The Descendants of Patrick McKenna and Bridget McCullough

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The Descendants of Patrick McKenna and Bridget McCullough

Generation No. 1

1. PATRICK1 MCKENNA was born August 15, 1834 in Ireland1, and died October 26, 1907 in Fort Augustus, PEI. He married BRIDGET MCCULLOUGH July 30, 1867 in St Patrick's Parish Fort Augustus, Prince Edward Island, Canada, daughter of JAMES MCCULLOUGH. She was born February 02, 1839 in Ireland, and died November 06, 1913 in Charlottetown, PEI.

Notes for PATRICK MCKENNA: 1881 and 1891 census shows the family living in Lot 37 -- 1880 map of PEI (seen at the Archives in PEI) shows a 28 acre farm in the Dromore section of the Lot. It is near farms owned by Hugh McKenna, H. McKenna, Francis McKenna and Peter McKenna

Because of the close ties St. Patrick's Church had with the County Monaghan in Ireland -- assume that the family emigrated from there.

Marriage Notes for PATRICK MCKENNA and BRIDGET MCCULLOUGH: Witnesses: Patrick O.Brien and An Sherry Married by: Rev Thomas Phelan


i. MARY AN2 MCKENNA, b. September 15, 1867.

Notes for MARY AN MCKENNA: Godparents -- George Shinny and Sally McInnis Baptism: September 29, 1867, record book #1 pg 54

ii. PETER MCKENNA, b. January 18, 1869.

Notes for PETER MCKENNA: died as a baby --not on 1881,1891 or 1901 census

iii. CATHERINE MCKENNA, b. July 09, 1870.

Notes for CATHERINE MCKENNA: presumably died as a baby -- not on 1881, 1891, or 1901 census


v. JAMES MCKENNA, b. April 07, 1874.

2. vi. JOHN HENRY MCKENNA, b. January 02, 1876. Died in Lawrence, MA in 1941

3. vii. PETER GREGORY MCKENNA, b. February 14, 1878, Fort Augustus, Prince Edward Island, Canada; d. July 18, 1953, Lawrence, Ma.

viii. CATHERINE J MCKENNA, b. 1879.


Generation No. 2

2. JOHN HENRY2 MCKENNA (PATRICK1) was born January 02, 18762, and died 2. He married ANNA CAFFERTY June 16, 1909 in Lawrence, Ma.

3. PETER GREGORY2 MCKENNA (PATRICK1) was born February 14, 1878 in Fort Augustus, Prince Edward Island, Canada, and died July 18, 1953 in Lawrence, Ma. He married MARGARET CRAVEN June 21, 1911 in Lawrence, Ma, daughter of PATRICK CRAVEN and MARY WARD. She was born 1877 in Galway, Ireland, and died August 07, 1959 in Methuen, Ma.

More About PETER GREGORY MCKENNA: Emigration: 1907, from P.E.I.


5. i. JOSEPH3 MCKENNA, b. May 29, 1912, Lawrence, Ma; d. October 14, 1996, Methuen, Ma.

6. ii. PETER G. MCKENNA, b. January 02, 1916, Lawrence, Ma; d. November 11, 1987, Lawrence, Ma.

iii. JOHN MCKENNA, b. 1917; d. April 19853.

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