ann3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay), born 11 July 1841 and died at Drake, NSW, in 1893; no wife or children listed in the McLean-Munro Family Tree

      B2. Ann4 Ballantyne (Ann3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay), born 1843 at South Coast, NSW, married at Shoalhaven in 1866 Alexander McPherson, who was born in 1841 in Lanarkshire, Scotland. They lived at Swan Bay and had eleven children. The information about this family comes through the Ancestry website from the McLean-Munro Family Tree.

      1. Isabella A.5 McPherson, 1867, married William Cravigan; no children listed
      2. Osgood Hanbury5 McPherson, 1869-1956, married Gertrude M. Pursey; no children listed
      3. John Wallace McPherson, 1871-?, married Nerida Lamond
      4. Alice M.5 McPherson, 1874-?, married Donald Dolby
      5. Mary Louise5 McPherson, born 5 October 1875 at Swan Bay, married Charles Robson; no children listed
      6. Alexandrina Jane5 McPherson, born 29 April 1877 at Swan Bay, died 1 December 1869 at Lismore; no husband or children shown
      7. Barbara Ellen5 McPherson, born 29 July 1879 at Woodburn; at Nowra in 1902 married George Underwood Alley
      8. (a) Frederick Roy6 Alley, 1905-1954; no wife & children listed

      9. Jessie M.5 McPherson, born 1882 at Lismore, married William Roberts no children listed
      10. Alexander J.5 McPherson, born 1884 at Lismore, died 20 June 1962 at Sydney, NSW, married Linda Grace Stacey, 1896-1981; four sons and five daughters living
      11. Ruby Grace5 McPherson, born 1885 and died 1978 at Corake, NSW, married Leslie Blandford Williams, 1885-1956
      12. living6 five sons and three daughters

      13. Lillian5 McPherson, 1891-?, married Mr. Lismore, no children listed

    3. Jane4 Munro (Donald3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay), baptized 20 March 1821 and died 10 June 1903 at Nowra, NSW; married at Shoalhaven 20 September 1847 William McGrath, who was born at Tyrone, Ireland 6 November 1822, son of Thomas McGrath, 1800-?, and Elizabeth White, 1795-1879, immigrants to NSW. William McGrath died 9 April 1902 at Berry, NSW, and they had seven children.

C1. Walter5 McGrath, born 3 February 1882 at Jamberoo, NSW, died 3 October 1918 at Villiers-Calvados, Lower Normandy, France, in the Great War, according to the McGrath Family Tree.

C2. May Florence5 McGrath, born 1883 at Shoalhaven, NSW, and died at Gympie, Queensland (QLD); no spouse or children listed

C3. Alice Annie5 McGrath (Jane4 Donald3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay), born 15 July 1884 at Shoalhaven, died 6 May 1940 at Cooroy, QLD; no further data

C4. Ruth Elizabeth5 McGrath, born 12 August 1885 at Berry, NSW, died 16 March 1981 at Calliope, QLD; nothing more

C5. Millie Jane5 McGrath, born 6 June 1886 at Nowra, NSW, died 16 December 1971 at Brisbane, QLD

C6 Rose5 McGrath, born 18 February 1889 at Jamberoo, NSW, died 1932 at Burwood, NSW

C7. William John5 McGrath (Jane4 Donald3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay), born 3 August 1890 at Jamberoo, NSW, and died 18 April 1835 at Gympie, QLD. Evidently the makers of the McGrath Family Tree were interested only in members with the McGrath surname. William John married Selena Christina Hansen, born 6 February 1891 at Gympie, QLD, and died 1 September 1970 at Bundaberg, QLD. They had eight children:

    1. living6
    2. living6
    3. Mona Clariss6 McGrath, born 23 March 1915 at Gympie, QLD, and died 27 April 2002 at Bundaberg, QLD, married Harlin Stewart, born 1904 at Harlin, Brisbane Valley, QLD, and died in 1990 at Bundaberg, QLD
      1. living7
      2. living7
      3. living7
      4. David Robin Harlin7 Stewart, born 11 July 1948 at Bundaberg, QLD, and died 10 August 2007 at Kingaroy, QLD. No spouse or children listed

d. Ronald William6 McGrath, born 5 June 1916 at Gympie, QLD, died 24 March 2001 at Currumbin Valley, QLD; married Joan May Duncan, born at Gympie in 1920 and died in 1988 at Casino, NSW 3 living children

e. Bertie Francis6 McGrath, born 2 December 1917 at Gympie and died there 9 May 2003; married Phyllis Ann Hiller, born 1923 at Gympie and died 17 January 2004 at Brisbane. Six living children

f. Walter Stanley6 McGrath, born 30 September 1919 at Gympie and died there 9 May 2003; married Miss (living) English; 3 living ch

g. Beryl May6 McGrath, born 20 August 1921 at Gympie and died at Brisbane 26 October 2005

Married (1) John Blyton, 1925-1956 2 living7 children

(2) Walter Victor Chapman, 1925-1969 4 living7 children

(3) Mr. (living) Dawson in 1980 no children

h. Jack Desmond6 McGrath, born 29 May 1931 at Gympie and died 25 July 2009 at Ipswich, QLD; married Mary Parsons, born 5 May 1930 and died 31 August 2004 3 living7 children

  1. Angus3 Munro (Annie2 John1 MacKay), 7 April 1825-3 January 1903, married Matilda Carnell 26 October 1854 at Shoalhaven and they had one child William, according to the Forbes/Jones Family Tree. Angus Munro, Presbyterian, died at the age of 78 and was buried in the Coraki Cemetery, Row K, Plot 62, according to the Australia Cemetery Index1808-2007).
  2. D1. William4 Munro (Angus Munro3 Annie2 John1 MacKay), born in 1855 at Booral, NSW, died 13 May 1931 At age fifty, he became the second husband of Annie Tull, born 31 January 1866 at Booral, NSW, died 18 April 1854, daughter of John Robert Jonathan Tull, 1817-1881, and Anna Maria Ridgeway, 1831-1910. At age nineteen Annie Tull married (1) Barnett Charles Lamborn, 1866-1901, and they had twelve Lamborn children. At age sixty-six she married Edwin C.M Thorne. Needless to say, there was no issue to the second and third marriage.

  3. Hughina3 Munro (Annie2 John1 MacKay), October 1826-1915, married at Sutton Forest, NSW, in 1845 William Hollands. William was the son of John Hollands who was born in 1788 at East Malling, Kent, England and died 12 December 1870 at Arthursleigh, NSW, and of his wife, Mary Grigbsy, 1789-1959. Hughina and William had seven children, whose spouses and children are not listed:
  4. E1. William4 Hollands (Hughina3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay)

    E2. Jane4 Hollands, 1846-1928

    E3. Elizabeth Ann4 Hollands, 1848-?

    E4. Catherine4 Hollands, 1851-1939

    E5. Alicia4 Hollands, 1857-?

    E6. Alicena4 Hollands, 1860-1894

    E7. Emily4 Hollands, 1866-?

  5. Catherine3 Munro (Annie2 John1 MacKay), born in September of 1828 at Lairg, Sutherland, Scotland, married at Shoalhaven in 1846 Donald Conroy. No children listed.
  6. Barbara3 Munro (Annie2 John1 MacKay) was born 3 July 1830 at Lairg, Sutherland, Scotland and died 16 July 1921 at Nowra, NSW. She married at Shoalhaven, NSW, 22 April 1850 Zaccheus Glanville Bice, who was born 8 April 1829 in Cornwall, England, and died at Nowra 23 December 1904. They had fourteen children, the listing of whom is provided by the McLean/Munro Family Tree. The sons are listed in the Australian Electoral Rolls, 1903-1954.

G1. Philipa4 Bice (Barbara3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay), b 1851, NSW nothing more found.

G2. Zaccheus4 Bice (Barbara3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay), 11 May 1853-1931, married at Shoalhaven in 1881 Catherine Armstrong, 1861-? He is listed in Sands Directories in 1920 and 1923 at Corneroy, NSW. They had eight children:

    1. living5
    2. living5
    3. Stanley5 Bice, electoral roll 1943 at Griffith, NSW
    4. Robert Johnson5 Bice, roll 1930, 1936, 1937, 1943, 1949, 1954 at Albury, NSW
    5. Myra5 Bice
    6. Aubrey5 Bice, electoral roll 1936
    7. Willie Wellesley5 Bice, 1930, 1936, 1937, 1943 at Casino, NSW
    8. Clarence Mervyn5 Bice, electoral roll 1930, 1936, 1937, 1943, 1949, 1954 at Nowra, NSW

G3. Harriet Glanville4 Bice (Barbara3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay) was born 20 March 1855 at Shoalhaven, NSW, and died 6 February 1925 at Buenos Aires, Argentina. She married Hugh McArdle, who died in 1915. They had two children:

    1. Barbara Pearl5McArdle
    2. Frederick Owen5 McArdle

G4. William Henry4 Bice (Barbara3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay), born 8 February 1857 at Stonehaven, died March 1918 nothing further

G5. Mary Veale4 Bice (Barbara3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay), 27 December 1858-18 July 1951, a "fatherless" child:

    1. Charles T.5 Bice, born in 1890 at St. Leonards, NSW, married at Newcastle, NSW, in 1922 Helen M. Butler

G6. Charles Louis4 Bice (Barbara3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay) , 6 December 1860-25 July 1943, married at Marrickville, NSW, 20 September 1899 Isabella Jane Davis, daughter of William Davis and Mary Ann Irvine. Charles Louis’s name appeared on the electoral rolls for 1936 and 1937 at Macksville Gowper, NSW. Isabella died 8 November 1920.

G7. Lucy Martha4 Bice (Barbara3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay), born 6 September 1862, died 19 April 1915 at Mosman, NSW, married at Nowra, NSW, in 1898 Philip Calfe Hill, 1838-1917. They had two children, these few facts from Horatio William Nelson’s Family Tree


    1. Charles Godfrey5 Hill, born at Sydney3 February 1899
    2. Bruce Munro5 Hill, 6 November 1901 at Balman-1977

G8. Jessie Ann4 Bice (Barbara3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay), born in 1864 and died in 1916; married at Berry in 1891 Albert F. Saunders, 1865-? They had three children:

    1. Frank V.5 Saunders, born in 1892
    2. Jess B.5 Saunders, born in 1897 at Woolabra, NSW
    3. Philip B5. Saunders, born in 1898 at Woolabra
    4. G9. Barbara Jane4 Bice (Barbara3 Munro Annie2 John1 acKay), born in 1866 at Shoalhaven, NSW, and died in 1948 at Mosman, NSW. No spouse or children listed

      G10. Emma Louise4 Bice (Barbara3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay), 1868-1955. Evidently she remained single, for her maiden name appears on the electoral rolls at Nowra 1930-1943 and at Neutral Bay, Warrington, NSW, in 1954.

      G11. Marion Keziah4 Bice (Barbara3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay), born 5 March 1871 at Nowra, NSW, and died 16 May 1960 at Brisbane, Queensland. She married at Nowra in 1901 Henry Charles Coxen. They had four children, three of them living and

    5. Maud Mary5 Coxen, 31 May 1912 at New Farm, Queensland, and died 25 September 1996 at Brisbane, QLD. She married Harold Archibald George Crawford, 25 November 1900- 24 March 1999 at Brisbane. One child:
      1. Barbara May6 Crawford, 20 August 1948-17 December 2006

G12. Maud Lillian4 Bice (Barbara3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay), 26 April 1873- 25 December 1966 at Sydney. She seems to have remained single, for her maiden name appears in the electoral rolls at Nowra from 1930 to 1943.

G13. Luke4 Bice (Barbara3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay), 4 March 1875-1969. He married at Glen Innes, NSW, in 1917 Catherine Sinclair. In the Sands Directories his name appears from 1920 to 1930 at Coolatai, Ashford and Inverell. Luke Bice is listed in the electoral rolls from 1930 to 1953 at Inverell, Gwydir, NSW. No children listed

G14. Florence Mabel4 Bice (Barbara3 Munro Annie2 John1 MacKay), 1877-13 April 1947, married William H. Mason One living child5



So far we know little about these two immigrant pioneers, ‘Big’ John MacKay and his wife, Ann Young, who are as much the ancestors of the families in this study as are John MacKay and his wife Ann Calder. No public family tree on the Internet seems to exist to provide information about them. By the time of a modern census of Prince Edward Island in 1881, they had been dead more than a decade. We have a difficult tree chart of their immediate descendants and detailed information about the offspring of two of their children, Barbara and Janet, and cemetery transcripts.

Engravings on the tombstones of ‘Big’ John and Ann tell us that they were natives of Sutherlandshire, Scotland, and that they "emigrated to the Island in 1815". They were part of the Highland families who came to Pictou in the Prince William in 1815. This sailing ship, a brigantine, had a square-rigged foremast and a fore-and-aft-rigged main mast. Her passenger list recorded only the names of family heads and the number of people in the family. In his Memorandum Book, ‘Big’ John MacKay stated, "Our Passage Money was Nine Pound Each." The families of Ann Calder and of MacKay-Young stayed a week or two in Pictou and sailed to the Island. They both settled in the Mill River area.

As far as we can make out from the chart, Big John MacKay and Ann Young brought to the Island six children, all born in Scotland:

1.John, 1802-1868, married Martha Graham

2. Janet, 1806-1872, married Donald ‘Bush’ MacKay

3.Hughena, n.d., married Donald MacKay of Nova Scotia

4.Wellena, 1809-1897, remained single

5.Margaret, 1812-1849, married Donald MacKay

6. Barbara, 1813-before 1861 in Upper Canada, married Hugh McIntosh

According to the History of Stanley Bridge, which draws on a MacKay History that we do not have, Ann Young was married twice, first to a Mr. MacKay, farmer, Tongue ferryman, and soldier "killed in the Irish Rebellion."

Catherine ‘Kate’ MacKay, born about 1851 to Donald MacKay and Janet MacKay, wrote a memoir entitled "Grandpa’s Family, also Grandma’s". On her father’s side her grandparents were John MacKay and Ann Calder and on her mother’s side her grandparents were ‘Big’ John MacKay and Ann Young. Catherine stated that ‘Big’ John MacKay owned a farm in Scotland and kept the Tongue ferry, "by which he made plenty of money."

"He was only 34 when he came to this Island. All the family were born in Scotland. The oldest son John was about 14, Janet 12, Hughena, Wellena, Barbara and the youngest, Margaret, was 9 months old when they came to this country. He went to Clifton and lived on the old sod, farmed, sold lumber, oysters, had a vessel or two in his young days, struggled along, always keeping his family as well and indeed a little better than his neighbours, while his health and strength lasted. Big John’s sister stayed in Scotland . . ., wife of Donald Monroe, and they had several Monroe children, Henrietta, Joseph, Donald, John, Hugh and Robert."

Catherine wrote that Ann Young’s mother, Barbara, was buried in the Yankee Hill Cemetery but the gravestone must have deteriorated, for the Transcript of the Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society contains no such record.

The memoir gives a brief account of the children of Big John MacKay and Ann Young:

John2 MacKay (‘Big’ John1), the eldest, 1802-1868, married Martha Graham and they had no children (see Cemetery Transcripts below).

Janet2 MacKay (‘Big’ John1) married Donald ‘Bush’ MacKay and they had John, Dan, Barbara, Welena, William, Annie and Hugh.

Hughena2 Mackay (`Big` John1) married William MacKay of Miramachi and lived in Nova Scotia.

Wellena2 MacKay, 1809-1897 (`Big` John1), remained single. "She was considered one of the rare characters, very outspoken, fond of clothes (she had an orange dress which she wore only on Orange Tea Day, the 12th of July)." In her house near the river were fireplaces for cooking and heating and lovely things brought over from the Old Country which were lost when her house was torn down after her death. Her name appears on the gravestone 292 of the New London Protestant Cemetery as "Williamina, dau. of John & Ann MCKAY, died July 9, 1897, Ae. 88".

Barbara2 MacKay, abt. 1814-bef. 1861, (`Big` John1) married a MacIntosh and died in Upper Canada. Their children were Dan, William, John, Annie, Mary and Flora.

Margaret2 MacKay, 1815-1849, (`Big` John1) married Donald MacKay and they had six children:

Kenneth3, born 1839; Janet3, born 1840; Hugh3, born 1842; John3, born 23 May 1844; Ann3, born 9 March and baptized 18 May 1848.

Transcripts from New London Protestant Cemetery:

John MCKAY, died July 27, 1866, Ae. 85 A native of Sutherlandshire, Scotland; emigrated to the Island in 1815

Ann YOUNG, wife of John MCKAY, died Oct. 7.1868, Ae. 96 A native of Sutherlandshire, Scotland

In memory of my beloved husband, John MCKAY, died July 16, 1868, Ae. 66 Also an infant gone before . . . . [illegible]

Martha GRAHAM, wife of John MCKAY, died July 16, 1878, Ae. 64

PEI Baptismal Index

McKay ______ born 23 May 1844 baptized 26 August 1844 parents Margaret McKay & Donald McKay New London [That was son John]

McKay, Ann born 9 March 1848 baptized 18 May 1848 parents Margaret McKay & Donald McKay New London

Big John MacKay of New Erriboll (New London) wrote a poem of seventeen stanzas entitled "The Clan MacKay". This is his penultimate verse:

But I expect in after days

Some of our gallant clan will raise

Themselves to eminence and praise,

And treading in their fathers’ ways

Deserve their name.

He adds a triumphant note: "Now little thanks to Sutherland’s rapacious factors, we are all better off than ever we were or would be at home; for there we were little less than slaves; now I may say we are. . . independent."


Barbara2 MacKay (‘Big’ John1), daughter of John MacKay and Ann Young, was born about 1814 in Scotland. She married Hugh.McIntosh, who was born 10 February 1810 in Scotland. The data about this family was derived from a local history and the Beard Family Tree. Those sources agree on this list of children: John, Flora, William, Mary, Joanna and Ann but one adds Albert H., whereas the other names Daniel. The "St John’s Belfast Church Baptisms Index September 1836 to August 1849" provided proof of Hugh McIntosh and Barbara MacKay as parents and of three of their children: Mary Ann, born 18 July 1838 and baptized 14 October 1838; Joanna, born 15 November 1843 and baptized 30 March 1844; Ann, born 25 December 1845 and baptized 6 July 1846.

Big surprise! The 1851 and 1861 censuses of Canada West (Ontario) find Hugh and Barbara McIntosh and their children at Chatham, Kent County, where Hugh was an innkeeper and taverner and Barbara was earning income as a seamstress. Noteworthy was the absence of Joanna, who would have been eight in 1851, and the presence of the hitherto unlisted Donald, born about 1838, who in 1861 was visiting from California. Joanna disappeared from the family. She might have died on the Island before the move or in Chatham before the 1851 census. The Ontario Deaths Index begins with the year 1869, much too late for this purpose.

We learn from the 1870 census of Marquette Village that this McIntosh family emigrated there about 1861. Barbara does not appear in that census. It must have been 1863 or later. She died in Upper Canada, according to the John MacKay—Ann Young Chart. Indeed Big John’s Memorandum Book has a notation for February 9, 1863: "I Got a Sorrowful News from Canada of the Death of My Dear Daughter Barbra at the age Age of 42 Years."

The following attempts to give all the known data believed reliable about the children of Hugh and Barbara McIntosh in the order of their birth:

A. Flora3 McIntosh (Barbara2 ‘Big` John1 MacKay), daughter of Hugh McIntosh and Barbara MacKay, was born about 1839, according to the census 11 June 1870 of the Village of Marquette, Marquette County, Michigan. At age thirty-two she was keeping a boarding house and with her were her father, a labourer of 62 years, and her brother Albert H., a shop worker 19 years old. According to the Lewis Beard Tree, she married Philip J Baumgartner and upon his demise a Mr. Frieder, by whom she had two children.

B. Donald3 McIntosh (Barbara2 `Big`John1 MacKay), son of Hugh McIntosh and Barbara MacKay, was born about 1838 in Prince Edward Island. Not listed in the Beard Family Tree, he appears in the 1851 and 1861 census of Chatham, Canada West. The latter census indicated that he was visiting from California. The only item found comes from the 1920 census of Pasadena, California, where, single, he owns his home and remembers he was born in Canada but not his age. The connection is genealogically flimsy.

C. Mary Ann3 McIntosh (Barbara2 ``Big` John1 MacKay), daughter of Hugh McIntosh and Barbara MacKay of Mill River, New London, PEI, was born 18 July 1838 and baptized at St John’s Belfast Church 14 October 1838 [Index]. The Lewis Beard Family Tree names her Mary Alice and has her born at Charlottetown in 1833. Mary Ann was enumerated at age twenty in the 1861 census of Chatham, Canada West. Soon after that she married David Sutton, who was born in September of 1835 in Elgin County, Canada West, to Elijah Sutton and Agnes Shaw (1851 census). The 1870 census of the Village of Marquette shows David as a carpenter, Alice, eight years old and Flora, one year old, both born in Canada. The 1880 census adds another child, Ida, born in Michigan. The 1900 census of Marquette City finds David, 64 with his wife Mary and his daughter Flora, 31. A year later he was dead. In the 1920 census Mary Ann, 80, was living with her daughter Ida. She died before the next census.

C1 Alice4 Sutton, daughter of David Sutton and Mary Ann McIntosh, was born 29 October 1863 at London, Ontario. In 1882 at the First Baptist Church of Marquette she married William Andrew Ross, who was born 4 February 1857 at Cincinnati, Ohio, to Alexander Ross and Angeline Morris. William died 1 May 1922 and Alice died 11 November 1947. Both are buried in the Park Cemetery at Marquette City. William and Alice had seven children, according to the Lewis Beard Family Tree:

a. Maude5 Ross: no data

b. William A.5 Ross married Mary Jane _____ and had two daughters.

c. Elizabeth5 Ross married Walter Kellin and had one child.

d. Norma5 Ross, daughter of William Ross and Alice Sutton, was born at Marquette 1 July 1882, graduated from Northwestern University, and became the director of music in the Marquette school system. She did not marry. She died 17 January 1973 at age ninety years.

e. Grace5 Ross, was born at Marquette 4 February 1884. Remaining single, she became Director of Public Health Nursing. She died at Rochester, New York, at age ninety-five.

f. David5 Ross, 1887-1891

g. Earl Alexander5 Ross, son of Alice Sutton and William Alexander Ross, was born at Marquette 5 July 1894. He remained single and died 5 August 1960 at Champaign, Illinois.

C2 Flora4 Sutton, daughter of Mary Ann McIntosh and David Sutton. In the 1920 census of Marquette she was living with her sister Ida and her mother, Mary Ann McIntosh Sutton. In the 1930 census at the age of 69 she was still with her sister Ida. She died 17 January 1905 at Jacobsvil, Michigan, and was buried in the Forest Hill Cemetery at Houghton [Beard Family Tree].

C3 Ida L.4 Sutton, daughter of David Sutton and Mary Ann McIntosh, was born at Marquette 7 October 1871. She married William Eugene Lewis, who was born 6 February 1870 at Emmett, Michigan. Not found in the 1900 census, the family was living at Ward 2, Marquette, at the time of the 1910 census. William, a land surveyor is forty and Ida was thirty-seven while Clifford was twelve and Edna May was ten. Living with them was Ida’s widowed mother, Mary Ann Sutton, nee McIntosh, seventy years of age. By the next census, in 1920, divorce and death had beset the family. William was gone and Edna May had died two years before. Mary Ann McIntosh Sutton was there eighty years old and Flora was living with sister Ida. In the 1930 census only Ida and Flora remained. Ida died 6 June 1954 at Marquette. [References: Beard Family Tree and U.S. census]

a. Clifford Osborn5 Lewis, son of William Lewis and Ida Sutton, was born 13 May 1898 at Marquette. He married at the Presbyterian Church 25 September 1937 Holly Gertrude Hogan, daughter of William Alexander Hogan and Gertrude Elizabeth Bostrom. Cllifford and Holly had one child, living. He died 7 May 1980 and she died 24 July 1990 [Beard Family Tree].

b. Edna May5 Lewis, daughter of William Lewis and Ida Sutton, was born in 1900 at Marquette, where she died 9 June 1918.

D. William3 McIntosh (Barbara2 `Big` John1 MacKay) was born 9 July 1841 and baptized 20 September 1841. He married Catherine Cook on 23 February 1865 at Hancock, Michigan. She was born 26 March 1847 at Rochester, New York, and died at Marquette in 1909 at age 62. He died 18 October 1926 at Miami, Florida [Florida Death Index, 1877-1998]. They had six children:

D1 Nellie May4 McIntosh, daughter of William McIntosh and Catherine Cook, was born in 1867 in Michigan and died in 1910 at Calumet in that state. She married David Scott Donaldson, 1865-1941.

a. Lois E.5 Donaldson, born 31 May 1895, married Wyman Service, who was born in Canada 7 January 1898 to Eugene Service, 1860-1927, and Mary Melon, who emigrated to USA in 1883. That family is found in the census of Tecumseh, Michigan, in the census of 1900, 1910 and 1920. Lois Donaldson and Wyman Eugene Service married 23 June 1926. In the 1930 census of Tecumseh Village, Michigan, they were living with his widowed mother Mary, who owned the house worth $2,500. Wyman died at Tecumseh in July 1985 and Lois died 28 May 1997, age 102 [Social Security Death Index]. Wyman and Lois had two sons, born in the late 1920s.

b. David5 Donaldson, son of David Scott Donaldson and Nellie May McIntosh, 15 August-20 September 1897

c.Allan W.5 Donaldson, January-September 1899

D2 Jessie4 MacIntosh, daughter of William McIntosh and Catherine Cook, was born in 1868 at Marquette. She married Walter P. Brown and they had two children [Reference: Beard Family Tree; no other source found].

a.Lois5 Brown, d/o Walter Brown & Jessie MacIntosh married a Mr. Service.

b.Philip5 Brown, no spouse or children recorded.

D3 William Wallace4 McIntosh, son of William McIntosh and Catherine Cook, was born and died at Marquette, 17 August 1869 – 5 August 1880.

D4 Elizabeth4 McIntosh, daughter of William McIntosh and Catherine Cook, was born at Marquette and died at age 79 in Miami, Florida [Death Index]. She married E. M. Brahney [found only in Beard Family Tree].

a.Stuart M.5 Brahney, son of E. M. Brahney and Elizabeth McIntosh, was born 9 November 1905 and died at Miami 11 December 1975 [Florida Death Index].

D5 Annie4 McIntosh, 1875-1876, daughter of William McIntosh and Catherine Cook

D6 Stuart4 McIntosh, 1877-1881, son of William McIntosh & Catherine Cook

E. Ann4 MacIntosh (Barbara3 Donald2 John1 MacKay), daughter of Hugh MacIntosh and Barbara MacKay, was born at Mill River, New London, PEI, 25 December 1845 and was baptized at St. John`s Belfast Church 6 July 1846. She married George T. Hyde, whose family had Quebec and then Ontario roots. George was born about 1841 at St. Andrew, Argenteuil, Lower Canada, where his father, William Hyde, had been born 16 October 1815 to Thomas Hyde, 1764-1845, and Margaret Anderson, Church of England farmers. William Hyde and his wife had five children in Quebec and then moved to Oxford, Canada West, to have five more children, living in a one-storey frame house. George T. Hyde moved permanently to Michigan and there married Ann MacIntosh. They had one child. Ann died on 2 August 1902 at Hancock, Michigan. [References: census in Quebec, Ontario and Michigan; Ferguson Family Tree]

F. Joanna4 McIntosh (Barbara3 Donald2 John1 MacKay), daughter of Hugh MacIntosh and Barbara MacKay, was born at Mill River, New London, PEI 15 November 1843 and baptized 30 March 1844 at St. John`s, Belfast Church, New London [Index]. Joanna was not part of the household at Chatham, Kent County, Canada West, in the census of 1951, when she would have been eight years old. She was not in the family in the 1861 census. She may have died in Prince Edward Island or after the move to Upper Canada.

G. John4 McIntosh (Barbara3, Donald2, John1 MacKay), son of Hugh McIntosh and Barbara MacKay, was thirteen years old in the 1861 census of Chatham, Canada West, and was recorded as a labourer, probably on the family farm. He was born about 1848 in Canada West. The Beard Family Tree gives only his existence. Not found in later Canadian and American census.

H. Albert Hugh4 McIntosh (Barbara3 Donald2 John1 MacKay), was born about 1851 in Canada West to Hugh McIntosh and Barbara MacKay. He was ten in the 1861 census of Chatham, Kent County, Canada West. At age nineteen years he was living with his father and his sister Flora in the 1870 census of Marquette Village, where he was working in a shop. He was not found in later census, American or Canadian. The Beard Family Tree indicates that he died in Houghton County, Michigan, but that was not found.


Margaret2 MacKay (`Big` John1 MacKay), daughter of ‘Big’ John MacKay and Ann Young, was born in 1815, the year in which the family came to Prince Edward Island. The family chart shows that she married Donald MacKay. Margaret MacKay died at age 34 in 1849, possibly from complications follow the birth of her sixth child.

Donald, a son of William MacKay, was born in 1812 at Balnakiel, on the beautiful bay of the same name, near Durness. Evidently William MacKay’s first wife, name unknown, was the mother of his first three children, Donald, Adam and William, who were born in the period from 1812 to 1817. Father William married Janett Munroe some time before 1830, when a second William was born. William MacKay died 3 March 1884 at age 89. Their memorial stone number 350 in the Geddie Memorial Cemetery is engraved thus; "McKAY: (father) William McKAY, died Mar. 3, 1884, Ae 89. Emigrated from Sutherland Shire, Scotland, A.D. 1806. (Mother) Also his wife, Janett, died Dec. 21, 1892, Ae 86, of Scotland"

Margaret’s husband Donald, the eldest, had seven siblings. His full brother Adam, 1814-1903, married Isabella Sutherland, 1822-1897, and his full brother William, 1817-1888, married Janet Sutherland, 1823-1891. Adam and William were shipwrights and farmers. The parents of those sisters were John Sutherland, 1783-1866, and Grace Munro, 1793-1851, buried in the New London Cemetery. Donald’s half-siblings were William, 1830-1911, who married Mary Ellen McNeill; Catherine, 1838-1919; Elizabeth, 1841-1879; Alexander, 1847-1881, who married Mary Campbell; and James, born in 1855.

The following are the children –and their families – of Donald and Margaret MacKay:

1.Kenneth3 MacKay (Margaret2 `Big` John1 MacKay), born about 1835, was found in the 1881 census of Summerside. A sea captain, he was married to Ellen _____, who was born in the Island about 1847. The 1881 census enumerated seven children. Much time has been spent searching for this family in ensuing Canadian and American census, to no avail. One depends on indexes to sort vast quantities of data. So far it’s as if this family dropped off the earth.

1A. William4 MacKay (Kenneth3 Margaret2 ‘Big’ John1), born about 1862

1B. Donald4 MacKay (Kenneth3 Margaret2 `Big` John1) , born about 1864

1C. John4 MacKay (ditto), born about 1866

1D. Artemas4 MacKay (ditto), born about 1868

1E. Robert4 MacKay (ditto), born about 1875

1F. Margaret E4. MacKay (ditto), born about 1877

1G. Harry I.4 MacKay (ditto), born in February, 1881

2.Janet3 MacKay (Margaret2 ‘Big’John1 MacKay), born in 1840

3.Hugh Scobie ‘Hughie Big John’3 MacKay (Margaret2 `Big` John1) , son of Donald MacKay and Margaret MacKay, was born in 1842. He married Barbara MacKay, 1851- 27 September 1926, of Murray Harbour, who in the 1881 census is recorded as a dressmaker. In the 1911 census of District 141 Queens, part of Lots 20 and 21, Hugh is 68, Barbara 60 and with them are four of their children, Coretta, John, Stirling and Christy and Christy’s two Goss children. Barbara died at the age of 75 on 27 September 1926. Hugh was 93 when he died 5 April 1936. They are buried in their McKay family plot number 292 in the New London Cemetery. From the transcript we learn of the mid one, John D., of their five children:

3A. Annie Young4 McKay (‘Hughie Big John’ Hugh Scobie MacKay3, Margaret2, ‘Big John’1 MacKay), 1886- October 1899, age 13

3B. Coretta4 MacKay, October 1880 – 10 March 1920, buried at number 292, New London Protestant Cemetery

3C. John D.4 McKay, February 1884 – 9 June 1915 (Stone 292)

3D. Christy Bell4 McKay, 16 September 1884 – 1970, married Henry Goss,who seemed to be an absent husband. Yet she is buried in the Goss plot number 355 in the New London Cemetery. Christy B. MacKay is buried there, wife of John E. Campbell. She was a daughter of John S. and Barbara MacKay and a granddaughter of Adam Mackay

(a) William Leslie5 Goss, born 26 January 1904 at New London. He moved to Hartell, Alberta, where he married Helen Josephine Hendricks, who was born 24 February 1911 at Earling, Iowa, to Hugo Hendricks, 1874-1965, and Elizabeth Muenchrath, 1874-. Hugo died at Rockyford, Alberta. Leslie and Helen had one child, listed anonymously as living. Leslie Goss died at Hartell 21 March 1966, sixty-one years old. Helen died 31 December 1999 at age eighty-eight at Black Diamond, Alberta [Goss Family Tree].

(b) Hugh5 Goss, December 1907 – 1983 (Goss plot 355). Will Johnstone in his letter to a friend 17 August 1974 states that Hugh Goss had written a history of the MacKay brothers who came to the Island.

3E. Alexander Stirling4 McKay (‘Hughie Big John’ Hugh Scobie3 MacKay, Margaret2 ‘Big John’1 MacKay), born 9 April 1891 at Clinton; died in 1955 at Charlottetown [reference, One World Tree]

4.John3 MacKay (Margaret2 ‘Big John’1 MacKay) , born in 1844

5.Ann ‘Annie’3 MacKay (Margaret2, ‘Big John’ MacKay), born 7 March 1848, daughter of Donald MacKay and Margaret MacKay, married in 1873 Hugh MacKay. He was born on 3 January 1845 to John MacKay and Catherine _____, both born in 1811 in Scotland [Bietz Family Tree]. Hugh and Annie moved to the United States very soon after their marriage and had their first child, Margaret Mae, in 1874 at Chicago. The 1889 census of Atlantic, Iowa, shows Hugh as a carpenter 35 years old, Annie caring for three children: Maggie4, 6, Johnny4, 2, and Kitty4, 1, who died 4 January 1881 at the age of two. Johnny also died young. The whole enumeration of the 1890 United States federal census was lost. By the time of the 1900 census Margaret Mae was eight years married and the couple in their early fifties had only six-years-old George Hugh4 with them. Annie died 12 June 1927 at Atlantic, Cass County, Iowa, and Hugh died 21 October of that year at Des Moines, Iowa. George Hugh, born 12 September 1893, died 12 August 1929, age 35, at Chicago. Of their children only Margaret Mae lived a full life.

a. Margaret Mae4 McKay (Ann3 Margaret2 `Big John`1 MacKay), daughter of Ann ‘Annie’ McKay and her husband Hugh McKay, was born in 1874 at Chicago. In 1892 at age eighteen she married William Alexander Kennelley, who was born 15 January 1867 at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to Richard Kennelley and Catherine Elizabeth Trevillyan. Three and four generations back, the family spelled the name Kinley [Bietz family Tree]. In the 1900 U.S. census of Rockwell City, Iowa, William was a cigar maker with two children, Richard Hugh5 and Robert McKay5 Kennelley. The 1910 census of Valley, Iowa, showed William working on the railway and three more children, Roy William Kennelley5, Annie Katherine5 and year-old John Donald5. In the 1920 census the whole family was together: William was back in his shop making cigars; Richard, 26, was teaching athletics; Roy, 18, was driving a grocery delivery; Katherine, 13, John, 10, and Margaret, 8, were studying; and widowed grandfather Richard Kennelley, 74, was living with them. The Iowa State census of 1925 found them at home except the eldest child, Richard. The father William died five years later at DesMoines, Iowa; Margaret died at Adel, Iowa, in 1937.

1. Richard Kennelley, 2 Nov. 1893 Iowa, died Nov. 1984 Colorado Springs; m. Grace ___ 1893- 1981; no children [reference Social Security Death Index].

2. Robert Kennelley, 19 Nov. 1896 Stuart, Iowa – 29 Dec. 1957 Colorado Springs, m. Martha Wiley, 16 Apr. 1899 – 1 Oct. 1972 Des Moines; 1 living child.

3. Roy Kennelley, 18 Jan. 1902 Stuart, Iowa – 3 Dec 1979, Orange, California; m. Gladys Gabel, 20 Jan. 1906 – 27 Sept. 1989 Iowa; one daughter living.

4. Annie Kathryne Kennelley, born 22 February 1907 at Stuart, Iowa, died 1995.

5. John Donald Kennelley, born 3 Feb. 1909 Iowa, died Aug. 1969 Las Vegas.

6 Margaret Irene Kennelley, born 24 Sept. 1911, died 12 Aug 1973 Alton, IL.

6. Artemas3 MacKay (Donald2 John1), son of Donald MacKay and Margaret MacKay, born about 1846 in Prince Edward Island, was found in the 1880 United States Federal Census of Orange City, Orange County, Texas, at 1004 Green Avenue. In 1869 he had gone to live in Texas, had become an American citizen in 1879, and on 29 January 1880 he had married Wilmuth Ann Griffith in Chambers County [Texas Marriage Collection, 1814-1904]. The 1880 census recorded him as a thirty-year-old clerk and Wilmuth, his eighteen-year-old wife. In the ensuing censuses her name appears sometimes as Ann. She was born in 1862 in Texas, her mother’s birthplace, her father having been born in Louisiana. Her father was Henry Bankhead Griffith, 1836-1922, and her mother was Rebecca Ann Hartman, 1844-1879. The Griffith Family Tree traces back eleven generations to George Griffith, 1511-1559, of Yorkshire and his wife, Elizabeth Skevington, 1515-, of Stratford-upon-Avon.

In the 1910 census of the same address, Artemas was a saloon retailer and they had three grownup children: Hugh4, 26, single, a bartender; Henry4, 18, single, a saw filer in a saw mill; and Maggie4, 18. Artemas at age 73 was a paint shop merchant in the 1920 census. Hugh was working for Orange County as an assistant civil engineer, Henry was still a saw filer and Maggie, single, was a sales clerk. Two grandchildren were with them on the day of the census: Thomas Larkin5, 11, and William Larkin5, 9. The 1930 census found Artemus McKay, 83, still running his paint shop and heading a family of his wife Ann, his son Hugh, 46, a plumber, and Maggie, 39, a sales clerk. Artemas MacKay died 17 January 1932 at age eighty-five.

Henry was found in the 1930 census of Houston, Texas, under the name of Donald H. Mckay4, age 40, occupation none, his mother born in Texas, his father born in "Prince Edward Island". Now we have absolute proof this is our Artemas MacKay. Living with Donald Henry McKay was his "nephew"Artemas Larkin, 21 years old. The Social Security Death Index records the death of "Donald McKay, born 2 April 1889, died Nov, 1969 at Orange, Texas."

There was another daughter: Annie Janet McKay4, born in 1888 in Chambers County, Texas. She married William Jones Larkin, who was born in 1880 and who died 3 May 1955 in Jefferson County. They had two children:

1.Artemas McKay Larkin5 (misread as Thomas in the census), born 8 November 1908 at Orange, Texas. He married Helen Virginia Ross 6 June 1940 at San Diego, California. He died 21 February 1980 at Redding, California [SSD Index].

2.William Jones Larkin, Jr.5, born 23 September 1910 at Orange, Texas, and died 3 October 2002 at Portland, Oregon [SSD Index]. He remained single.



5. Donald2 MacKay, son of John1 MacKay and Ann Calder, was born in 1803 at Eriboll, Tongue, Sutherland, and died in Prince Edward Island 8 June 1887. For lack of his baptismal record, we have to subtract his age of 78 given in the 1881 census, although we realize that the stated age of an individual may be inconsistent from one census to another. Donald married Janet MacKay, 1806-1872, a daughter of ‘Big’ John MacKay, 1781- 1866, and Ann Young, 1772-1868. In the 1881 census Donald MacKay, a widowed farmer of 78, was living in Lot 21, Sub-district C of Queens District 2 The household consisted of Donald as head, Ann MacKay, born in 1830, Kate MacKay, born about 1851, and two Taylor children – Emma, a dressmaker born about 1864, and John, born about 1867.

New London Cemetery/21/3/178


In memory of


Wife of Donald McKay


July 7, 1872

aet. 66


Donald McKay


June 8, 1887

aet. 84


(1). John3 MacKay, (Donald2 John1) son of Donald MacKay and Janet MacKay, was born in 1824 and died 7 November 1847, at age twenty-three


(2) Annie3 MacKay (Donald2 John1), daughter of Donald MacKay and Janet MacKay, was born 28 December 1830 and died 2 July 1910. In the 1881 census of Lot 21, Ann McKay, age 50, is enumerated in the home of her father Donald, 78, a farmer born in Scotland in 1803. In the 1901 census of Lot 21, Annie McKay is shown as single retired, age 69; with her is Catherine McKay, age 50, born 13 June 1850, relation sister.

(3) Donald ‘Bush’3 MacKay, also known as Daniel, son of Donald2 MacKay (John1) and Janet MacKay, was born in 1831 and died 15 April 1900. He married 12 June 1861 Eleanor Clark, who, a daughter of James W. Clark and Eliza Bell (1811-1887), was born 20 July 1836 and died 12 November 1910 at New London (stone 295, New London Protestant Cemetery). Eliza’s parents were George Bell and Janet McNight. At Campbellton, PEI, James Clark was born 20 August 1798 and died 22 June 1851. His father was William Clark, who was born 5 March 1754 at Clackmananshire, Scotland and died at Cavendish 29 September 1831. His mother was Helen Simpson, daughter of William Simpson and Janet Winchester. Helen was born 15 July 1766 at Gerbity, Elgin, Scotland. She married William Clark 4 March 1789 in Charlottetown. They had twelve children. Helen died 23 February 1852 – Cavendish Community Cemetery, 9/312. [Buntain Family Tree by Geoff Yeowell; Descendants of Francis Clark & Janet Galloway by Barry Mackan at The Island Register website]. Donald MacKay and Eleanor Clark MacKay had seven children:

A. John William4 MacKay, son of Donald3 MacKay (Donald2 John1) and Eleanor Clark, was born in 1862 and died in 1901 at Seattle, Washington.

B. Adelaide Elga4 MacKay (Donald3 Donald2 John2), daughter of Donald MacKay and Eleanor Clark was born in 1864. In August 1885 she married Alexander Rufus Buntain, who was born 3 April 1862 to John Buntain, 1826-1907, and Amelia Anne MacNeill, 1836-1899, who were wed 7 July 1859 and lived in South Rustico. John Buntain’s father was born in Scotland 20 August 1793 and died 27 November 1878 at Rustico, PEI. John Buntain’s mother, Isabella Laird, was born in Scotland in 1802 and died 21 August 1869 at Rustico. At Clifton, Adelaide died 8 February 1901 and Alexander 13 August 1942. Alexander and Adelaide Buntain had four children:

B1 Fulton5 Buntain was born 27 July 1886 at Clifton, PEI. At Toronto 16 November 1916 he married Minnie Ernestine Cotton, daughter of William Johnson Cotton , 1833-1897, and Sarah Ferguson, born 1826 [Reference Ontario Marriages, 1801-1926]. Fulton died a month later, 20 December 1916, and was buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto.

B2 Daniel Newton5 Buntain was born 19 Nov. 1887 at Clifton. At Hastings, ON, he married Eva Kathleen Bailey, daughter of Rich Bailey and Alice Lloyd of Rawdon, Ontario. The 1916 census found them, without children, at Kindersley, SK.

B3. Dora5 Buntain was born 3 October 1890 at Township 21 [1901 census], a daughter of Alexander Buntain and Adelaide MacKay.

B4. Chester Allan5 Buntain, born 2 July 1893 at Clifton. He signed up for the Expeditionary Force 14 January 1916 at Charlottetown. He described himself as a farmer of Stanley Bridge, a member of the 82nd Regiment Active Militia and named as next of kin his father, Alexander Buntain. After the war Chester married Gladys Brown. No children are recorded. Gladys died 10 October 1963 at the Prince Edward Island Hospital in Charlottetown and Chester died 30 September 1965 at Charlottetown and was buried in the New London cemetery.

C. George Clark4 MacKay (Donald3 Donald2 John1), 1867-1928, son of Donald MacKay and Eleanor Clark, married Clara ____, The 1901 and 1911 census of French River show George MacKay, born 11 January 1867, and his wife Clara, 34, born 5 November 1872.

C1. Donald Courtney5 MacKay, born 26 June 1894 at Long River and baptized 28 August 1895 [PEI Birth and Baptismal Index]. His mother is recorded there as Clara McKay. Courtney enlisted in the Great War, 5’ 10", blue eyes, brown hair.

C2. Duncan Earl5 MacKay was born 21 April 1899, a son of George and Clara MacKay. He became an American citizen in Massachusetts 3 February 1936; died in April of 1963 [Social Security Death Index].

C3. Helen Clark5 MacKay, born 28 August 1906, baptized 13 January 1907 (Index) was a daughter of George and Clara MacKay. Clara was not recorded in the baptism. I have not found her maiden name.

D. William James4 MacKay (Donald3 Donald2 John1), son of Donald MacKay & Eleanor Clark, was born in 1870 and died at Alma in 1932.

D5. Donald (Daniel) Wallace4 MacKay (Donald3 Donald2 John1), born 10 December 1873, died in 1965, son of Donald MacKay and Eleanor Clark. Wallace married at Heatherdale 6 November 1901 Margaret Esther MacLean, born 1 January 1878, daughter of John Maclean, who was born in Scotland in 1826, died at Lot 57 before 1891, and Eleanor _____, who was born in PEI 20 May 1832 [censuses of Lot 57 and Campbellton]. Wallace and Esther worked a few years in Boston and then returned to farm at Stanley Bridge.

New London Cemetery 21/3/306


D. Wallace

Dec. 31, 1873

Oct. 5, 1965

married Nov. 6, 1901

M. Esther MacLean

Jan. 1, 1877

June 1, 1968

a. Donald Cranford5 MacKay, son of Wallace MacKay and Esther MacLean, was born at New London 21 Sept. 1901 and died at Charlottetown 17 June 1970. He married 1 January 1930 Margaret ‘Peggy’ Estelle Anderson, born 4 April 1905, died 5 July 1970, daughter of Robert John Anderson and Agnes May Simpson. Cranford and Esther had two children:

a1. Roma Jean6 MacKay, born 17 March 1932, marrried Lorne Francis of Fortune; three children: Rory, Vicki and Randy

a2. Donald Robert MacKay, born 16 July 1936, married 19 October 1957 Marina Murray. They have three sons: Donald, married to Oralie Heffel; Paul, married to Monique Gallant; Brian, married to Shelly Simmons. [Reference: History of Stanley Bridge]

b.Florence5 MacKay, daughter of Wallace MacKay and Esther MacLean, was born 17 May 1906 at Stanley Bridge. She married George Breckon Nicholson, tailor, 1886-1935, son of Norman Nicholson and Margaret Aitken. They divorced. George married at Toronto 7 December 1929 the widow Margaret Keefer. After a nursing career in Boston, Florence died at Washington, Connecticut, in July 1985 [Social Security Death Index].

c. J.W.5 MacKay, died in infancy 15 May 1908, son of Wallace MacKay and Esther MacLean (stone 295, New London Cemetery).

d.Eleanor Mae5 MacKay, daughter of Wallace MacKay and Esther MacLean, was born at Stanley Bridge 14 March 1911 and baptized 9 November [Index]. She married Earle Street Ebers, born 20 May 1910 at Outlook, SK, son of Herman Ebers, life insurance agent, and wife Maud, both born in the USA [1916 census]. Earle attended Prince of Wales College. He had a younger sister, Helen. Eleanor and Earle died at Washington, Connecticut, she 7 April 2000, he in August 1990. They are buried in the New London Protestant Cemetery Lot 21-3, Stone 364). One child – living.

e.Elmore5 MacKay, son of Wallace MacKay and Esther MacLean, was born 14 March 1911. He served in the Second World War and then became a Canadian Fisheries officer and farmer. He married Josephine Ready; Vera ____; Audrey Bell; Marjorie MacMurdo.

D6 Eleanor Jane4 MacKay (Donald3 Donald2 John1), born 3 Jan. 1881, daughter of Donald MacKay & Eleanor Clark, died November.1964 at Boston [Social Security Death Index].

D7. Alberta Florence4 MacKay (Donald3 Donald2 John1) was born 13 September 1882, a daughetr of Donald MacKay and Eleanor Clark. She was living with her brother Wallace and her widowed mother in 1911 [census]. Alberta died in 1975. [Descendants of Francis Clark & Janet Galloway by Barry MacLean]

(4) Hugh3 MacKay, born 27 April 1834, son of Donald2 MacKay (John1) and Janet MacKay, built ships in the cove on his property, sailed them and Morris & Rattenbury ships to England and sold them and their cargo [Stanley Bridge History]. He married (1) Elizabeth Jane Morris, daughter of John Morris and Maria Young. She had a brother Augustus-- born 11 January 1846, baptized at New London 2 August-- who moved his family to Massachusetts. Mr. and Mrs. John Morris were born in England and their children in Prince Edward Island.

A. Maria `Minnie`4 MacKay (Hugh3 Donald2 John1), daughter of Hugh MacKay and Elizabeth Morris, was born 26 May 1867. After her mother died and her father remarried she went to live with her aunt Mrs. Thomas Haslam, nee Esther Morris. In the 1901 census of Summerside she was with her brother Augustus. The 1916 census of Weyburn, SK, shows Maria at age 49, a dressmaker, living with him. She died at the age of fifty-five in 1922 and is buried in the Regina cemetery, according to a close relative of hers.

B. Augustus Morris4 MacKay (Hugh3 Donald2 John1) was born 15 March 1869 to Hugh MacKay and Elizabeth Morris. In the 1881 census of Lot 67 we find Augustus at the age of twelve and his sister Maria (Minnie), fourteen, living with Thomas and Esther (Morris) Haslam.

The Islander, January 10, 1862, page 3

Marriage at Springfield on the 2nd instant by the Venerable Archdeacon Read, M.A., Thomas Haslam of Lot 67, to Miss Esther Morris of Mill River, Township 21

Esther was born 26 November 1824 and baptized 16 January 1825 in North Granville, a daughter of John Morris and Maria Young. One can assume that Esther was a relative or close friend of Elizabeth Jane Morris MacKay, both being from North Granville.

North Granville Methodist Cemetery 21/4/63


In memory of

Elizabeth Jane

Beloved wife of Capt. Hugh MacKay

July 16, 1871

Unfortunately the inscription does not include the age or year of birth of Elizabeth Morris. The only one of this period in the PEI Baptismal Index is Elisabeth Morris, born 5 April 1835, baptized 14 July 1839, daughter of Daniel Morris and Anne Kiff (Keefe).

I have not been able to find further information about this couple. .

When Hugh remarried, the two children of his first marriage went to live with Esther Haslam who had only one child, Heber Morris Haslam, six years older than Augustus. Esther died in June, 1888 at Springfield, Queens County. Her husband, Thomas Haslam, was baptized in 1818 at St. Brigid’s Church of Ireland (Anglican Communion) at Rosenallis, County Laois, Province of Leinster, Ireland, in the foothills of the Slieve Bloom Mountains. He died in 1898 at Heber’s home at Headingley, Manitoba. Heber was born 20 April 1863 at Springfield, PEI, and died at Regina 4 January 1924.

The 1901 census of Summerside shows Augustus Morris MacKay, clerk in a general store, his wife Evelyn, née Bowness, born 9 April1876, and their year-old son Eric, born 31 November 1899. Living with them was Minnie, elder sister of Augustus.

Evelyn Fletcher Bowness was the eldest child of the second marriage of Robert Sharp Bowness, 1851-1909, photographic artist, of the firm Clarke and Bowness, photographers and art dealers in Summerside. Evelyn’s mother, Rachel Woodside, 1851-1896, daughter of William Woodside and Janet Haywood, married Robert Bowness about 1875 at Kelvin, Prince County [Reference: The Prince Edward Island Descendants of William Bowness of Scotland by Dawn Ellis at the Island Register website].

In the 1906 census of Sub-district 12, Saskatchewan, Augustus MacKay and Evelyn Bowness had two children, Eric, 6, and Lois, 1. Linda, McKay-Panos, a granddaughter of Eric, states that Lois was the child of a near relative and has e-mailed information about Augustus and Evelyn, their five children and descendants. The 1916 census of Weyburn, Saskatchewan, records Augustus as a merchant and gives the names and birth years of four children. Augustus died at St. Johns, Quebec, 24 January 1949 and Evelyn died at Montreal 5 February 1975 in her ninety-ninth year.

B1. Eric Bowness5 McKay (Augustus4 Hugh3 Donald2 John1), son of Augustus MacKay and Evelyn Bowness, was born at Summerside 26 November 1899, baptized 23 September 1902 [PEI Baptismal Index] and died in February of 1993 at Regina, SK. In September of 1923 he married Lydia Lang Gibson, who was born 24 April 1902 at Paisley, Scotland and died in September of 1981 at Regina. They had two sons:

a. Donald Gibson6 McKay, son of Eric Bowness McKay and Lydia Gibson, born 3 January 1926 at Radville, SK, son of Eric McKay and Lydia Gibson. In 1944 at age eighteen in naval uniform he visited Mrs. Edward MacKay and her three daughters at Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Donald married Patricia Girard. A car accident took Lydia’s life and left Donald with enduring injuries, from which he eventually succumbed 11 November 2002. Daughter and son living.

    1. Son of Eric Bowness McKay and Lydia Gibson, was born 25 May 1931 at Radville, Saskatchewan, and is still living in 2010. His wife, daughter and son are still living.

B2 Doris Evelyn5 McKay (Augustus4, Hugh3, Donald2,, John1, daughter of Augustus McKay and Evelyn Bowness, was born 27 April 1905 at Weyburn, SK, and died 23 January 1985 at St. Johns, Quebec. She married Mel Adams.

B3 Marion5 MacKay, daughter of Augustus MacKay and Evelyn Bowness, was born at Weyburn, Saskatchewan, about 1908.

B4 Carolyn5 MacKay, daughter of Augustus MacKay and Evelyn Bowness, was born at Weyburn, Saskatchewan, about 1909.

Hugh MacKay’s second wife was Margaret Henderson. By the time they appeared as household 129 in the 1881 Census, Hugh was 47, a farmer, and Margaret, a housewife recorded as being 45 years of age, but her tombstone gives her year of birth as 1844.

Household 128 comprised James Henderson, 70, born 1811 in Scotland, and his second wife Barbara, 45. James S. died 29 June 1897 and his gravestone number 223 in the New London Cemetery records his age as 87. She was Barbara Lamont, born 1 December 1832, daughter of Scottish immigrants Donald Lamont and Barbara Falconer [reference: Descendants of Donald Lamont and Barbara Falconer by Barry MacLean on Island Register]. James S. Henderson was likely the father of Margaret Henderson MacKay. His will, proved 20 August 1897, gave his farm to Edward MacKay, Margaret’s son.

Henderson, New London, Lot 21 Centre 3, Stone 302



MAR. 22, 1914





NOV. 28, 1900




C. Edward William4 MacKay, son of Hugh3 MacKay (Donald2 John1) and Margaret Henderson, was born at Stanley Bridge, Lot 20, on 25 April 1878. He is enumerated in the census of Lot 21 in 1881 and 1911. He became a teacher in the one-room country schools of the time, especially in the area just west of Hillsborough Bay.

When the Great War broke out Edward William MacKay tried to enlist but was turned down twice on account of the effect of a childhood bout of rheumatic fever. The third time he was successful. His Attestation Paper, No. 712520, shows that he joined up at Charlottetown 24 March 1916 in the 105th Overseas Battalion. His address was Stanley Bridge, where, he stated, he was born 25 April 1878. His next of kin was his sister Mrs. Emma McEwen of Stanley Bridge. He declared that he was an unmarried school teacher. Then a member of the 82nd Militia Regiment, he expressed willingness to serve in the Canadian Expeditionary Force with the 105th. He went overseas and was promoted to sergeant. He served with the famous Second Canadian Siege Battery of six-inch howitzers. He was gassed at Vimy Ridge. He was entrusted with the military administration of a town recaptured from the Germans and was part of the army of occupation when the war ended. He is photographed among a PEI group of the Battery marking the new year of 1919 at Mehlem-on-Rhine. The Battery was welcomed home to Charlottetown 19 May 1919 [History of Stanley Bridge].

After the war Edward MacKay became an agent of the Mutual Insurance Company in Charlottetown, where he also served as assistant clerk of the court. He was an elder of St. James Presbyterian Church. He married Emma Prudence Chandler, daughter of George E. Chandler and Mary Easter.


George E. Chandler was born 8 May 1874 at Lot 48, east of Charlottetown He was the son of James Chandler, born in England in 1821, and Jane Louise Vickerson, who were married at St. Paul’s Church in Charlottetown 9 November 1847. When his mother died George was fourteen. After his father remarried, George had to make his own way. In the census of 14 April 1891 of Lot 49 he was living at age seventeen as a farm helper with the Drake family. The marriage between George Chandler and Mary Easter did not hold. The year after their daughter Emma was born, he left for Maine. In the 1900 census of Portland he was living at 8 Merrill Street, a boarder from Canada born in May of 1874. In the census of Scarborough Town, Cumberland County, Maine, from 1910 to 1930, he, a carpenter and building constructor, his wife Sarah and their four children were enumerated: Ruth A., born about 1904; Stanley, about 1907; Evelyn L., about 1913; George E., about 1916. Note the exact birthdate in the following:



U.S. Naturalization Record Indexes, 1791 – 1992

Name: George Chandler

Birth Date: 8 May 1874

Place: Prince Edward Island

Age at Event: 30

Court District: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont

Year of Arrival: 1899

Date of Action: 30 September 1904

Why did George Chandler choose Portland, Maine, as a place to settle? Two of his sisters had already moved there in 1890: Barbara Ellen Chandler with her carpenter husband, John Benjamin Pollard of North Wiltshire, and four surviving children of eight; and Sarah Jane Chandler and her husband, William Henry Pollard, also a carpenter (their ony child had died). Boarding with William and Sarah Pollard was Ira Goodwill Chandler, a police officer, the natural child of George Chandler’s eldest sister, Eliza Ann; she later married Charles Robert Pollard, a farmer of North Wiltshire. At Portland on 19 September 1910 Ira married Ethel Dewer Irving, born in Charlotte, New Brunswick, the seventh of ten children of William and Minerva Irving. Ira and Ethel Chandler had one child, Alice. George thus became the fourth of this Chandler family to move to Portland.

George Chandler’s mother, Jane Louise Vickerson, was born at North River to Wilhelm Weckesser and Martha Warren. Wilhelm was the son of Johann Weckesser, a United Empire Loyalist, and his wife Anna Juncker. Martha Warren was a daughter of Captain William Warren, who was born in 1739 either in Cornwall, England, or Upper Canada. He and Jane Gouldrup, a widow from Quebec City, were married in 1771 at Tryon River, Saint John’s Isle. William Warren died in 1797 and his wife Jane died 18 December 1824 at North River, PEI.

[At the The Island Register website see: The Descendants of Johan Georg Weckesser and Anna Barbara Juncker by Fred Vickerson; The Descendants of William Warren and Jane Gouldrup by Miriam Neill]

James Chandler and Jane Louise Vickerson had ten children between 1848 and 1876. She died at Mount Albion, eight miles east of Charlottetown, in 1889 at age sixty-seven and was buried at the Crossroads Cemetery, Lot 48. James Chandler married (2) Annie L. Inman, who was born in 1853. In the 1891 census he is 68 and she is 39. Living with them is Albert H. Inman, 20, a step-son of James, and Ira G. Chandler. In the 1901 census James Chandler, born 18 December 1880, eighty years old, was living with his wife Annie Inman and her son Albert H., then thirty. In the 1911 census the widow Annie and son Albert were living at Hazelbrook. The gravestone reads:




DIED MAY 30, 1911





DIED JAN.30, 1920




Emma Chandler’s great grandfather John Easter, born about 1806 in England, appears in the 1881 census of North Wiltshire, PEI, as a widowed Methodist farmer aged 75. Emma’s grandfather was Charles Easter, born in February of 1846. Her grandmother, Charles’s wife, was Emily Pethick, daughter of Methusaleh Thomas Pethick and Mary Clarke. Emily was born 3 July 1845 at Anderson Road, North Wiltshire, Lot 33 [PEI Baptismal Index].

Methusaleh Thomas Pethick, born 25 May 1804 at Morwenstow, North Cornwall, married Mary Clarke about 1826, and died of paralysis 3 March 1881 at Charlottetown. His wife died at the age of fifty 24 February 1855 at North Wiltshire. Methusalem’s father was William Pethick, baptized 23 February 1777 at Marhamchurch, Cornwall, son of Philip Pethick and Mary _____. Methusaleh’s mother was Mary Thomas, baptized 24 May 1794 at the Church of Saints Morwenna and John in Morwenstow.

Methuselah Thomas PETHICK, native of Cornwall, England, and emigrated to this island in 1830; died Mar. 3, 1881, Ae 80 [Stone 33, North Wiltshire United Cemetery]

Gary Carroll’s family history of their descendants is found on the website The Island Register. "EMILY PETHICK, b. July 03, 1845, PEI, d. Apr. 20, 1921 PEI. BAPT. Sept 11, 1845, St. Paul’s Church, Charlottetown.; married CHARLES EASTER, December 03, 1875, Cornwall, PEI, b. abt 1847, d. April 20, 1921, PEI" Note: Emily Pethick Easter preferred to be called ‘Emmeline’. When Mary Easter was baptized 26 December 1876 her mother was registered as ‘Emily’ but when Edgar was baptized 14 January 1885 his mother was registered as ‘Emmeline’. In the four censuses 1881- 1911, she gave her name as Emmeline. She died 9 July 1930, age 86.

Charles and Emily/Emmeline had three children: Mary, Edgar and Amy

Amy was born 17 August 1881 and baptized 14 January 1885. She was living with her parents at age 25 in the census of 1911. She married Everett McWilliams, son of Daniel and Mary McWilliams, but he was an unreliable husband.

Edgar was born 1 December 1878 and baptized 14 January 1885. He married Margaret Sarah Normanda MacKinnon, daughter of Angus M. and Jane MacKinnon of Charlottetown Royalty. Edgar and Sarah had seven children. Edgar died in 1931 at Hampshire, age 52

1.Frank Norman Easter, born 14 November 1902, married Elizabeth Holm [reference: Craine Family Tree]. Frank died in 1986 at Hampshire, Lot 31, at age eighty-four. They had one child – living.

2.Roland Arthur Easter, born 26 February 1906; married Ruth Rackliff MacFarlane, who was born 10 January 1907 at DeSable, daughter of John D. MacFarlane and his wife Hanifa [1911 census of Lot 29]. Documents at the crossing port of Vanceboro, Maine, provide information about Roland and his family. He went to Burlington, Vermont, 3 November 1947 to work for Dr. O. N. Eastman. Roland is described as five foot eight with dark hair and blue eyes. On 7 February 1848 Ruth came to live with him, bringing Dale, Glen, Carl and John. She was described as five foot two with brown hair and blue eyes. Later on 25 May 1951 Doris Ruth Easter, born 8 January 1932, a student at Charlottetown, comes to visit the family. She is tall, five foot eight with brown hair and hazel eyes. She names her brother Calvin Easter of Prince George, BC, as a reference. Roland’s wife Ruth died at Charlottetown in June of 1997 at the age of ninety and he died in January of 1998 at the age of ninety-one.

3.Mildred Jean Easter, born 9 March 1908, daughter of Edgar Easter and Margaret MacFarlane, married. The obituary to her husband in the Guardian when he died in September of 1903 would provide information about him and their family.

4.Annie Edith Easter, born 3 September 1911, died in December of 1983.

5.Edna Ethel Easter, born 24 May 1913, died in 1930 at age seventeen.

6. Easter daughter was born 8 January 1915.

7. Margaret Bruce Easter, born15 September 1916 and died at age 86 in Hampshire, Lot 31.

8. Easter daughter was born 9 December 1918. Again the obituary to her husband when he died in August 1995 would give genealogical information.

Mary: "Easter, Mary born 28 August 1876 baptized 26 December 1876 mother Emily Easter father Chas. Easter birth place N. Wiltshire

Mary married George Chandler and they had a little girl before the marriage broke up:

Birth Baptism Mother Father Residence [PEI

Chandler, Emma 15 April 2 August Mary George North Bapt.l

Prudence 1898 1898 Chandler Chandler Wiltshire Index]

The religious culture of the time suggests that the wife and her child of a broken marriage might not have an easy life in the farm home and the farming community. Mary Chandler died. 6 May 1925, age 48. Gravestone 51, Row 7, at the United Church Cemetery, North Wiltshire reads:


Charles Easter, died April 20 1921, ae 74

His wife, Emmeline PETHICK, died July 9, 1930, Ae 86

Amy McWILLIAMS, died April 15, 1955, Ae 73

Mary CHANDLER, died May 6, 1925, Ae 48


Edward MacKay and Emma Chandler had three daughters. He died in 1926 at age forty-eight when his eldest child was four years old. Two stones, family and military, mark his resting place at the People’s Cemetery.

Emma was a remarkable caring mother. She provided her three daughters with gymnasium and art lessons and training in piano and violin, which she had wished for as a child. She bought land on a tidal river and had a summer cottage built. She rented a house at Wolfville, Nova Scotia, so that her three daughters might study at the university. After they were established, she found work in Torornto that gave her pleasure and independence. Born 15 April 1898 at North Wiltshire, PEI, Emma died 20 August 1997 in Toronto at the age of ninety-nine.

C1 The eldest daughter of Edward MacKay and Emma Chandler married John Hay (Iain) MacMillan. Iain was the only child of Scottish immigrants Alexander John MacMillan, stone mason, and Mary Margaret Hay, who married at Toronto 20 December 1922. The online record in Ontario Marriages 1801-1926 provides useful genealogy. It shows that the groom was 38 years old, born about 1884 to John MacMillan and Alexandra MacPhail, and that the bride was 37, born in Scotland to John Hay and Margaret Locklin [Reference: Archives of Ontario MS932_605]. My research found that the surname was MacLachlan. Mrs. Hay’s exact birthdate will be needed in order possibly to find her family origin.

The 1891 census of Barony, Maryhill, Lanarkshire, finds Alexander John MacMillan at the age of seven (his birth was 13 July 1884, according to family information). He was living at 257 Garbraid Street with his parents, John and Alexandrina. His brothers are Donald 9, Norman 4 and Donald William 2. Living with them is John MacPhail, which leads one to guess that he is a brother of Alexanderina. John MacMillan is 35, born abot 1856, and his wife is a year younger than he. Later two daughters, Mary and Christina, completed the family [reference: family chart]. We learn from York County Deaths, no. 2030, that John MacMillan, born in Scotland August 1856, carpenter and housebuilder, died at the Toronto General Hospital of chronic cystitis and myocardial failure and that he had been eleven years in Ontario, having immigrated in 1910. Was he a son of John and Rachel MacMillan, of Stornoway, Isle of Lewis?

John MacMillan’s wife was Alexanderina MacPhail, whose great grandfather Calum MacPhail (wife Catherine ______) was born about 1750 on the island of Lewis. Her grandfather Angus MacPhail was born about 1780 at Stornoway and his wife was Ann MacLeod. Alexanderina’s father was John MacPhail, 1824-1915, a mason of Stornoway, and her mother was Christina ‘Christy’ Morison, 1832-1910. Born in 1858 Alexanderina was one of nine children (References: Smith Riley Extended Families and census of Stornoway 1861-1891).

Iain’s father, Alexander John MacMillan, stone mason, died at Toronto 25 December 1967 and his mother, Mary Margaret (nee Hay) MacMillan, died in 1971. She was born about 1886 at Glasgow, Scotland, a daughter of John George Hay, tailor and hatter, and his wife Margaret. Born at Inverness in 1855, John Hay married Margaret MacLachlan, born at Glasgow in 1856. They had three children: John Murdoch Hay, born in 1880, Ann Christine, born about 1882, and Mary Margaret Hay [Reference: Symonds/Gardiner combined family trees at].

John Murdoch Hay was the first of the family to come to Canada. At the age of 26 he arrived 13 June 1906 ay Montreal from Glasgow in the Mongolian. At Toronto 1 July 1913 he married Sarah Penney, 1885-1920, daughter of Robert Penney and Sarah Carmichael, and they had two children. On 6 November 1922 at Toronto he married Alice Beryl Hayley, daughter of John S. Hayley and Mary Ellen Kennedy [Reference: Canadian Passenger Lists and Ontario Marriages]. Murdoch and Beryl had two children. He accompanied King George VI and Queen Elizabeth across Canada during their visit in 1939. In 1962 he died at the age of 83 at Montreal.

We find John George Hay, his wife Margaret and their three young children living in Leeds, England, at the time of the 1891 census. The census record notes that Margaret is "two years blind". The 1901 census of Maryhill, Lanarkshire, finds the family at 8 Murray Street. By this time Ann is 19 and a tailor’s machinist. In July 1912 John and Margaret and their daughter Margaret arrived in the Scandinavian at Quebec, out of Glasgow destination Toronto. There on 20 December 1922 Mary Margaret Hay, 37, married Alexander John MacMillan, 38. They had one child, John Hay (Iain) MacMillan. The father John Hay died 17 April 1920 at Toronto [Reference: UK census; Canadian Passenger Lists; Ontario Marriages and Deaths].

Iain MacMillan served in the 48th Highlanders of Canada in World War Two. An elder of the Presbyterian Church, a chieftain of the Gaelic Society, a director of the Scottish Studies Society and the Scottish Studies Foundation, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, he died at his Toronto home 14 October 2002.

E. Janet4 MacKay, daughter of Hugh3 MacKay (Donald2 John1) and Margaret Henderson, was born 26 May 1880 and died in 1963. She married Urban J. Taylor, who was born 26 June 1870 to Joseph Woodman Taylor and his wife, Sarah Barwise, a Methodist farming couple with seven children. Sarah was born in England and came to the Island in early childhood. Joseph W. Taylor was born in Lot 21 on 27 April 1838 and was baptized at St. Paul’s. His ancestry has been traced to John Taylor, born 1728 in Kilkhampton, Cornwall, England, and his wife, Elizabeth Peardon, born there in 1726 [See at The Island Register website The Descendants of John Taylor – Lot 21 by Victor Taylor].

In the 1911 census Urban Taylor at the age of 38 was living at Granville with his widowed mother, then eighty. Urban died in 1944. Stone 24 in the North Granville United Methodist Cemetery inscribes 1878 as the birthyear of "Janette’. Having married late, Urban and Janet had one child.

D1 Marion5 Taylor (Janet4 Hugh3 Donald2 John1 MacKay), of North Granville, was born 2 March 1916 and died 4 February 1998. On 4 July 1942 she married Emerson Matheson, born in North Granville 27 August 1920 to Joseph D. Matheson, 12 December 1895-4 May 1981, and Laura Adele Mallett, 16 April 1894-17 November 1980. Emerson died 8 February 1999. His and Marion’s stone is 100, North Granville Cemetery. Emerson and Marion had one child:

a.Margaret J. Matheson, 14 March 1950- 9 March 1985 (Stone 100).

F. Bessie J.4 MacKay, daughter of Hugh MacKay and Margaret Henderson. Was born a twin of Janet 26 May 1880 and died in 1913 (Stone 302, New London Cemetery). The PEI Baptismal Index has this record: "McKay, Jessie Jane born 3 December 1879 baptized 15 December 1883 parents Margaret Henderson & Hugh McKay Stanley".

G. Leah Alexandra4 MacKay (Hugh3 Donald2 John1), daughter of Hugh MacKay and Margaret Henderson, was born 26 March 1881, baptized 15 December 1883 and died 25 November 1974. Leah married Cyrus Ray Morris, who was born at Granville 17 January 1886 and died in 1949. His father was William Cyrus Morris, who was born in PEI 20 October 1841 and died 10 November 1922. Ray’s mother, Sarah Montgomery Wright, was born in PEI 23 June 1842 and died 20 July 1923 at North Granville. Her father, James Wright, 1803-1893, married Sarah Montgomery, 1801-1877, of Bedeque. James’s grandparents, William Wright and Hannah Dusenbury, were born and married in Westchester, New York, and died at North Bedeque. The ancestor Dusenburg, 1658-1743, was born and died at Hemstead, New York. [Sources: 1901 and 1911 census, International Genealogical Index and One World Tree]. Stone 54 in the North Granville Cemetery marks the resting place of W. Cyrus Morris, his wife Sarah Wright, their children Bradford, Mary, Ray and Ethel and Ray’s wife Leah A. MacKay.

E1 Elaine Wright5 Morris, RN (Alexandrea4 Hugh3 Donald2 John1 MacKay), born in October of 1909, daughter of Ray Morris and Leah MacKay [1911 Census of Granville]. Elaine married John Murray Amer.

E2 Florence5 Morris (Alexandrea4 Hugh3 Donald2 John1), was born 27 November 1914 and baptized 17 January 1915, a daughter of Ray Morris and Leah MacKay, of Granville [PEI Baptismal Index]..

North Granville Methodist Cemetery 21/4/54

In loving memory of

W. Cyrus Morris

Born Oct. 29, 1841

Died Nov. 12, 1922

also his wife

Sarah M. Wright

Born June 23, 1842

Died July 20, 1923

Cyrus Ray Morris


his wife

Leah A. MacKay


Ethel M. Morris

Note: Ethel Maud Morris, born 4 December 1881, baptized 25 December 1882, daughter of Cyrus and Sarah Morris, of Granville; Ray’s sister

F. Emma Roberta4 MacKay (Hugh3 Donald2 John1), daughter of Hugh MacKay and Margaret Henderson, was born 21 June 1883 and died 12 November 1974. The PEI Baptismal Index has this record: "McKay, Emma Robbie born 25 June 1882 baptized 15 December 1883 Parents Margaret Henderson & Hugh McKay Stanley" Emma Roberta married William H. McEwen, 1 July 1873-15 September 1913, one of the youngest of nine children of William McEwen and Jane Montgomery, a Scottish Presbyterian farming family of Lot 21 [Source: the Census of 1881, 1901 and 1911]. In the 1901 census of Lot 21 William was living with his brother Joseph Montgomery McEwen and wife Victoria Simpson, daughter of John Simpson and Grace McLure. William was about thirty when he married and Emma Roberta about twenty-one.

They had two children:

F1 Margaret5 McEwen (Emma4 Hugh3 Donald2 John1 Mackay), daughter of William McEwen and Emma MacKay, was born at Campbellton, Lots 20-21, in February of 1905

F2 Montgomery5 McEwen (Emma4 Hugh3 Donald2 John1 MacKay) was born at Campbellton in September of 1907

Geddie Memorial Cemetery 21/12/251

In memory of

William H. McEwen


July 1, 1873

died Sept. 15, 1913

His wife

Emma R. MacKay

June 26-1882 – Nov. 12, 1974


(6) William3 MacKay (Donald2 John1), 1837-9 December 1869, son of Donald MacKay and Janet MacKay. His gravestone 172 is beside theirs 173.

(7) Barbara3 MacKay, 1840-1866, was a daughter of Donald MacKay and Janet MacKay. As a result of her early death, two of her Taylor children, Emma and John, were living with her widowed father, Donald, at the time of the 1881 census? Three family trees on the Ancestry website record her marriage to Richard Taylor 2 August 1860 at New London and give much information about her husband and her children but not the names of her parents. Her gravestone no. 171 (sunken) reads only: "TAYLOR Barbara, wife of Richard Taylor, died . . ." but it lies in the midst of this MacKay family’s burial plots. John MacKay and Ann Young`s hard-to-read family tree faintly gives the names of Barbara and of her children and grandchildren. Richard Taylor, born 15 March 1831 at Kilkhampton, Cornwall, died 1 October 1909 at North Granville. He and Barbara had three children, of whom the third probably caused her death at 26 years.

A. Margaret Anne4 Taylor, daughter of Richard Taylor and Barbara MacKay, was born in May of 1862 at Stanley Bridge. She moved to Boston in 1879 at age seventeen. There on 8 August 1883 she married Benjamin F. Mountain, who was born in 1840 on the Island. The 1890 Boston Directory records him as a carpenter living at 5 Mount Pleasant Avenue. He was enumerated in the 1900, 1910 and 1920 census, in which last he was eighty years old. His wife Margaret was traced in the census of 1920 and 1930 but not to a record of her death. She and Benjamin had two children [Mountain Family Tree at]:

A1. Mabel Alva5 Mountain, 1883-1886

A2. James Percy5 Mountain, born 17 July 1886 at Boston, married there 27 February 1913 Ethel Davenport, who was born 16 January 1888 in Massachusetts and died 19 August 1971 at Lowell, MA. James Percy and Ethel had five children, four of whom are living.

The fifth was Richard6 Mountain, 1932-1998.

[Reference: 1920 &1930 census of Groton, Massachusetts]

B. Emma Jane4 Taylor, daughter of Richard Taylor and Barbara MacKay, was born in February of 1864 at Stanley Bridge [1881 Census]. In 1883 at the age of seventeen she married, in Massachusetts, James Stackpole, who was born in February of 1863 into a Maine family. In the 1900 census of Manhattan, New York, he is recorded as a life insurance agent. They had one child:

B1. Laura5 Stackpole, born 16 January 1884 in Massachusetts, was sixteen in the 1900 census of New York City [Taylor Family Tree]. The family tree of John Mackay and Ann Young faintly shows that Laura married Herbert Fitch of Nice, France.

C. John Richard4 Taylor, born 20 September 1866 [birth certificate], son of Richard Taylor and Barbara MacKay, married Emily Charlotte McEwen. She was born at Campbelton, PEI, 27 September 1870 to William McEwen, 1826-1894, and Jane Montgomery, 1835-1884. William and Jane are buried at Stone 287 in the Geddie Memorial Cemetery. In the June 1911 census of Stanley, Township 21, John R was a carpenter and builder 44 years old and his three children ranged from two to eight years. Ten months later he was dead. Stone 301 in the New London Protestant Cemetery shows John R. Taylor’s birthdate as 27 September 1868 (in error) and his date of death as 1 April 1912. Emily died 5 May 1925. Buried in the same plot are Annie MacKay, 28 December 1830 to 2 July 1910, and Catherine MacKay, 13 June 1849 to 27 January 1913. Who were they? John Richard Taylor and Emily McEwen had three children:

C1. William5 Taylor, born October 1902, died in November of 1943 at Moncton, NB.

C2. Catherine5 Taylor, born in July of 1904, died at Summerside 19 October 1991.

C3. Donald Montgomery5 Taylor, born 15 July 1908, died 5 March 1977 at Summerside. He married Mildred Cordella Whitehead, born 6 September 1912, died 16 October 2003 at Summerside, daughter of John Whitehead, 1888-1963, and Etta Iza Heaney, 1883-1962. One living child.

(8) John3 MacKay (Donald2 John1), according to the PEI Baptismal Index, was born at Mill River, New London, to Donald MacKay and Janet MacKay 2 February 1841 and baptized 23 March of that year.

(9) Wilhelmina3 MacKay, daughter of Donald2 MacKay (John1) and Janet MacKay, was born 1 July and baptized 25 September of 1842 [Index]. On 26 June 1861, she married Edward Langley Lydiard, who was born 1812 in Nova Scotia. He married Lydia Martin there and they had a son Robert and a daughter who died in infancy. From Pictou he came to the Island in The Conqueror 23 November 1845 and settled at first in Charlottetown. His wife and son joined him in the summer of 1847. The ferry Fairy Queen which ran between Pictou and Charlottetown foundered off Pictou Landing 8 October 1853 with a loss of seven passengers but Edward was among those saved. At the age of forty-one his wife Lydia died 6 November 1856. Some time after that date Edward went to live at Darnley, where he and his brother Morton had a store, tavern and an interest in shipbuilding. There he met Wilhelmina, whose name presented such difficulty to relatives and friends that she was known as Willena. That name appears in her marriage by the Rev. Mr. Meek to Edward Langley Lydiard, Esq. 26 June 1861. They had Mary at Stanley Bridge and an infant son who died 7 November 1864. Later they moved to Charlottetown, where he owned Queen Street House, General Merchandise, and several sailing ships, and was fire warden and a contributor to the Crimean War Fund. The 1881 census of Charlottetown, Queens District 2, Sub A1, page 82 gives a record of Edward L., 67; Wilhelmina, thirty-nine [The History of Stanley Bridge has been helpful].

"Wilhelmine" Lydiard was enumerated in the 1900 census of Perth Amboy, Ward 1, Middlesex County, New Jersey. Then fifty-seven, she gave her birth as July 1842 in Canada, her parents having been born there too. A widow, she immigrated in 1890. In the 1910 U.S. census she was no longer with her son and probably had died.

A. Mary E.4 Lydiard (Wilhelmina3 Donald2 John!) was born about 1863 at Stanley Bridge. We have no further information of her from public records. She may have married and continued to live in Charlottetown

B. Edward4 Lydiard (Wilhelmina3 Donald2 John!): born about 1866, he joined the battalion to quell the Northwest Rebellion of 1885, but it was soon over. He probably took over his father’s business

C.. John C.4 Lydiard (Wilhelmina3 Donald2 John1) was born about 1868. He was the John C. Lydiard, age 31, born in Canada, who was found in the 1900 census of Somerville, Ward 6, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. He immigrated in 1888 and married in 1893, his wife Agnes E., who was born about 1870. Her father and mother were born in England. John and Agnes had two children:

C1 Harry Crowther5 Lydiard (John4 Lydiard Wilhelmina3 Donald2 John1 MacKay) was born 2 September 1894 in Somerville, MA. In the 1920 census of Peoria, Illinois, he was 25 years old, selling insurance and living in a boarding house. He later married Alice and lived in Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut. He was registered for a draft card for World War II in 1941 at the age of forty-seven. He died 19 September 1979 at the age of eighty-five [Connecticut Death Index].

C2 Maynard Frothingham5 Lydiard (John4 Lydiard Wilhelmina3 Donald2 John1 MacKay) was born 30 May 1896 in Somerville, MA. In the 1910 and 1920 census of Hartford, Connecticut, he was living with his parents. In the 1930 census of Wethersfield, Hartford, he, an insurance underwriter, was married to Hildegard Viola, born 16 September 1907. He, too, had a 1942 Draft Registration Card. They must have divorced, for Maynard F. Lydiard married Barbara H. Hill 22 June 1982 in Nevada, residence Florida. Hildegard Viola Lydiard died at Palm Beach, Florida, 17 October 1998 at the age of ninety-one [Florida Death Index].

D. James Pope4 Lydiard (Wilhelmina3 Donald2 John1) was born in October of 1870 and emigrated in 1891 to Barre, Washington County, Vermont. In 1892 he married Maggie E., Mary Margaret Elizabeth, who was born in Canada in 1868 and had come to the United States two years before him. In the 1900 census they were living at 19 Summer Street with their two sons:

D1 Edward Langley5 Lydiard (James4 Lydiard Wilhelmina3 Donald2 John1 MacKay) was born at Barre City, Vermont, 15 December1892 and baptized 11 April 1895. In 1913 the City Directory of Laconia, New Hampshire, reported his working with the Legal Adjustment Corporation and living with his brother James at 5 Pine Street. In 1916 he was an insurance agent with Masonic Temple and residing at 93 Whipple Avenue. He was registered for the draft 1917-1918 in World War One. In the 1920 census of Laconia Ward 3, Belknap, New Hampshire, he and his wife, Rachel L. Hough, were living with her parents, Willis L. and Jessie G. Hough. In the 1930 census they lived there still, but with a daughter, who had been born in 1921. Later city directories dating into the 1950’s featured the commercial printery owned and operated by Edward and Rachel. In 1948 he was vice-president of the Rotary Club of Laconia. In 1956 Captain Edward Lydiard was assistant director of the Office of Civil Defence. In 1957 Colonel Edward Lydiard was the company commander. The next year the Portsmouth Herald reported his death.

D2 James Pope5 Lydiard (James4 Lydiard Wilhelmina3 Donald2 John! MacKay), son of James and Maggie Lydiard and grandson of Edward Lydiard and Wilhelmina MacKay, was born at Barre City, Vermont, 3 May 1894 and baptized 11 April 1895. In the 1930 census of Brooklyn District 1691, New York, he was a supervisor with a telephone company and living with his wife, Anna A. (born on Staten Island in 1896) and their seven-year-old daughter, whose name is withheld. He served in the Second World War. He died 17 April 1966 [References: US Veterans Grave Sites, 1775-2006. and the Social Security Index, Hempstead, Nassau County, New York].

E. Annie Jeannette4 Lydiard (Wilhelmina3 Donald2 John1 MacKay) was born 2 June 1873 and baptized 10 September 1876 at Charlottetown [Baptismal Index]. She might have married and settled down in the province of her birth.

F. Maggie Jane4 Lydiard (Wilhelmina3 Donald2 John1 MacKay) was born 2 October 1874 and baptized at Charlottetown 10 September 1876 [Index]. In the 1900 census of Perth Amboy, NJ, she was living with her mother.

G. Samuel William Charles.4 Lydiard (Wilhelmina3 Donald2 John1 MacKay) was born at Charlottetown 18 November 1876 and baptized 8 April 1886 [Index]. In the 1900 U.S. census he was living with his mother at Perth Amboy, New Jersey. In the1910 U.S. census he at age 32 was with his in-laws, Alexander Gillis, born 28 April 1848 at Big Marsh, Lot 14, and Annie Ellis, born in 1855 at Port Hill, PEI. Five Gillis children were listed, one of whom was Laura, 29, William’s wife. William and Laura had infant George. The 1920 census of Hartford, CT, finds William, 42, a laundry manager and Laura, 39, a school teacher. They had two children, George, 11, and William C., Jr., 7. The 1930 census of West Hartford showed William, 53, a widower, with William, 18, and a housekeeper 66 years of age, Permelia Fulton [Other reference: "Descendants of Donald Gillis of Big Marsh, Lot 14" by Peg Gillis Freitag on the The Island Register website]. Two sons may still be living.

(10) Catherine ‘Kate’3 MacKay (Donald2 John1), daughter of Donald MacKay and Janet MacKay, born about 1851, single, dressmaker [1881 census] .



6. Sophia2 MacKay, daughter of John1 MacKay and Ann Calder, was born at Eriboll and baptized in the Parish of Durness 22 April 1804. She married George MacLeod, who was baptized in Durness 15 February 1801. George’s parents, Kenneth MacLeod (1759-1841) and Ann Morrison (1772-1841), sailed in 1806 with three children from Thurso, Caithness, in the Elizabeth and Ann of Newcastle and arrived 8 November 1806 on the Island, where they settled on a farm of 56 acres in French River. Kenneth and Ann are buried at Yankee Hill. A carpenter, George MacLeod helped to build the Geddie Memorial Church in 1836 [Reference: From the Top of the Hill]. He died 26 January 1878 in his 77th year. In the 1881 census of Lot 20 his widow, Sophia, was living with her daughter Catherine Sheehan . With her was her daughter Annie, single and forty-six years old George. Sophia and grandsons Andrew and George are buried at Yankee Hill. George and Sophia had six children, all born at Irishtown, Lot 20, Prince Edward Island:

(1) Kenneth3 MacLeod (Sophia2 MacKay, John1 MacKay), son of George MacLeod and Sophia MacKay, was born about 1827 in PEI and died 8 July 1893.. He married Margaret MacPherson 15 January 1853 at St. Eleanors. She was born about 1835 in PEI to Andrew MacPherson and Marion MacLeod. She died 28 October 1900 and was buried beside her husband at the Geddie Cemetery. The family is found in the 1881 and 1891 census, from which the children are listed:

```````A.```Ann Calder4 MacLeod, 9 Dec 1854-12 May 1943, daughter of Kenneth MacLeod and Margaret MacPherson, married Albert Stewart, born 9 May 1846, died 20 April 1914. He ran the Park Corner Post Office. Albert and Ann were buried in the Geddie Memorial Cemetery.

``````````A1. William J5 Stewart, 1874-1959 – Geddie Memorial Cemetery

```````````````A2 Edgar C. Stewart, 1892-1893 – same

```````````````A3 Milly Stewart, 1899-1913 – same

``B. Andrew4 MacLeod (Kenneth McLeod3 Sophia2 John1 MacKay), 1856-1951, carpenter, son of Kenneth MacLeod and Margaret MacPherson, married Johanna Profitt, born 26 October 1860, died in 1943. Geddie Memorial.

````````````````````B1 Emeline, 1885-1964, daughter of Andrew & Johanna Macleod.

``C George4 MacLeod (Kenneth McLeod3 Sophia2 John1 MacKay), son of Kenneth Macleod and Margaret MacPherson, was born 25 July 1859. He married at Malpeque 25 February 1885 Hannah Bernard, who was born 9 August 1859 to James and Catherine Bernard. She died 4 April 1948 and he in 1952 and they were buried in the Geddie Memorial Cemetery. Their first children, William and John, died in childhood.

````C1 Annie Leeta5 MacLeod (George4 Kenneth3 McLeod Sophia2 John1 MacKay), daughter of George MacLeod and Hannah Bernard, was born 12 October 1891 and died 18 July 1907 at Irishtown. Geddie Cemetery.

````C2 Kenneth Cecil5 MacLeod, born 18 July 1895, married at Indian River 22 April 1914 Harriet Ella Tuplin, d/o John Tuplin and Annie Hunter, born 14 August 1895, died 31 July 1932. Two children.

````C3 James Bernard.5 MacLeod, 3 January 1900-23 Feb. 1993, son of ``````````````George MacLeod and Hannah Bernard, married at Indian River 4 ``````````````Sept. 1921 Lina Florence Tuplin (Harriet’s sister), 4 Sept. 1899-24 ``````````````October 1980 – Geddie Memorial Cemetery.. They had five children.

D Eliza Cousins4 MacLeod, born 5 Oct, 1861, married at Irishtown 3 April 1894 William Champion, whose wife, Margaret Campbell, had died after nine children. Eliza had five more at Spring Valley. He died there in 1934 and she in 1944 [Ref: Mirfield Family amd MacLeod Family].

D1 William Kenneth5 Champion, 28 Apr 1896-29 May1963

D2 George Elwin5 Champion, 27 Mar1896-11 Nov1981 Moncton

D3 Margaret Maud5 Champion, 24 May 1900-1919 at Spring Valley

D4 Lenna May5 Champion, 1903-1979, no spouse

D5 Edgar Nelson5 Champion, 1903-unknown date of death

E Edgar Nelson4 MacLeod (Kenneth3 McLeod Sophia2 John1), son of Kenneth MacLeod and Margaret MacPherson, was born 14 January 1863. The 1901 census of Burlington found him, single, helping his brother George on the farm. He may have died before 1911

F Alma Ann4 MacLeod (Kenneth3 McLeod Sophia2 John! MacKay), daughter of Kenneth MacLeod and Margaret MacPherson, was born 15 October 1866. She married William Sheen, born 21 May 1864. The census of 1901 and 1911 provided data about their children:

F1 Lila Jenny5 Sheen, born 19 Oct 1889, married Will McNevin.

F2 Elza5 Sheen was born 3 May 1896, date of death unknown.

F3 Orral5 Sheen, born 2 December 1900, died before 1911.

F4 Nelson5 Sheen, born in April of 1907, date of death unknown.

G Barbara Ellen4 MacLeod, daughter of Kenneth Macleod and Margaret MacPherson, born 29 Dec. 1867, married John MacGougan, 1861-1933, had one child, Margaret, 1904-1909, and died in 1963 at Kensington, PEI.

H Margaret4 MacLeod, born March 1870, married John Artemas MacLeod, born 1847 to John MacLeod and Isabella McKie; had Daugel, Oct. 1893; Allison, Apr. 1895; Annie, Feb.1906. [Reference: 1911 Census of Charlottetown]

(2) Margaret A. (Miranda)3 MacLeod, born 25 March1829 at Irishtown and died after-31 December 1914 (Sophia MacKayMacLeod2 John MacKay1), daughter of George Macleod and Sophia MacKay, became the third wife of Dr. William Grigg. He was baptized 20 January 1799 at Monkleigh, Devon. A carpenter, he married Elizabeth Dannell and became involved in shipbuilding with his uncle John Brooks. He came to the Island in 1826 and built ships in the Bideford area. According to the Royal Gazette he brought Elizabeth and their children in the ship Marina. After bearing nine children she died in 1856 and was buried in the Methodist cemetery at Bideford. William married Willann Doherty and they had two children, John Fowler Wells Grigg and Thomas Alexander Grigg, who became a distinguished university-trained physician at Butte, Montana. In 1872 his father had been licensed by the Island government to practise medicine. After Willann died in 1876, the pioneer doctor married Miranda McLeod. When he died on 6 January 1881 he left not only a widow but nine children, 63 grandchildren and 26 great grandchildren [Summerside Journal, 13 January 1881, page 3, column 2].

(3) John3 MacLeod, 15 October 1832-1911 (Sophia2 MacKay MacLeod, John1 MacKay), son of George MacLeod and Sophia MacKay, was a carpenter of Summerside. In the 1881 census he was recorded with his wife, Mary ‘Jane’ Arthur, born 29 October 1831. In the 1901 census John and Jane, nearing seventy, were living alone. In the 1911 census of Northam, Lot 13, the eighty-year-old widow Jane MacLeod was living with her daughter Miranda, wife of Richard Henry Gorrill. John and Jane MacLeod had three daughters:

A Miranda4 MacLeod (John3 McLeod Sophia2 John1 MacKay), born in July of 1866, married Richard Henry ‘Harry’ Gorrill, a son of Richard Gorrill and his second wife, Sarah Lavinia Newcombe. Richard, a shoemaker and farmer, was one of the four Gorrill brothers who came to the Island about 1845. He had married first Sarah’s sister, Mary Ann, who had seven children and died young. ‘Harry’ was born 6 March 1863 at Northam, Lot 13, centre of the Gorrill families. Harry and Marinda MacLeod were married 6 November 1889, eight months after his father’s death, at St. John’s Anglican Church in St. Eleanor’s. They took over the family farm of 130 acres and provided a home for his sisters, half-brother Reuben, half-sisters, Harry’s mother Sarah, who lived to be ninety-one, and Miranda’a mother Jane McLeod, who was eighty in the1911 census. His three brothers left the Island, one to North Dakota and then Minneapolis, the second to the Boston area and the third to Seattle. Harry and Miranda stayed staunchly at home. One should mention that at first the record of Miranda’s husband was transcribed as Yarrell but after much search the truth was revealed.

Richard Henry Gorrill died 13 November 1933 and Miranda MacLeod Gorrill died in January of 1946. They are buried in the cemetery of St. James Anglican Church at Port Hill. They had eight children:

A1 Harold Raymond ‘Roy’5 Gorrill, son of Richard Gorrill and Marinda McLeod, was born at Northam 3 March 1891. At Tyne Valley he married Annie Sylvia Williams, born 3 March 1893 to Jabez Williams and Melinda Ellis Ramsay. In 1922 they moved with their four children to Hanson, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Roy became a nickel plater and they bought a home on State Street. The 1930 census, the latest U.S. census available, records the couple in their late thirties with five children. There must have been a divorce afterwards because Roy married Minnie ------, who died 22 January 1946. Roy lived to be 91, dying at Hanson on 4 September 1982. His former wife Sylvia Williams Gorrill died at Hanover, MA, 19 May 1984 at ninety-one years [Mass. Death Index].

    1. Harry Jabez6 Gorrill, son of Harold Raymond Gorrill and Sylvia Williams, was born 30 September 1914 at Northam, PEI. At Hanson he married three times and had one child each, three in all -- living. The wives were Annie O’Brien, Elaine Turner and Madeleine Wilkins.
    2. Stella Eva Blanche6 Gorrill, daughter of ‘Roy’ Gorrill and Sylvia Williams, married 12 June 1912 Alfred Long Ramsay, who was born 13 February 1883 in Lot 13. They had six children. Alfred died at the Tyne Valley Health Centre 6 August 1976 and Stella died 14 February 1988 in Summerside Hospital. Their six children, all deceased, are:
      1. James Eldon7 Ramsay, son of Alfred Ramsay and Sylvia Williams, born at Victoria West 15 June 1913, married Hazel Lorraine Ramsay, born 19 December 1902. James died at the Halifax Infirmary 24 April 1984 and Hazel died 24 March 1994.
      2. Henry Waldo7 Ramsay, son of Alfred Ramsay and Sylvia Williams, born 8 January 1915 at Northam, married Beatrice Fagan. Henry died at Tyne Valley Hospital 4 September 1986. They had five children.
      3. Gladys7 Ramsay, daughter of Alfred Ramsay and Sylvia Williams, married James Thrower. She died in Alabama before 1984.
      4. Margaret Jean7 Ramsay, daughter of Alfred Ramsay and Sylvia Williams, married Clyde Minard and they had a daughter. Margaret died after 1986.
      5. Thelma7 Ramsay, daughter of Alfred Ramsay and Sylvia Williams, married Warren Hammond about 1942. She died after 1986.
      6. Blanche7 Ramsay, daughter of Alfred Ramsay and Sylvia Williams, has deceased.

A2 Veda Mary5 Gorrill, daughter Richard Henry Gorrill and Marinda MacLeod was born 17 January 1895 at Northam Veda married at the Port Hill Rectory 2 June 1922 Frederick L. Inman. He died at age sixty in 1948 and she at Northam 4 February 1946.

A3 Inez J.5 Gorrill, daughter of `Harry` Gorrill and Marinda MacLeod, was born 24 January 1897. Inez married in the Rectory at Port Hill 2 June 1922 Herman E. Dyment, of Northam. Inez died 4 Feb. 1946 at Northam. Of their six children, all girls, only two, deceased, are named here:

a. Stella Eleanor6 Dyment, daughter of Herman Dyment and Inez Gorrill, was born 12 October 1923. She died in hospital at Strathroy, Ontario and was buried in the United Church Cemetery at Tyne Valley.

b. Laura Belle6 Dyment was born 5 August 1926 at Montrose, Prince County. She married Henry Newcombe Birch of Birch Hill, Lot 13. They had four children

A4 John Richard Lloyd5 Gorrill, son of Richard Henry Gorrill and Miranda MacLeod, was born 12 June 1899 at Birch Creek, Northam. At the age of sixteen Lloyd went to Pembroke, Plymouth County, MA He received a 1917-1918 WW1 Draft Registration Card, at East Bridgewater, Plymouth County. In the 1920 census he was a laundry teamster. That same year he married May Schofield, who was born 7 September 1902 in Canada. In the 1920 census he was a farmer and she was working in a quilt factory. In the 1920 census of Whitman, Plymouth County, he was working in the firewood business and she was at home looking after their two sons. The house they owned at 18 Kendrick Street cost $4,000 [Roll T626_941, district 108, page 4A]. Lloyd died February 1970 and May died 21 December 1985, both at Raynham, Bristol County, MA [U.S. Social Security Death Index].

A5 Edward Lorne5 Gorrill was born 10 February 1902 to Harry Gorrill and Miranda MacLeod. In 1922 he went to Hanson, Plymouth County, MA, where in the 1930 census he was working in a fireworks factory. His wife, Mary B. Cook, 21, from Scotland was working in the same factory. They were renting a home at twenty dollars a month [Roll T626940, district 62, page 4B].

A6 Priscilla Thelma5 Gorrill, daughter of Richard Henry Gorrill and Miranda MacLeod, was born 19 June 1904 at Northam. She died in 1908 and was buried beside her parents in St. James Anglican cemetery at Port Hill.

A7 Ernest Henry5 Gorrill, son of `Harry` Gorrill and Miranda MacLeod, was born 17 May 1907 at Northam. He married Elva Miriam Stewart, of Mount Pleasant, Prince County. Born 24 December 1912, she had Charles B. Stewart as her father and Annie Alice Ramsay as her mother. Ernest and Elva had six children. He died 21 February 1982 and she died 18 March 1985 in the Summerside Hospital.

B. Sophia J.4 MacLeod (John3 McLeod Sophia2 John1 MacKay), daughter of John MacLeod and Mary ‘ Jane’ Arthur, was born about 1870.

C Mary C.4 MacLeod, born Dec. 1873 Summerside, married at Boston 8 August 1899 Edward Kane, 1867-1930. Mary died there after 1930.

(4) Annie3 MacLeod, 1835-1913 (Sophia2 John1 MacKay), daughter of George MacLeod and Sophia MacKay, was at the age of 46 a member of the household of James Sheehan and her sister Catherine in the 1881 census of Lot 20.

(5) Barbara Ann3 MacLeod (Sophia2 John1), born 11 August 1840 to George MacLeod and Sophia MacKay, married George Bishop, who was born at Charlottetown 10 September 1838 to Elias Bishop and Jane Hacker. George, a machinist, died at Summerside 26 February 1923.

A. George Leslie4 Bishop (Barbara3 McLeod Sophia2 John1 MacKay) was born 25 December 1869 and died in 1949

B. Elias M. C.4 Bishop, born 23 December 1870, married Fay MacKenzie, who was born 22 June 1889 of Scotch parentage and died in 1971. The census of 1911 showed them living on Kirk Street in Summerside.

B1 George5 Bishop, 2 August 1908 – 1958 at Summerside

B2 Harry5 Bishop 18 Nov 1910-15 July 1991, marriedVirginia Palmer, 15 August 1915-27 July 2002. They had two children

C Sophia I.4 Bishop (Barbara3 McLeod Sophia2 John1 MacKay), 15 February 1971-30 March 1953, married George W. Bell at Summerside.

C1 Gladys5 Bell, 1894-1987, married Beverly Owen: 2 children

C2 George Lorne5 Bell, 21 Dec 1898 – 24 April 1918, Summerside

C3 Inez Cynthia5 Bell, 1907-1993, married Charles Bacon, 1908-1989

D Nelson B.4 Bishop was born about 1875; died in 1900 at Summerside.

E Thomas H. C.4 Bishop, 27 October 1878 – 13 October 1958.

F William4 Bishop, 22 July 1882 – 16 February 1923 at Summerside

G Roland4 Bishop, 1888–1918, married Evangeline McNevin: two children

(6) Catherine3 MacLeod (Sophia2 MacKay, John! MacKay), daughter of George Macleod and Sophia MacKay, was born 30 October 1846. She married James Sheehan, born on the Island of Irish immigrants 20 July 1847. James was a farmer and shoemaker in Lot 20 and Catherine was a dressmaker. They moved in with her parents Her father willed the farm to his son-in-law [reference: From the Top of the Hill]. The 1881 census records that Catherine’s widowed mother, Sophia MacLeod, and Catherine’s sister Annie were living with them. In the 1891 census Sophia was with them at the age of eighty-six. The 1881 census records them under the surname Sheehan but later enumerations use Sheen. James and Catherine are not found after the 1901 census. In fact, James Sheen died 19 December 1901 and was buried in the cemetery of St. Stephen’s Anglican Church at Burlington, PEI. James and Catherine Sheen had five children:

A George William Edward4 Sheen (Catherine3 MacLeod Sophie2 John1 MacKay), born 26 June 1877 in PEI. "An accomplished violinist", he "moved to Boston after the death of his father in 1901", according to From the Top of the Hill. He died at Boston in September of 1918, information provided in the Lawrence S. Ryan Family Tree, which is an important reference for the following in Lynn, Massachusetts.

B Annie Francis Merands4 Sheen, born 6 December 1879 at Irishtown, Prince Edward Island, married at Lynn, Massachusetts 10 May 1904 John Gard, who was born in 1964. Both of them died in 1930 at Lynn.

C Augusta B. M.4 Sheen, born 12 September 1882 at Irishtown, PEI, married at Lynn in 1908 Arthur James Cunningham, born 12 February 1885, son of James Cunningham and Flora Cameron. Arthur and Augusta had six children. She died 26 April 1942 at Lynn and he died after that date.

D Sophia Strickland.4 Sheen, born 22 August 1885 at Irishtown, married at Lynn 27 July 1910 William Edward Greene. They had three children. Sophia died in 1930 at Lynn.


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