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Please contact Linda C. Harding - [email protected] if you have any information on families listed below!


This cemetery is listed under the PEI Genealogical Society as Transcript #34-6 and in old records it was refered to as 5-Mile house Burial Ground.

In a quiet field as you enter Marshfield from Charlottetown on the St. Peter's Road lie the remains of the forebearers of Marshfield and area; some who made a name for themselves, and others who simply worked the land leaving so much for the generation today.

After years of neglect had left this cemetery with the appearance of a hardwood grove with a lot of undergrowth, where head stones had fallen and in many cases sunken into the ground; even local people, residents all their life, didn't know it was a cemetery.

This situation completely changed in 1971. The Department of Health and the Heritage Foundation jointly undertook the renovation, removed all the undergrowth, probed for fallen stones, put up a fence, gate and made a path to the cemetery. The Marshfield Women's Institute undertook the responsibility of maintenance.

Early in 1999 a group of concerned people got together to discuss the possiblity of doing a book on this cemetery and its people, so that future generations would have a record of who is buried here, and of the legacy its occupants left to the people of the area. Very little is known about many who are buried in the cemetery. It was decided this would be a good project for the year 2000 and that all money raised from the publication would go to the upkeep of the cemetery.


You can share your family history if any of the following people are your ancestors. You can send us your stories on the cemetery and surrounding area. Maybe you have some history of the school, or of the churches, or perhaps you know something about the post office?


We will have books ready for sale next spring. We are now accepting names of people who would wish to have a copy. This will allow the committee a better idea of how many to print.

The book will cover the names of the first families who settled there and give a brief history about them, it will list the people who are buried in the pioneer cemetery, print old letters and diaries about the area and cover transportation, fox farming, land, roads, sports, school etc and etc.

Several people are working on each name, but your information could make a big difference. As I get your information, I will pass it along to the person working on that name so they can get in touch with you, or give me information to e-mail back. PLEASE check the following names out!

FORBES ----- Looking for information on Peter Forbes died 16 Oct 1875, age 65, buried Marshfield Pioneer Cemetery, Marshfield, PEI. Who did he marry and what family did he have?

HENDERSON ----- Looking for information on KENNETH HENDERSON Jr. M.D. he died 28 May 1891 at the age of 43. Buried "The Old Pioneer Cemetery Marshfield".

HENDERSON ----- Looking for information on Hon. Kenneth Henderson, M.D. born about 1811 and died 25 Feb. 1893, age 82 at Birch Hill, PEI. He was a native of Caithness Shire, Scotland. He married 22 Aug. 1845 Jessie Fergusson, who died 16 Feb. 1888, age 73, both are buried Marshfield Pioneer Cemetery, Marshfield, PEI. Had at least two sons, Dr. Kenneth Jr. died 28 May 1891 at Clyde River, PEI and Dr. James died 14 April 1908 at Union Road, PEI. Would like to know what other family he had.

LOWERY ----- Is anyone working on this name? I have a JOHN J. LOWERY who died 7 July 1875 at age 17, son of JOHN & MATILDA LOWERY who is buried in "The Marshfield Pioneer Cemetery".

McDONALD ------ I know this is a hard name to research but does anyone have information on a McDonald family that lived in the Marshfield Area? The following persons are buried in "The Old Marshfield Pioneer Cemetery":

DONALD McDONALD who died 23 September 1881 at age 63, his wife ISABEL died at age 87 on the 8 July 1900;

JAMES McDONALD of East River, native of Perthshire, Scotland, died 9 December 1863 at age 76, his wife CATHERINE died 2 January 1874 at age 100.

MacFARLANE ----- Looking for someone who is working on this name. PETER MacFARLANE died 17 November 1850 at age 72, his wife JANET died 29 June 1858 at age 83 and their daughter JANET died 25 July 1826. Also MUNGO MaCFARLANE who died 7 November 1857 at age 73 and his mother ELIZABETH MUNRO who died 19 May 1833 at age 85. All buried "The Old Pioneer Cemetery Marshfield".

McGREGOR ----- Looking for information on the following people: CATHERINE McGREGOR who died 25 June 1887, age 78; CHRISTY ANN McGREGOR, widow of the Late ARCHIBALD McGREGOR, she died 12 May 1876, age 97 she was a native of Perthshire, Scotland; CHRISTIANA, wife of ALEXANDER McGREGOR, she died 2 January 1896; ISABELLA McGREGOR who died 9 November 1887 at age 39; JANE McGREGOR who died 21 April 1937 at age 94; CHRISTIANA McGREGOR who died 11 December 192? at age 79; ALEXANDER McGREGOR who died 2 February 1927, age 85 and ALEXANDER McGREGOR who died 13 January 1871 at age 66.

ROBERTSON ----- Looking for information on JOHN ROBERTSON who died 1 September 1872 at age 21, also ROBERT ROBERTSON who died 12 July 1873 at the age of 76, ROBERT'S wife ISABELLA who died 3 June 1885 at age 71 and JAMES ROBERTSON, native of Perthshire, Scotland who was born 2 February and died 27 October 1866. All buried "The Old Pioneer Cemetery Marshfield".

ROBERTSON ----- Robert Robertson died 12 July 1873, age 76, his wife Isabella died 3 June 1885, age 71, both are buried Marshfield Pioneer Cemetery, Marshfield, PEI. Robert was a school teacher, would like to learn more about him and his family.

SCOTT ----- Looking for information on Peter Scott who died 25 Dec 1852 at age 67 and is buried Marshfield pioneer cemetery. His wife Janet died 29 Oct 1875, age 88 she is also buried Marshfield pioneer Cemetery. Would like information on them and their family

STEWART ----- Looking for people who are working on Stewart Families as we have the following persons buried in "The Old Marshfield Pioneer Cemetery":

PETER STEWART who died 16 July 1843 at age 61;
his wife CHRISTY who died 8 May 1869 age 84;
their son, PETER who died 8 June 1893 age 72;
CHARLES STEWART who died 16 February 1877 at 69 years;
HUGH STEWART who died 26 April 1880 at age 70;
ANN STEWART wife of DUNCAN FERGUSON who died 15 February 1858 at age 47 and JANE STEWART who died 7 January 1868 at 43 years.

also on another stone we have:

JAMES FRASER 1873 - 1939 (on Stewart stone)
JOHN STEWART 1815 - 1888
his wife
their children:
BETSY 1844 - 1888; CHRISTY 1849 - 1937 and PETER A. 1857 - 1839

we also find these Stewarts:

FLORA wife of JOHN STEWART who died 20 april 1850 at age 40 and JOHN STEWART who died 9 June 1878 at age 81;
FLORA JANE STEWART who died 16 September 1868 age 23.

WALLACE ----- Who was William Wallace who died 16 Jan. 1874, age 73, buried Marshfield Pioneer Cemetery, Marshfield, PEI. Who was his wife? On the same stone is Mary Ellen, died 22 Jan. 1874, age 7 and Donald, died 30 Jan. 1874, age 45. Would like to learn more about this family.

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