The Descendants of Andrew McInnis and Ann McCafferty

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The Descendants of Andrew McInnis and Ann McCafferty

Generation No. 1

1. Andrew McInnis, born 1830 in Prince Edward Island, Canada; died April 08, 1875 in Middle Simonds, New Brunswick. He married (1) Ann S. McCafferty March 03, 1862 in Woodstock, New Brunswick. She was the daughter of Dennis McCafferty and Bridget.

Notes for Andrew McInnis: According to newspaper article, Andrew McInnis was 42 when he died, which put his birth year at 1833. Church records show that he was 45 years old which puts birth at 1830. Census puts birth at 1836.

Prince Edward Island Public Archives and Records Office master name index had a reference to the 1871 New Brunswick census which listed the following:

Andrew McInnis, born in PEI, age 35, farmer. Married to Ann S., age 27, born NB - both Irish origin. Other members of the household included Rosellen, age 24, Denis I., age 7, John H., age 5. Rosellen is a sister to Ann McCafferty.

Church Records

Buried April 12, 1875 in R.C. Cemetery, Woodstock, New Brunswick. Church records also show spelling of Andrew McInnis as McGinnis also, but McGinnis is not shown anywhere else.

The following people were God Parents to the children of Andrew McInnis and Ann McCaferty.

James Kelly, Rose Ellen McCafferty, Bernard Travis, Mary Kelly, Florence McCafferty, E. McCafferty, Michael Mulherin, Mary E, Kelly, Denis Mulherin and Eunace McCafferty. Eunace and E. McCafferty may be the same,. as well as Mary E. Kelly and E, Kelly.

William MacMicken

I am responding to your query in the P.E.I. Genealogical Soc. Newsletter re Andrew McInnis Death Record For Roman Catholic Church, Woodstock, New Brunswick

Witnessed by Denis McCafferty and George McDonagh

Buried April 12, 1875

Do you know if Andrew originated in Lot 27 (the Borden-Carleton area) of P.E.I.? Do you know if he was a Roman Catholic?

These two questions are very helpful in genealogical research on P.E.I.

Since my ancestors settled in Lot 27, I have done some serious research in that area of P.E.I., including an exhaustive look at the land records for all of Lot 27.

I am attaching a file (in WordPerfect format) with most, if not all, of the land references involving McInnis. There is an Andrew named in a couple of leases. This may not be of any use but have a look at the file anyway. You will see what interesting info can be found in land records. I think that most of these McInnis people were Roman Catholic.

Looking for information on Andrew McInnis, born 1830 in P.E.I. Moved to Simonds, New Brunswick, married Ann S. McCafferty on March 3, 1862. They had the following children, Denis James McInnis, b. 1863; John Henry McInnis, b. August 3, 1866; Frances Jerome McInnis, b. 1865; William Andrew McInnis, b. 1868; Eliza Clare McInnis, b. 1871 and Maria Josephine McInnis, b. 1873. Andrew died on April 8, 1875. Andrew was buried in the old Woodstock, New Brunswick Cemetery, he was Roman Catholic. Unable to find his P.E.I. roots

Notes for Ann S. McCafferty:

According to information obtained from the internet at NB archives, the mother of John H. McInnis is listed as Ann Smith, not Ann S. McCafferty. Unknown why. Possibly the "S" of her middle name had something to do with it.

Children of Andrew McInnis and Ann McCafferty are:

i. Denis James McInnis, born 1863; died March 26, 1892 in Buried in Williamstown, N.B..

Notes for Denis James McInnis: According to his nephew, Andrew McInnis, Denis was studying to be a Doctor when he died at a young age. James Kelly & Rose Ellen McCafferty were God Parents. Buried in Williamstown, New Brunswick Baptism: June 24, 1863

ii. John Henry McInnis, born August 30, 1866 in St. Thomas, New Brunswick, Canada; died September 08, 1956 in Bath, New Brunswick, Canada; married Pearl Evangeline Kimball January 12, 1898 in Lakeville, New Brunswick.

Notes for John Henry McInnis: Diocese of Saint John shows his surname spelled McGinnis - No record of his baptism.

Reflections of John B. McInnis, Grandson

John Henry McInnis was a farmer on a 120 acre farm in St. Thomas, New Brunswick. He raised 12 children with his wife, Pearl. My first recollection of him was riding on his shoulders at about 2-3 years old. He would have been in his eighties then. He had a chair at the end of the driveway and frequently hitch hiked to Hartland. People knew this and he always got a ride. As a child, I remember that he was apt to bring home a waif for a meal. In his drawer there were a few letters from these waif's who later got on their feet and wrote him to express their appreciation. Andrew, his son remarked that he wasn't a farmer at heart. He was never sick and didn't go into the hospital at Bath until a few days before his death. Andrew came out and told me that he was taking him to the hospital and that he probably would not be back. I was thirteen at the time. I called my friend, Lloyd Markey and he came over and the two of us cleaned up the house. He did die in the hospital and the body was brought home and he and his casket were displayed in the living room for about four days. Not having seen many dead persons, Lloyd Markey and I looked at the body frequently. I believe that all his children came home for the funeral including my mother, father, brother and sister, who were living in Toronto at the time.

April 5th., 1999

Retrieved a Cadastral Map from mid 1800's of Hartland, Carleton Country, N.B. which indicated the owners of property in St. Thomas. Appears that the McInnis farm was owned by Michael McCafferty. He is probably the brother of Dennis McCafferty, who is John Henry McInnis's grandfather.

Notes for Pearl Evangeline Kimball: God Parents - John & Clara Callahan


Funeral services for Pearl McInnis were held in St. Bonaventure Church, Lakeville, with Rev. Gillis officiating.

Pallbearers were Kevin McInnis, John Gill, Ronald Shriver, William Campbell, Fred Kilfoil and Marshall Peterson. Interment was in the adjoining cemetery. Mrs. McInnis died at Woodstock. She was born in Waterville in 1877, the daughter of Bryon and Sarah Kimball. She attended Normal School in Fredericton and after graduation, taught school in St. Thomas and Brookville. She lived in St. Thomas before moving to Woodstock in 1963.

She is survived by five daughters, Belle, Muriel, Inez, Mary and Jean, four sons, Jerome, Andrew, Murchie and Bryon, 33 grandchildren, 70 great grandchildren and two half sisters, Mrs. Gladys Goodard and Mrs. Letha Emmett. Two daughters, Elizabeth and Bernice and one son Gerald predeceased her. She was the wife of the late, John H. McInnis.

The death of Mrs Pearl McInnis occurred in Woodstock July 25, 1970 Saturday.

The funeral was held from Dewitt Funeral Home. High Mass of Requiem was celebrated at St. Bonaventure Church in Lakeville, Rev. D.S. Gillis.

Document detailing the transfer of the McInnis family farm to Isabelle Springer and her son John Springer. This was done because Isabelle Springer looked after her mother, Pearl for two years after her stroke. The document is as follows:

All that certain piece or parcel of land situate, lying and being the parish of Simonds in the County of Carleton and Province of New Brunswick, bounded as follows, to wit: - BEGINNING a the Main Road at the base line of River lots; thence north along the base line of land of Miles Peterson; thence west following line or line fence to Palmer Road, so called; thence south along siad road 40 rods to marsh land and thence east in a straight line to the place of beginning, containing 120 acres more or less. Being the same lands conveyed to Ann McInnis to Pearl McInnis by Deed bearing date the 31st. of March, 1914, as registeed in the Carleton County Records in Book 109 at page 52 on the 9th. of October, 1914, as No. 57667, EXCEPTING THEREOUT AND THEREFROM two lots of land conveyed by Pearl McInnis to Byron T. McInnis et al as registered in Book 205, at page 510 a No. 108442 and conveyed to Arnold E. Rockwell as recorded in book 216 at page 334 as No. 113365. The said Pearl McInnis having departed this life on the 1st. of August, 1970, having devised the lands hrein conveyed to Andrew McInnis and Isabelle Springer, the Grantor and the Granteee herein, and the said Andrew McInnis hereby transfers all his right title and interest in and to the said lands to the said Isabelle Springer. The last Will and Testament of Pearl Mcinnis being duly registered in the Carleton County Records in Book 222 Page on the 25th. day of August, A.D., 197, as No, 115807. Also being the same land conveyed by Andrew McInnis to Isabelle Springer by deed dated the 24th. day of August, A.D., 1970 and registered in the Carleton County Records in book 222 at page 199 as No, 155808 ont he 25th. day of August, A.D., 1970.

Note by John B. McInnis

It is noted that the cadestral map of this land in the 1850's indicates that it is owned by Michael McCafferty. Somehow this land was transfered to his niece Ann McInnis (McCafferty) whereupon she transfered the land to her daugher-in-law Pearl Mcinnis. It would appear that she gave the land not to her son John H. McInnis but to his wife Pearl.

John B. McInnis (Grandson) remembers as a youth that his grandmother was left property in Majorville, New Brunswick as a result of an inheritance. He recalls that his grandmother took no action on the will. It must have been from either the Banks or Perley side of her family. One of these families is reputed to have founded Majorville.

More About Pearl Evangeline Kimball: Baptism: January 09, 1898, Age 21 Years Cause of Death: Age Medical Information: Had coughing spells for several years prior toher death.Suffered stroke in final two years of her life.

Marriage Notes for John McInnis and Pearl Kimball: Witnesses to Marriage James F. Mulherin & Clara Isabella Mulherin. Married at Lakeville, New Brunswick

iii. Frances Jerome McInnis, born 1865. God Parents Bernard Travis & Mary Kelly. Baptism: February 03, 1865, 5 Weeks old

iv. William Andrew McInnis, born 1868. God Parents - Thomas & E. McCafferty. Baptism: July 10, 1868, Woodstock, New Brunswick

v. Eliza Clare McInnis, born 1871. God parents Michael Mulherin & Mary E. Kelly. Sometimes referred to as Elizabeth. Baptism: February 15, 1871, 2 Months Old, Woodstock, N.B.

vi. Maria Josephine McInnis, born 1873. God parents - Denis Mulherin & Eunace McCafferty. Baptism: 1873, At 5 Months

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