The Descendants of John Mc Farlane and Elspeth Stewart

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Submitted by Ronald James Mc Farlane - [email protected]

There are additional generations of this family to share. Please direct your queries to the email link above or if convenient refer to the document "The Lantern , History of a Mc Farlane family" in the University of Prince Edward Island Robertson Library Accession #4289

The Descendants of John Mc Farlane and Elspeth Stewart

1. John Mc Farlane m. Elspeth Stewart. They resided in Pittagowan, Blair Athol, Scotland They had five children:

i. James

2 ii. John

iii. Margaret

iv. Janet

v. Cecil

Only John's history is known:

2 i. John Mc Farlane b 1762 married Ann Stewart b 1764, d 1837. They sailed from the Port of Glascow. On the 10th August 1803 on the "Commerce" for Pictou, Nova Scotia where they transferred to a barely seaworthy vessel the "Arrow" for Three Rivers Isle of St. John and settled on Lots 53 and later Lot 59, Montague.

Children of John and Ann:

i. Alexander b 1790 died young

ii. Elisabeth b 1793, d 1846 m. James Mc Laren b 1785, d 1863 (See Pioneer memorial plaque Brudenell Island)

3 iii. James b 1795, d1865 m. Elisabeth Mc Laren b 1792, d 1881

iv. John b 1797, d 1864 unknown

v. Ann b 1799, d 1886 m. Peter Robertson b 1787, d 1867

vi. Margaret b 1801 unknown

vii. Janet b 1802, d 1894 m. Thomas Annear b 1817, d 1900

3 iii. James Mc Farlane b 1792 d 1865 m. Elisabeth Mc Laren b 1790, d 1881


4. i. William b 1825, d 1909 m Mary Buchanan b 1839, d 1912 (d Benalla, Australia)

ii. Alexander b 1826, d 1882 m Jeanette Johnstone b 1835, d 1927

iii. Jessie Kennedy

iv. John m Isabella Campbell b1918

v. Nancy b 1820, d 1883 m. (1) John Adams (2) H. Rodman

vi. James b 1822, d 1849 m. Ann Leslie b 1829, d 1890

5. vii. Benjamin b1824, d 1905 m. Dora O Brien b 1842, d 1933 (d Benalla, Australia)

William together with brother, Benjamin left PEI and after wagon training to the California gold fields sailed for the Australian gold fields on the "Ignus Fatuus" in 1853 where they settled in Benalla, Victoria, Australia where a considerable number of descendants live today

4 i. William b.1825, d 1909 married Mary Buchanan b 1839, d 1912


i. James b 1859, d 1915 Miriam Williamson b unknown, d 1915

ii. Elisabeth Catherine b 1865, d 1959 m. James Henry Crockett b 1860, d 1918

iii. Isabella died in infancy

iv. Benjamin b 1868, d 1943 m. Sarah Grey

v. William John b 1861, d 1924 m. Margaret Duffy b 1864 d 1956

vi. Alexander b 1866 m. Mary Neeley

vii. Henry Thomas b 1871, d 1973 m. Elisabeth Stewart b 1877 d 1935

viii. Malcolm Murdock b 1874, d 1948 m. Evelyn Elisabeth b 1892 d 1971

5. vii. Benjamin b 1818, d 1859 m. Dora O Brien b 1847 d 1933


i. Charles b 1860, d 1953 m. Martha Bullock d 1953

ii. Elisabeth Winfred b 1865, d 1939

iii. Benjamin Michael b 1869, d 1898

iv. Mary Ellen b 1872, d 1956

v. John b 1874, d 1947 m. Blanche Summers

vi. Dora b 1878, d 1957

vii. Benjamin Patrick b 1882, d 1948

viii. James William b 1861, d 1892

ix. William b 1863, d 1886 m. Lillian Victoria Tuckett

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