Murray Harbour Deaths - from the diary of Lauretta (Machon) Brooks

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Transcribed by Anne Brooks -

The following is a transcription of a list of deaths found in the diary of Lauretta (Machon) Brooks of Murray Harbour, PEI. (1882-1964). Although her diary was kept between the years 1929 and 1949, she recorded deaths both prior to and after these dates.

See also: List of fires as recorded in the diary of Lauretta (Machon) Brooks

Lauretta arranged the entries alphabetically, but not within each letter group. The original document consisted of four columns without headings, but easily understood as being name, age of death, date of death, and place of death. I have created a fifth column which contains comments/names which Lauretta added either over the name of the individual or place of death. Aside from the wealth of information simply from the bare data, these extra comments provide clarity, history, and detail. Question marks indicate difficulty in deciphering the original.

Transcribed by Anne (Nosworthy) Brooks,, May 2002

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Name Age Date Place Comments
Adams, Theodore W.   11-Oct-41 Wiekford, R.I. Marie Hawkins
Annear, Mrs. Mont.   11-Jan-47 Lower. Montague Mary J. Beck
Affleck, Alfred 80 03-Mar-47 Charlottetown  
Arnold, Wilson 45 17-Jun-47   Drowned off White Sands
Annear, Montague   18-Oct-47 Lower Montague  
Alley, William 62 12-Apr-49 Charlottetown On Murray Harbour train. Mail clerk
Aitken, Mrs. T.L.   02-Nov-28 Charlottetown Fannie Brooks
Archer, Mrs. Chas 65 18-Nov-56 PEI Hospital Charlottetown Manrie? Trites
Allen, George   03-Jul-57 Cape Tormentine Una? Herring's husband
Acorn, Everett 19 22-Jun-60 Montague Drowned. Buried on that date
 - B -        
Brehaut, Howard   about 03/01/1941 Orange? N.J.  
Buell, Perley 36 11-Jan-35 Abney  
Brehaut, Mrs. Dr. Lem   21-Sep-35 White Plains, N.Y.  
Bowdridge, Mrs. S.   29-Dec-35 Cape Bear Kate Emery
Burhoe, Mr.   29-Dec-35 Alexandra  
Brooks, David 79 30-Jan-39 PEI Hospital  
Bell, Hanford 54 01-Mar-39 Murray Harbour  
Buell, John R.   25-Mar-39 Wood Islands  
Billard, Gabriel 88 14-Apr-39 Murray Harbour  
Beck, Ernie's baby 1 wk. 30-Jul-39 Murray Harbour Lester Beck's
Brehaut, Mrs. H.E? 76 08-Aug-39 White Sands ? Isabella Brooks
Blue, Celes?   14-Oct-39   Hopefield
Blue, Archie?   15-Oct-39 Little Sands  
Buell, Mrs. Joe   01-Nov-39 White Sands Janie MacMillan
Brooks, James H. 83 25-Jan-38 Murray Harbour  
Brooks, John T. 86 27-Mar-38 Sackville, N.B  
Beck, Waldo's baby   02-Jun-38 Murray Harbour Lester Beck's
Buell, Albert 40 13-Jun-38 Abney  
Brehaut, Henry E 91 22-Jun-38 White Sands  
Brehaut, Henry 80 24-Jul-38 U.S.A. Tom's son
Brehaut George 91 19-Jan-36 Guernsey Cove  
Beaton, Mrs Angus   25-Feb-36 Iris Buried on that date
Brehaut, Lorin 50 31-Mar-36 Georgetown Bay?  
Bell, Mrs. Alex 76 06-May-36 Murray Harbour Ellen Hyde
Bell, Bruce   23-Nov-36 PEI Hospital Handford's son
Beck, Marfleet   17-Apr-37 Lower Montague  
Barton? Mrs Anne 90 20-Apr-37 Murray Harbour Anne Johnstone
Billard, Mrs. Gabriel   13-Oct-37 Murray Harbour  
Beck, Nestor 59 27-Oct-37 Little Sands  
Beck, T'hos 75 10-Feb-31 Murray Harbour J. Bell's
Buell, Mrs. Wm. 53 05-Sep-31 White Sands Sarah MacNeill
Buell, Katie May   26-Jan-33 Falconwood  
Brehaut, Louis   30-Apr-33 Georgetown ?? at Lorina???
Bowdridge, Mrs. S. [Sampson] 82 23-May-33 Murray Harbour  
Bears, William   26-May-33 Murray River  
Bruce, Callum   26-May-33 Charlottetown Drowned
Beull, Mrs. Lem [Lem?]   04-Jun-33 Abney Alice Roberts
Beck, Benj? 60 23-Nov-32 PEI Hospital Jassirs???son White Sands
Boyle, Mrs. Sophia   26? Jan 29 Charlottetown Sophia Taudvin
Bishop, Mrs. Harvey 92 04-Feb-29 Murray River  
Bell (Rankin's baby)   27-Apr-29 Murray Harbour Will MacKenzies?
Bell (Andrew's deformed boy)   23-Sep-29 Abney  
Buell, Edison Raymond 4mos 04-Dec-41 Mt. Albion Lester's baby
Bishop, John   10-Jan-42 Murray River  
Bell, Myrna 16 07-Apr-42 PEI Hospital  
Bishop, Mrs. John   14-Sep-42 Murray River (Charlotte Hooper) Bull?
Bell, Watson   27-Oct-42 White Sands  
Bears, Mrs. Mary   24-Jan-43 Murray River  
Buell, Mrs. Mac 46 26-Jan-43 White Sands Mary Richards
Beck, Wm. S. 83 13-Feb-43 Cape Bear  
Beck, Jeremiah   16-Feb-43 White Sands Jim Bell's
Brehaut, Warren 65 02-Apr-43 Guernsey Cove  
Beck, George I.   19-Apr-43 Lower Montague  
Buell, James   16?15? May 43 Abney Laurie?
Bell, David, Sr.   25-Nov-43 White Sands  
Bell, John   Reported 18 Jan 44 Italy Watson's son
Brehaut,George   Reported 08 Jan 44 Over Irish Sea  
Bull, Robert 83 Jan. 1922 Abney  
Brooks, Mrs. Charles   07-Jun-44 White Sands Hattie White
Brooks, Joseph 90 10-Mar-22 White Sands  
Bull, Mrs. John   Dec. 1922 White Sands Anne Giddings
Brehaut, Betsy 74 03-Oct-19 Machon's Point  
Bull, Mrs. David 72 12-Oct-19   Mary Haberlin
Bell, Mrs. David   Dec. 1918 White Sands Ella Phillips
Bull, David   Feb. 1919 Murray Harbour  
Bailey, John   15-Feb-21 Murray Harbour  
Beck, Mrs. William 87 04-Jul-21 Guernsey Cove  
Beck, Mrs Vere 79 Oct. 1921 White Sands Susan
Buell, Mrs. William 58 22-Jul-44 Montague Hospital Clara Gosbee
Billard, Oswald   14-Aug-28 Murray Harbour  
Brehaut, Mary   24-Nov-28 Machon's Point  
Beck, Lem   26-Nov-28 Murray Harbour  
Bell, Mrs. Rankine 29? 28-Dec-28 Murray Harbour Margaret Davey
Bell, Mrs. Willie   27-Feb-27 Abney Mary Richards
Buell, Ethel   15-Apr-25 White Sands ? J's daughter
Buell, Ernie   31-Dec-27 Abney Drowned. Arb's ? Son
Buell, John 92 24-Jun-49 Abney  
Buell, Mrs. Arbott 57 07-Oct-50 Bunbury Eve Buell
Buell, Lemuel 86 15-Oct-50 Beech Grove Abney
Buell, Ernest 66 28-Nov-50 Montague Hospital Dan's son. Abney
Buell, Mrs. John 88 01-Dec-50 Murray Harbour Lousia Buell. Abney
Brooks, Chas. Y. 85 31-Dec-50 White Sands Joe's son
Bartlett, Tom 66 09-Mar-51 PEI Hospital Beth Harris' husband, Sydney
Brehaut, Herbert   03-Mar-50 Murray Harbour  
Billard, Mrs. Phillip 66 23-Mar-51 Boston, Mass. Eunice Gordon. Murray Harbour
Buell, Mrs. ? J. 73 28-Apr-51 Murray River Jessie MacLean. Murray Harbour
Bears, Mrs. Cyrus 72 11-May-51   Olive Nicholoson
Burns, Arthur 76 08-Jun-51 Charlottetown  
Brooks, Ralph G. 92 24-Aug-51 Riverside, ILL. Joe's son. White Sands
Blue, Duncan 92 15-Nov-51 Beech Grove Little Sands
Betts, Mrs. Silas 71 5?6? May 1952 Chilliwack, B.C. Lucy Moore
Brehaut, Mrs. Herbert 70 29-Apr-52 Montague Hospital Belle Derby. Murray Harbour
Brehaut, Maria J. 75 08-Oct-44 Wiekford, R.I. at Lucy's
Bell, Jas. 87 04-Dec-44 Murray Harbour  
Boudrot, Leo T. 66 08-Mar-45 Cambridge, Mass. Mrs. Cooper's husband
Brehaut, Mrs Peter 70?60? 08-Mar-45 Guernsey Cove Lizzie Ferguson
Bonnell, Capt. Mark 85 22-Mar-45 Murray River  
Buell, Mrs Jos. 51 18-Apr-45 High Bank Adeline Gormley?
Brehaut, Dr. Lem. 82 17-Jun-45 White Plains, N.Y. Buried at Murray River
Brehaut, Elsie 66 08-May-45    
Buell, Daniel   01-Sep-45 Abney  
Buell, David 81? 17-Feb-46 Hopefield  
Bears, Nathan 56 10-Apr-46 PEI Hospital Murray River
Brooks, Mrs James 85 16-May-46 Vancouver, B.C. Charlotte Brehaut
Beck, Ezra 62 24-Jul-46 PEI Hospital Machon's Point
Buell, Wm. W. 53 08-Apr-47 White Sands Jim's son
Bayne, Norman 70 05-Apr-47 Iris  
Bennett, Sir Richard B. 77 26-Jun-47 Dorking, Surrey, England Can. Prime Min. 1930-35
Bartlett, Beth Harris 56 Sept. 1947 Verdun, Quebec  
Brehaut, Mrs. Lorin 69 22-Nov-47 Georgetown Royalty Bessie Lelacheur. Buried Murray Harbour
Beck, Peter 55 Sep-48    
Bears, Cyrus 74 13-Jan-49 PEI Hospital Gladstone
Brooks, Mrs John 92 13-Apr-49 Sackville, N.B Florence Beals
Brehaut, Ina 45 17-Jun-49 PEI Hospital Will's daughter. Guernsey Cove
Bell, Alex 771/2 22-Jan-28 Murray Harbour  
Buell, Mrs Dan   31-Jan-28 Abney Maggie Bell
Beaton, Herbert 73? 93? 26-Jul-52 Iris Mt. Stewart
Beck, John J.   19-Apr-53 Murray River  
Brehaut, Ernest 80 Nov. 1953 Florida George's son
Brennan, Gus 78 27-Jul-30 Murray Harbour  
Buell, Mrs. Preston   05-Jan-54 Montague Hospital Murray Harbour
Brehaut, Russell 82 21-Apr-54 Montague Hospital Joe's son
Brehaut, Peter J. 84 23-Apr-54 Guernsey Cove Henry's son
Beck, Henry 88 06-Oct-55 Abney  
Buell, Paul (Floyd's baby) 5 wks 28-Nov-55 Murray Harbour  
Brehaut, Cecil 54 13-Jan-56 Montreal  
Buell, Joseph 66 11-Mar-56 Montague Hospital Jim's son
Bell, Andrew   06-May-56 Abney  
Bears, Phillip   09-Aug-56 Falconwood Murray River
Baker, Mrs. Stanley 67 14-Dec-56 Beach Pt  
Beck, Hubert 78 25-Dec-56 New Glascow, N.S. Ben's son
Bishop, Calvin 89 18-May-57 Mt. Buchanan  
Buell, George 59 17-Jan-58 PEI Hospital Charlottetown
Bell, Howard   29-Jun-58 White Sands  
Beck, James 78 22-Dec-58 Alliston  
Bell, Joseph 62 30-Dec-58 PEI Hospital Alex' son. Murray Harbour
Beck, Selina 82 30-Dec-58 Infirmary Guernsey Cove
Brooks, Roy 79 11-Aug-59 Middle Sackville, N.B. John's son
Buell, Malcolm   31-Aug-59 Charlottetown Joe's son
Brehaut, Fred 79 26-Dec-59 Murray River  
Bell, Mrs. James Bell 94 12-Jan-60 Charlottetown Rosella Beck. Murray Harbour
Buell, Arthur 69 12-Apr-60 Montague Hospital Isaac's son. Murray River
Buell, Chesley 70 or 90? 12-Jun-60 Charlottetown Jim's son
Baker, Stanley 74 20-Jun-60 B. Pt  
Brehaut, Will 92 07-Jul-60   Buried Murray Harbour. Tanner's ? Son
Bell, George 78 13-Jul-60 Edmonton, Alberta  
Brooks, Eleanor 50 27-Jul-60 Middle Sackville, N.B. Roy's daughter
Brooks, Maude   17-Sep-60 Sackville, N.B. Mrs. Roy
Beck, Olive 58 15-Oct-60 Prince County Hosp. John's daughter. Murray River
Brehaut, Dr. Lester 85 04-Dec-60 PEI Hospital George's son. Murray River
Bonnell, Harry 66 24-Dec-60 PEI Hospital Hopefield
Buell, Mrs James 78 or 98? 23-Jan-61 Abney + Murray River Mary Ann (Lame)
 - C -        
Chapman, Milton   04-Jan-50 Murray Harbour  
Cooper, Mrs Wm 81 30-Jan-51 PEI Hospital Murray Harbour
Cuddy, Mrs. Silas 69 07-Apr-51 PEI Hospital Jane MacLean. Gladstone
Clow, Benjamin 92 27-Oct-51 Montague Hospital Murray Harbour North
Chapman, Alvin 31 20-Mar-52 PEI Hospital Alf's son. Murray Harbour
Crawford, Mrs. Neil 78 24-Feb-53 Providence, R.I. Rosa May Machon
Carpenter, Rev.   20-Jan-53   Killed in car accident
Cosgrove, Mrs. 71 25-Mar-53 N.S. Maria Bell
Compton, Mrs. Will 75 14-Aug-53   Mary A. McLeod
Creelman, Dr. 62 03-Apr-57 PEI Hospital  
Cairns, Mrs John 93 30-Jun-58 Boston, Mass. Kate MacLean
Cook, Thomas 62 17-Sep-58   Born Murray River. T? L's son.
Cantello   12-Jul-59   Drowned Pinette in car.
Campbell   12-Jul-59   Drowned Pinette in car, Montague.
Cuddy, Mrs. Clarence 58 24-Oct-59 Murray River Jessie MacDonald
Cahoon, Howard   03-Nov-60 Montague Hospital Reuben's son
Cahoon, Herbert   04-Nov-60   Drowned off vessel. Reuben's son
Cowan, Dr. 61 24-Jan-40 White Hotel, Montreal Murray River
Cahoon, Elias 54 05-Dec-40 Gladstone  
Cooper, Wm.   16-Aug-35 Murray Harbour  
Cahoon, Mrs. Anne   19-May-35 Cape Bear  
Cahoon, Mrs Herbert 58 15-Aug-39 PEI Hospital Maggie MacKenzie. Murray Harbour
Cowan, Leitte?   02-Dec-37 Lower Montague  
Cuddy, Ewan?Evan? 9 24-Apr-31 Gladstone  
Cloreston? Robert 88 09-Dec-31 Murray Harbour North at Will Irving's
Cahoon, Mrs. Reuben 76 22-Jan-33 Cape Bear  
Crawford, Everett H.   Apr-29 Providence, R.I.  
Cahoon, Mrs. Carl (Ada)   12-Nov-29 Murray Harbour  
Clow, Mae Jackson 10 25-Dec-41 Murray Harbour North  
Clements, William 72 10-Oct-42 White Sands  
Creighton, Alex 84 15-Dec-42 San Pedro, Calif. Murray Harbour
Clements, Mrs. Wm.   15-Dec-43 PEI Hospital Sarah Stewart. White Sands
Cameron, Mrs Hattie   25-Apr-43 Lower Montague Beck
Cahoon, Reuben   21-Jul-22 Cape Bear  
Carson, Carrie   02-Jan-19 Cape Bear school teacher
Cown, John 88 08-Apr-21 Lower Montague  
Cantello, James 74 05-Dec-46 Quincey, Mass  
Cahoon, John 85 15-Apr-47 Infirmary, Charlottetown Dorem. Gladstone
Clough, Mrs Jim   23-May-47 Murray Harbour at Everett Buell's
Cuddy, Mrs James 77 21-Oct-48 Needham, Mass Gladstone
Clements, Albert   21-Dec-28 Western Canada Murray Harbour
 - D -        
Davey, Thos, 67 29-Oct-39 Guernsey Cove  
Drake, Mrs. Francis   16-Aug-38 PEI Hospital Florence Keeping. Millview
Derby, James, Sr. 85 25-May-37 White Sands  
Dixon, Mrs. Robert 91 30-Jan-33 Little Sands  
Davey, Mrs. John   20-Jan-32 Murray River Christy MacDonald. Guernsey Cove
Dixon, Millburn   23-Feb-29 Little Sands  
Davidson, Mrs Sam   22-Jan-42 Peter's Road  
Dafoe, Dr. Allen Roy 60 03-Jun-43 North Bay, Ont. Calludar ?, Ont.
Davey, Mrs. Thos. 96 Jan. 1944 Guernsey Cove Lousia Richards
Davidson, Jas.   07-Apr-44 Murray Harbour North suicide
Derby, Mrs. Jas. 93 14-Jul-44 White Sands Anne Giddings
Davey, George 35 12-Feb-45 Provincial Sanitorium, Charlottetown Guernsey Cove
Dixon, Samuel 72 12-May-46 Charlottetown Hospital Little Sands
Dobson, Norman 37 21-Feb-49 Bayfield, N.B Janie Jordan's husband
Davey, Mrs. Ben   29-Jan-28 Forest Hill Mary Livingstone
Derby, Will 69 09-Jan-50 White Sands  
Dunn, George 92 14-Apr-51 Murray Harbour  
Dort, Thomas 73 01-Nov-51 Murray Harbour  
Duncan, Mrs. Henry 98 08-Jan-54 Union Road. Iris Emery
Davey, John   17-Mar-56 Guernsey Cove  
Derby, Mrs. Will 62 14-Aug-56 PEI Hospital Margie Brehaut. White Sands
Doljiel ? Walter 65 23-Dec-56 Charlottetown.  
Daley, Joseph   Aug. 1958    
Davey, Mrs John 92? 72? 30-Nov-59 Montague Hospital Guernsey Cove
Davey, Love?   05-Dec-60 Minnesota Tom's son. Guernsey Cove
Dixon, Mrs. Milburn 81 15-Jan-62 Little Sands  
 - F -        
Fraser, Walter, Sr.   02-Jul-35 Greek River  
Ferguson, Mrs. John 63 17-Jan-42 Murray River Joan Munn
Flynn, Mrs. Lottie 53 11-Apr-42 New Glasgow, N.S.  
Foster, Mary   10-Jun-43   at Norman MacAuley's. Suicide
Fraser   16-Aug-22   Sarah Jordan's husband and 2 children buried.
Ferguson, Kenneth 42 Dec. 1918 Little Sands  
Ferguson, Johnnie 71 29-Oct-44 Murray River  
Ford, Henry 84 07-Apr-47 Dearborn, Mich.  
Ferguson, Ellsworth 30 12-Dec-51 Murray River Mert's son
Forbes, Heath 71 Nov. 1951 Vancouver, B.C.  
Fraser, Mrs. Walter 79 10-May-53   Margaret Bishop
Fisher, Mrs. 84 21sept54? PEI Hospital Fannie Hyde. Murray Harbour.
 - G -        
Gillis, Alex   19-Oct-40 Falconwood Little Sands
Gosbee, Thomas 84 06-Jul-35 Guernsey Cove  
Gillis, John 66 19-Dec-35 PEI Hospital Little Sands
Gormley, John 73 06-Apr-39 Abney  
Green, Mrs. Janet   26-Jul-39 Wigmore Rd. Rev. W. I. Green's mother
Graham, Lot 94 07-Sep-38 Darmouth, N.S.  
Giddings, Sam   06-Aug-36 White Sands  
Gratto, Mathew 84 10-Apr-37 Murray Harbour  
Gordon, Emily 44 26-Jan-33 Falconwood Abney
Gormley, Violet 26 21-Feb-33 Abney  
Giddings, Neil 79 04-Mar-33 Abney  
Gillis, Hector 75 05-Feb-29 High Bank  
Glover, Mrs. Sarah A. 69 17-Mar-29 Providence, R.I. Sarah Machon
Glover, Kimball 78 Oct. 1941 Taunton, Mass. Jimmie's son
Grant, William 92 05-Mar-42 Grand Prairie, Alta. Buried that date in Murray River
Gosbee, Perley   21-Apr-42 Gladstone  
Gosbee, Mrs. Perley   29-Apr-42 Gladstone  
Gosbee, Mrs. Julia 81 09-Apr-43 Gladstone  
Glover, Mrs. David 76 06-Mar-44 White Sands Maggie Bell. (Picketts).
Glover, David 87 13-Mar-44 White Sands  
Gordon, Elwood   11-Oct-22 Murray Harbour  
Glover, Agnes 27 01-Jan-21 White Sands  
Giddings, Eddie 64 23-Nov-44 Charlottetown Hospital Guernsey Cove
Gordon, Lucy Brehaut   12-Jan-45 Wiekford, R.I.  
Gosbee, Mrs. Tom   27-Feb-45 Beach Pt. Hattie Penny
Gosbee, David Henry   21-May-46   Buried that date at Murray River.
Green, Dr. Cecil B. 70 01-Aug-46 Montague  
Genge, Rev. Morgan 84 22-Dec-46 PEI Hospital  
Gillis, Mrs. Hector 93 08-May-47 Murray Harbour  
Graham, Mrs. Lot 66 15-Dec-47 Gladstone Mary Mackay
Giddings, Norma 19 03-Aug-48 Kings Co. Hospital Oliver's daughter. White Sands
Giddings, Oliver 72 16-Jan-49 Kings Co. Hospital White Sands
Glover, Kate   01-May-27 White Sands Will's daughter
Graham, Rev. Chris 70 13-Sep-50 Kentville, N.S.  
Gormley, Bruce's baby 1day 29-Mar-51 Montague Hospital Murray Harbour
Glover, Mrs Will 84 19-Mar-52 White Sands Mary Ann Clements
Glover, Eugene 48 16-Feb-53 Ocean Falls, B.C. Dave's son
Gratto, Mrs Matt 81 29-Apr-53 Charlottetown  
Gordon, Mrs. Robt   13-Jun-30 Murray Harbour Annabelle Sharam
Giddings, Rebecca 80 11-Aug-53 Providence, R.I. Isaac's daughter
Giddings, Edgar 89 08-Dec-53 Murray River  
Giddings, James 80 09-Apr-54 Sturgeon Eddie's son. Guernsey Cove
Giddings, Mrs Will   16-Jan-56 New Glasgow, N.S. Effie MacLean
Graham, Oswald   18-Nov-56 PEI Hospital Murray Harbour North
Giddings, Mrs. Edgar 82 19-Mar-57 Murray River  
Green, Rev. W. I. 82 21-Mar-57 Elmsdale  
Gillis, Mrs. John 76 24-Oct-58 New Glasgow, N.S. Rebecca Bull
Gosbee, Art   03-May-59 Murray River  
Gordon, Billie's baby   03-Feb-61 Murray River  
Gordon, Foster 20 05-Nov-61 Montague Hospital Ralph's son. Murray River
Gormley, Mrs John 89 21-Feb-62 Abney Ada Gordon
 - H -        
Henderson, Edward 79 15-Feb-41 Murray Harbour North  
Hyde, William   06-Apr-41 Halifax  
Herring, Mrs. Flora   20-Jul-41   Buried Murray Harbour
Hume, John D. 81 01-Feb-40   Buried Murray River
Herring, Mrs. Ben   24-Dec-40 New Glasgow, N.S.  
Hawkins, Lizzie 88 21-Feb-35 Murray Harbour  
Haberlin, Wm 69 09-Mar-35 Seattle, Wash.  
Herring, Hannah Hugh   03-Jun-35 U.S.A.  
Hooper, Melvin 20 05-Jun-35 Abney  
Herring, Harold   30-Aug-35   Buried at Murray Harbour
Hugh, Mrs. J. T.   08-Mar-39 Springhill, N.S.  
Horton, Wm. 84 27-May-39 Annapolis Valley  
Harris, Harry   08-Jul-39 Butte, Montana Buried Murray Harbour
Hill, John 87 25-Oct-39 Murray Harbour  
Hawkins, Lottie 88 20-Apr-36 Murray Harbour  
Hayter, Ben 62 30-May-36 Charlottetown  
Hume, Mrs. Sam 76 21-Jul-36 Murray River  
Hooper, 9 and 11 01-Aug-37 Charlottetown Col. Hooper's 2 daughters drowned Stanhope Beach
Haberlin, Thos. 78 25-Mar-31 Charlottetown  
Hessters? Juirres?   21-Feb-32   Killed in train wreck
Harris, George   24? June 32   At Norm Jordon's. Buried New Glasgow, N.S.
Hume, James   17-Aug-32 Iris Drowned at floating bridge
Herring, John T. 62 27-Apr-29 Charlottetown Buried that date
Habelin, Mrs. E.A.   11-Aug-42 Montague Hospital Abney
Horton, Cecil 43? 19-Apr-42 West Roxbury, Mass.  
Harris, Perley 70 02-Jul-42 PEI Hospital White Sands
Horton, Mrs. Ida Gordon   03-Jul-42 Montague Hospital Peter's Rd.
Hugh, William S. 79 27-Nov-42 Montague Hospital Murray Harbour
Hooley, John 63 Apr-43 Charlottetown  
Harris, Mrs Perley   23-May-43 Charlottetown White Sands
Herring, Wm. F.   10-Mar-22 Murray Harbour  
Hooper, David   21-Jun-22 Murray River  
Hawkins, Mrs. John   11-Jan-19 Guernsey Cove  
Herring, Mrs. Wm.   04-May-21 Murray Harbour Martha
Herring, Wm 72 11-Jun-21 Murray Harbour Klondike
Hawkins, Will   14-Sep-21 Murray River  
Harrris, Thos   03-Nov-21 Guernsey Cove  
Howe, Mrs. Wm. 86 18-Jun-44 Guernsey Cove  
Hugh, Edith 46 04-Jan-45 PEI Hospital Murray Harbour
Hopkins, Wm   10-Jan-45 Providence, R.I. Lill Glover's husband
Hume, David 75 17-Jan-46 Charlottetown Wood Islands
Hamilton, Mrs. W.J. ? 66 30-Jan-46 Lynn, Mass Jennie MacPhee. Hopefield
Harris, Mrs. Wm. 90 17-Feb-46 Murray Harbour Annie Jordan
Hewitt, Mrs. Guy 50 23-Feb-46 Amherst, N.S. Edna MacKay. Buried murray Harbour
Hyde, Horace 64 01-Jul-46 Kings Co. Hospital Murray Harbour
Hennigar, Mrs. Peter 46 26-Apr-47 PEI Hospital  
Hume, Mrs. John D. 82 17-May-47 PEI Hospital Murray River
Hawkins, Elisha M. 82 16-Sep-47 Shaw?met R.I.  
Hayter, Rev Joseph W. 67 03-Apr-48 Charlottetown  
Hawkins, David 83 08-Jan-49 Charlottetown Murray River
Horten, Mrs. Albert 64 06-Jan-28 PEI Hospital Fannie Brehaut. Lower Montague
Herring, Mrs. W. F.   28-Feb-28 Murray Harbour Louise Daw
Hyde, Horace's baby   14-Oct-28 Murray Harbour  
Herring, Ruth 26 14-Jun-25 Rhode Island  
Hansford, Mrs. Jack   15-Jul-49   Mary J. Sensebaugh
Hugh, Mrs. Will 83 ? 1950 Murray Harbour Lilly LeLacheur. Uigg
Hyde, Thomas   23-Sep-50 Murray Harbour  
Hume, Archie 53 01-Feb-51 Camphill Hosp. Montague
Hayter, Mrs. Will 77 09-Feb-51 Beech Grove Mary Anne Blue. High Bank
Hayter, William 87 26-Feb-51 Alliston High Bank
Hooper, Mrs. Milton   26-Feb-51 Murray River Janet Bell
Hayter, James 74 26-Mar-51 Georgetown Tom's son. High Bank
Harris, Louis, Jr.   31-Oct-51 PEI Hospital Louis' son. Murray Hr.b.r
Howard, Rev. Sam 93 03-Dec-51 Vancouver, B.C. Methodist minister
Hyde, Mrs. Tom 87 07-Jan-52 Beech Grove Murray Harbour
Horton, Thos. 83 22-Jan-53 Montague Hospital Murray River
Hawkins, Hampton 72 29-Jun-53 Guernsey Cove  
Herring, Norrine 17 04-Jul-30 Murray Harbour George's daughter
Hayter, Thomas   04-Apr-30 Murray River Tom's son
Herring, Mrs. John 80 13-Dec-53 Infirmary Gertie Machon. Murray Harbour
Herring, John   26-Dec-53 Trenton Ben's son
 - I -        
Irving, William 77 21-Apr-39 Beech Pt.  
Irving, Peter 38 15-Jun-32 Beech Pt.  
Irving, William 96 02-Oct-50 Pictou, N.S. Beach Pt.
Irving, Mrs. Will 90 15-Jun-53 Murray Harbour Alice Beck
 - J -        
Jackson, Frank 50 02-Feb-46 Murray Harbour  
Jordan, Wilfred 51 17-Feb-46 Beach Pt.  
Jordan, Luther 86 19-Apr-46 Hazlebrook Murray Harbour
Jenkins, Henry 77 10-Mar-47 Summerside  
Jackson, Claude 17 05-Jun-47 Beach Pt.  
Jardine, William F. 86 02-Jan-49 Montague Hospital Mt. Stewart
Johnstone, James 69 14-Jan-44 Seekonk? White Sands
Johnstone, Jane 83 11-Sep-25 Murray Harbour  
Jordan, Charles 80 28-Jul-50 Guernsey Cove Found dead in house by Everett (Harris)
Jordan, Mrs. Ralph   Jul-52 Charlottetown  
Jordan, Benny 85 24-Feb-53 Charlottetown  
Jordan, Caleb 87 04-Mar-30 Murray Harbour  
Jones, J. Walter. Senator 75 31-Mar-54 Ottawa Bunbury
Jordon, Mrs. Henry   08-Jun-56 Cape Bear Fosie? Jordan
Jackson, Mrs Otis 65 15-Jun-56 Montague Hospital Beck
Jenkins, Foster 49 02-May-57 Murray River  
Jackson, Mrs Frank   16-Jul-57 Montague Hospital Rosie Herring. Murray Harbour
Johnston, Carol Anne 8 01-Aug-59 Peter's Road Donnie's daughter
Jordon, George 85 06-Oct-59 PEI Hospital Murray Harbour
Jamieson, Mrs. Donald   19-Jun-60 Sturgeon Isabella Kieley?
Jenkins, Mrs Harold   16-Dec-60 Charlottetown Kate Bull?
Jenkins, Mrs J. Earl 55 01-Apr-62 Montague Hospital Murray River
 - K -        
Keeping, Wm. Jr. 46 27-Jan-38 PEI Hospital  
Keeping, Wm. Sr. 82 12-Feb-38 Murray Harbour  
King, George V   20-Jan-36 England  
Kerran? Roddie 66 19-Jul-36 Murray River  
Kennedy, Roulston 49 05-Nov-37 Murray Harbour North  
Keeping, Mrs. Jimmie 74 06-Dec-31 Murray Harbour  
Kirby, Mrs. Isaac   10-May-33 Gladstone  
Keeping, Wm. Evert 17mos. 08-Mar-32 Cape Bear  
Keenan, Danill   25-Apr-44 Wood Islands  
Keenan, Mrs Gus 54 11-Sep-45 PEI Hospital Millie Bears. Murray River
Keeping, Eugene 58 07-Feb-47 Murray Harbour  
Kennedy, Mrs Nelson 69 10-May-47 PEI Hospital Montague
Keenan, Roy 34 30-Aug-47 Wilmot Killed in bus-train collision Wilmot. Murray River.
Keeping, Bessie   03-May-25 Boston Buried Murray Harbour Will's daughter
Kirby, Isaac   24-Feb-28 Gladstone  
Keenan, Mrs Dan 87 21-Jun-50 Wood Islands Murray River
Kaufer, Mrs 81 02-Jul-50 Providence, R.I. Fannie Glover
Keeping, Dr. Ben 58 17-Feb-51 Murray Harbour  
King, George VI 56 06-Feb-52 England  
Keeping, Mrs. Wm. 90 06-Feb-53 Murray Harbour Maria Lelacheur
Knox   12-Jul-59   Drowned Pinette in car. Montague
 - L -        
Livingstone, Samuel 89? 10-Jan-41   (Johnnie's)
Livingstone, John D. 66 18-Apr-41 High Bank  
Livingstone, Westi 82 18-Jun-41   (John Brehaut's)
LeLachieur, Garnet   21-Feb-40 Sackville, N.B  
Lernon?, Mrs. Nettie   23-Apr-38 Montague  
Lumsden, Elliot J.   19-Mar-36 Murray Harbour  
LeLacheur, Mrs. Lauretta   30-Oct-37 Boston Bart
LeLacheur, Mrs James 48 22-Jan-32 Guernsey Cove  
LeLacheur, Bart 88 01-Mar-32 Guernsey Cove  
Lumsden, Minnie 36 24-Jan-43 Charlottetown Murray Harbour
Lowe, Mrs Etta 42 24-Feb-22 Murray River  
Livingstone, Milton 26 Nov. 1944 Belgium Killed in Belgium
Lowe, Mrs. George   18-Jun-45 Murray River Kate MacSwain
Ling, Theophelus D.   14-Dec-45 Wheatley River  
Leceo, Wilda Lois 15 ? Mos. 02-Sep-35 Abney  
LeLacheur, James H. 65 05-Jul-47 Guernsey Cove  
Lewellyn, Mrs Henrietta 81 30-Aug-47 Wilmot Killed in bus-train collision. Pictou, N.S.
Lumsden, Mrs Elliot   05-Jan-48 Murray Harbour Sarah Ellen Jordan
Livingstone, Mrs Donald 80 07-Jan-48 PEI Hospital High Bank
Lowe, George   12-Jul-48 Murray River  
Livingstone, James   20-Aug-48 Dover Murray River P.O.
LeLacheur, Mrs James   24-Mar-25 Murray Harbour Sophia ? Machon
Ling, ? Mrs T.D.   22-Sep-50 PEI Hospital Seaman. Wheatley River
Lea, Mrs Crilly 52 07-May-51 Murray Harbour Hildred Howatt
Livingstone, Mrs Elmer   Dec. 1951 Dartmouth, N.S. Murray River
Lelacheur, Cyrus   21-Jun-52 Providence, R.I. Jim's son
Livingstone, Mrs. Jim 81 07-May-54 Montague Hospital Maggie Moore. Dover
Livingstone, Dan 79 27-Mar-55 Montague Hospital Murray River
LeLacheur, Mrs Bart   31-Aug-55 Boston Stella Roberts
Lowe, William 59 20-Sep-55 PEI Hospital Murray River
LeLacheur, F. W. 82 28-Aug-57 Murray Harbour  
Lewis, Grealy 85 29-Apr-58 Ch. Hos. B.Grove St. Peter's
LeLacheur, Roland 57 12-Jul-58 Murray Harbour  
Lewis, Lorne 42 30-May-60 Pictou Annie White's husband
Lelacheur, Florence 51 01-Jan-61 Boston Jim's daughter
Livingstone, Elmer 49 21-Feb-62 Montague Hospital Dan's son. Murray River
 - M -        
MacLeod, Lowell 23 25-Feb-46 Provincial Sanitorium Murray River
MacMillan, James 71 05-Mar-46 Charlottetown  
Mathuson, Mrs. Dan   15-Jun-46 Iris Minnie Moore
MacKay, Jim and Ruby's baby   Aug. 1946 PEI Hospital Stillborn. Murray Harbour
Machon, Thomas C. 83 01-Sep-46 Providence, R.I.  
MacKenzie, Mrs Dan   15-Sep-46 Iris Mary Jane Hayter
MacKay, William 73 24-Dec-46 Dover (Red)
Munn, Ira   05-Jan-47 Halifax Hopefield
Moore, William 53 01-Feb-47 PEI Hospital Iris
MacLeod, Daniel   09-Feb-47 Belle River Danny John G
Murray, Isabelle 7 30-Aug-47 Wilmot Killed in bus-train collision. Little Harbor Rd. N.S.
Mitchell, Mrs Ambrose   30-Aug-47 Wilmot Killed in bus-train collision. Little Harbor Rd. N.S.
MacDonald, Chas   04-Sep-47 Charlottetown Dropped dead on Murray Harbour train while driving to Charlottetown
MacKenzie, Alexander 23 Sept. 1947 PEI Hospital Beatrice Nicolle's son. Dover
MacFarlane, Mrs. Gordon 78 25-Sep-47 Augustine Cove Frank's mother
Matheson, Callam 22 12-Oct-47 Killed Sudbury, Ont Glen William
MacPhee, Mrs. W. A. 48 02-Nov-47 PEI Hospital Myra VanIderstine. Heatherdale
MacLeod, David John 73 11-Feb-48 PEI Hospital Murray River
MacLean, Mrs.   16-Feb-48 Little Sands Peter's mother
Machon, Mrs. Henry J. 94 08-Mar-48 Murray Harbour Margaret Hamilton MacDonald. Glasgow, Scotland
MacDonald, Mrs A. D. 69 23-Apr-48 PEI Hospital Ada Penny. Murray Harbour
MacDonald, Mrs Archie 91 20-Jun-48 Murray Harbour Hannah Horton
Mabey, Mrs George 92 03-Sep-48 Gladstone Mary Horton
Moore, Roy 31 14jan44 ? PEI Hospital Charlie's son
Munn, Capt. J.A.   14-Feb-43 Murray River  
MacNeill, Leith 54 05-Mar-43 Murray Harbour Chester Martin's
Murray, Rev. Allister   06-May-43 Paris, Ont  
MacDonald, Ivan 6 14-Jun-43 Peter's Rd. Killed by Rd.machine?
MacLean, Willie 23 07-Jul-43 Falconwood White Sands
Moore, Charles 32 14-Jul-43 High Bank Martin's son
MacLure, Cartney   10-Feb-44 Murray Harbour North  
MacSwain, John   24-Mar-44 High Bank  
Murdock, Mrs D.P. 45 24-Jan-22 Murray Harbour Janie?
MacKinnon, Mrs Tailor 87 04-Mar-22 Murray Harbour  
Moore, George   Jul-19 Abney  
MacKenzie, Mrs John   Dec. 1918 Murray River  
Mackay, Richard   Dec. 1918 or Jan 1919 Murray Harbour  
Murdock, Gavin 42 19-Mar-21 Murray River  
Machon, John 861/2 15-Jul-21 Murray Harbour  
MacLeod, Mrs Calvin   26-Nov-21 Murray River Maggie Lowe
MacKenzie, Lowell 10 21-Sep-44 Murray Harbour  
MacDonald, Angus   21-Nov-44 Dover  
MacKenzie, Alexander 99 21-Feb-45 Cape Bear  
MacLeod, Sadie May 20 04-Jun-45 PEI Hospital Murray River
Moore, Russell's baby 2 Jun-45 Abney  
Morris, W. Frank 77 11-Jul-45 Charlottetown  
MacCallum, Obed 86 31-Aug-45 Alliston  
MacDougall, Mrs. Finley 69 19-Jan-46 PEI Hospital Belle River
MacLeod, Matthew 57 23-May-49 Murray River Gavin's son
MacLeod, John   30-Apr-49 Murray Harbour North Died running lobster traps. Albert's brother
Machon, Mrs Dan   14-Feb-28 Guernsey Cove Belle MacLeod
MacDonald, Mrs Dan   07-Oct-28 Murray River Kitty MacDonald
MacLeod, Fayne   23-Oct-28 Cape Bear Ab's sister
MacNeill, Rev. A.J.   16-Feb-27 N.B.  
Mabey, George 77? 79 ? 02-Apr-27 Gladstone  
MacLure, Matthew   14-Apr-27 Dover  
Murley, Mrs. Richard   16-Dec-27 Murray Harbour Margaret MacDonald
Morris, Frederic   09-Sep-25 Charlottetown  
MacLeod, Capt. Allan 69 19-Jul-49 Beach Pt.  
Machon, Mrs Lebert 67 28-May-50 Lower Montague Elsie Penny
MacLure, Cartney 54 14-Jul-50 Dover Killed by truck driven by Roy Buell
MacKay, Mrs Neil 74 28-Aug-50 Murray Harbour Carrie Derby
MacLean, Mrs George A.   23-Aug-50 Lewis, PEI Sarah MacLean
Machon, Ira David   09-Aug-50 Boothbay Har. Me.  
MacNeill, Cephas 58 31-Oct-50   Tug in Montague beach?
MacKenzie, Alexander   27-Nov-50 Charlottetown Dover
Moore, Martin L. 67 04-Dec-50 Abney Ben's son
MacKay, John James   26-Dec-50 Guernsey Cove  
MacLure, Mrs William   03-Jan-51 Murray Harbour North Minnie Jordan
Maclean, Mrs. 77 28-Feb-51   at Leon Davey's. Ena Singleton
MacFarlane, David 72 08-Jul-51 Hopefield  
Moore, Richard 69 14-Jul-51 PEI Hospital Will's son. Wood Island.
MacPhee, Mrs. S.O? Rev. 74 21-Jul-51 Avonmore, Ont. Mary MacDonald. Hopefield
Miller, David 66 12-Aug-51 Montague Hospital Murray Harbour North
MacPherson, Mrs Lauchlin 80 14-Aug-51 PEI Hospital Rev. D. W's mother. Valleyfield
MacPhee, John 80 24-Sep-51 Montague Hospital Mary Stewart's father. Belleview
MacDonald, Angus 86 09-Oct-51 Alliston  
MacInnis, Mrs. Ronald 63 16-Oct-51 PEI Hospital Maggie Moore. Iris
Moore, Herbert 74 05-Dec-51 PEI Hospital Ben's son
Murdock, Mrs. George 79 05-Dec-51 Pictou, N.S. Sarah Derby (Jim's)
Miller, Thomas 83 10-Dec-51 Murray Harbour North  
MacPherson, Belle 78 26-Jan-52 PEI Hospital Murray River
MacInnis, Rev. Jas. 76 07-Feb-52 PEI Hospital Glen William
MacLeod, Lester (Chuck) 36 03-Mar-52 Murray River Dead in snow on road.
MacMillan, Mrs Ronald 74 13-Mar-52 Wood Islands Cristy MacLean. Roy Somers'
MacFarlane, Frank 59 28-Mar-52 PEI Hospital Murray Harbour
MacNeill, Mrs Harry 73 17-Jun-52 Montague Hospital ?nie Jordan. Cape Bear
MacLeod, Mrs.   15-Jul-52 PEI Hospital ??ema Brehaut
MacKinnon, Ernest 51 15-Aug-52 PEI Hospital Station agent. Murray Harbour
Machon, Horatio 70 16-Aug-52 Murray Harbour ??enry's son
MacLean, Alan 77 18-Mar-53 Murray River  
Moore, Albert 92 22-Mar-53 Abney  
MacNary? Queen 85 24-Mar-53 England  
MacPherson, Kate 83 05-Jul-53 PEI Hospital Murray River
MacLean, ? Mrs Peter 71 01-Nov-53 Montague Hospital Little Sands
Munn, Mrs Syd 52 24-Nov-53 Murray River Maggie Bowles
MacInnis, Mrs Alex 80 22-Dec-53 Pt. Pleasant Lizzie Forbes
Munn, Bobby 27 12-Jan-54 Murray River Earl's son
MacLeod, Mrs Mac   07-May-54 High Bank Bessie Macpherson
MacLean, Mrs Hector 70 01-Apr-55 Little Sands  
Miller, Beverly 16 12-Jul-55 Murray Harbour North  
MacDougall, Annie   04-Aug-55 Pictou I.  
MacLeod, Alan 80 11-Mar-56   Fiery
MacNeill, Sibbald 55 30-Mar-56 Halifax Hos. Little Sands
MacIntyre, Mrs Preston 56 10-May-56 Montague Alice MacLeod
Moore, Charles 74 30? May56   Drowned. Albert's son.
MacBeth, Mrs Roddie 96 26-Jul-56 Pt. Prim Margaret MacDonald
MacMillan, Stewart 38 25-Feb-57 Charlottetown  
MacLeod, Fred 65 12-May-57 Montague Hospital Machon's Point .
Mackenzie, Russell 40 13-Jun-57 Halifax Hos. Beech Pt.
MacDonald, William   12-Aug-57 Murray Harbour  
MacMillan, Dr. J.W.P.   07-Dec-57 Charlottetown  
MacNeill, George   14-Feb-58 PEI Hospital Beech Pt.
MacLeod, Mrs Joseph 74 22-Feb-58 PEI Hospital Mabel Gosbee. Murray Harbour
MacDonald, Mrs Angus 93 06-Jun-58 PEI Hospital MacRae. Flat River
MacDonald, Mrs 98 20-Apr-58 Murray River Mrs. Cuddy's mother
MacSwain, Mrs John   23-Oct-58 Montague Hospital Alice Bell. High Bank
MacKay, Mrs Will 79 15-Jun-59 Murray River Millie MacLeod?
MacNeill, Mary 16 29-Jul-59   Killed by car Murray River road. Gerald's daughter.
MacLeod, Mrs M.J.   06-Aug-59 Murray River Clara Chapman. Cape Bear.
Munn, Mrs Christie   20-Aug-59 Murray River  
MacBeth, Daniel 69 08-Sep-59 Halifax Roddie's son. Iris
Munn, Mrs John G.   19-Oct-59 Murray River Carrie MacIntosh
MacSwain, Mrs John G. 82 27-Oct-59 Peter's Road Ella Hooper
MacLeod, Belle 71 11-Mar-60 Murray River Mathew's daughter
Moore, Harvey 43 03-Apr-60   Bird Sanctuary. Comm. Rd.
MacEachern, Mrs Chester 63 13-May-60 Hopefield Margaret MacDonald. (C.B. dau)
MacKenzie, Lillian 63 26-May-60 Charlottetown Dr. J.W's sister
MacGuigan, Austin   26-Jun-60 St. Mary's Rd. Body found at Hillsboro Bridge
Murley, Mrs Margaret 78 28-Jun-60 Murray Harbour  
MacGuigan, Mrs Herbert 39 13-Jul-60 St. Mary's Rd. Killed by lightning
MacDonald, Archie 72 25-Aug-60 Murray River Gosh?
MacKay, William 65 01-Sep-60 Montague Hospital Murray River and High Bank
Morrill, Mrs LeRoy 88 25-Oct-60 Providence R.I. Lydia Machon
MacLean, Mrs Alan   03-Nov-60 Murray River  
MacDonald, John A. 47 04-Jan-61 Cardigan M.P.
MacKay, Hugh 85 13-Jan-61 Falc. Charlottetown Bobby's son
MacPherson, Piper   18-Jan-62 PEI Hospital Wood Islands
MacDonald, Mrs Archie 80 03-Feb-62 Iris Elsie Moore
Murley, Richard 91, 4mos 26-Jan-41   own house
MacLean, Master, Wm.   31-Jan-41 Peter's Rd  
Munn, Mrs Ira   05-Mar-41 Hopefield  
MacLean, Francis 32 04-Apr-41 Murray River  
MacLeod, Mrs Danny   02-Apr-41 Iris  
MacPhee, Mrs Murdock 54 07-May-41 PEI Hospital Hopefield
MacDonald, Grace   09-Jun-41 Hopefield  
MacLean, Al's baby   14-Jun-41 PEI Hospital  
MacFarlane, Mrs Frank 46 02-Jul-41 Murray Harbour  
MacNeill, Mrs   16-Apr-40 High Bank G. Robert's
Moore, Helen 17 16-Apr-40 Provincial Sanitorium Charlottetown  
MacLean, Mrs Jane Roberts 92 31-May-40 Murray Harbour J.M. Stewart's
MacDonald, Oliver (Twist)   11-Jun-40 Caledonia  
MacLeod, Murdoch, J. 80 16-Jun-40 Murray River  
MacDonald, Archie 86 26-Jul-40 Murray Harbour  
MacLeod, Mrs Heber 46 03-Dec-40 PEI Hospital  
MacLeod, Fred   24-Dec-40 Murray River  
MacIntosh, John   05-Mar-35 Murray River P. MacLure's ?
MacKay, Harper 38 12-Mar-35 PEI Hospital  
MacMillan, Neil Peter   14-May-35 PEI Hospital  
Moore, Reuben   11-Jul-35 High Bank  
Miller, Irving   02-Jan-39 Murray Harbour North  
MacLeod, Mathew   11-Mar-39 Murray River  
Muttart, Mrs Freeman   22-Apr-39 Gladstone  
Machon, Alfred H. 54 02-Sep-39 Los Angeles, Cal.  
MacPherson, Mrs Angus   30-Sep-39 High Bank  
Munroe, Dan   21-Jun-38 High Bank Buried on that date
MacPherson, Mary 71 04-Jul-38 Murray River  
MacLean, Malcolm 88 25-Oct-38 Little Sands  
Martin, John 66 13-Jan-39 Wood Islands Burned barn and himself
MacLeod, Calvin 79 16-Jan-39 Murray River  
MacFarlane, Florence   16-Jan-39 Hopefield  
MacKay, Mrs Robert 89 09-Jan-36 Gladstone  
MacLeod, Mrs Lem?   31-Jan-36 N. Glasgow, N.S. Buried on that date
MacNeill, Colin Hector   20-Mar-36 PEI Hospital Little Sands
Martin, Chas. 67 18-Apr-36 Caledonia  
MacKinnon, Mrs John   09-Sep-36 Providence, R.I. Buried on that date. Charlottetown.
Moore, Edward   09-Nov-36 Trenton, N.S.  
MacLeod, Della   28-Mar-37 Charlottetown Cape Bear
Machon, Reuben 67 09-Apr-37 Montague Hospital Guernsey Cove
Murchison, Mrs. Chas   08-Apr-37 Glen Williams  
Miller, Mrs Andrew   09-Apr-37 Murray Harbour North  
Murdock, David P. 63 16-May-37 Murray Harbour  
MacPherson, Lester,   27-Sep-37 PEI Hospital Piper's son. Wood Islands
MacKay, Neil   25-Nov-37 Murray Harbour  
MacLeod, Mrs George 79 26-Feb-31 Murray Harbour Joe MacLeods
MacGregor, Charlotte Hawkins   27-Feb-31 Providence, R.I.  
MacDonald, Rev. M.D. 63 01-Sep-31 PEI Hospital M.R. Cemetery
MacKay, George 88 25-Oct-31 Murray River  
Murdock, John 50 16-Nov-31 Calgary, Alta Murray River
MacInnis, Archibald 93 11-Mar-33 Glen Williams Warren Brehaut's
MacDonald, Dan   10-Jun-33 PEI Hospital C.B. Hopefield
Mackay, Mrs James 79 02-Jan-32 Guernsey Cove  
MacCannell, Duncan   04-Jan-32 Murray River  
Moore, Mrs Will 82 18-Mar-32 Iris  
Moore, Mrs Chas 19 07-Apr-32 Provincial Sanitorium Muriel Derby. High Bank
Matheson, Wm   17-Aug-32   Drowned at Floating bridge. Iris
Machon, Mrs Chas 77 29-Dec-28 Guernsey Cove  
MacNeill, Lochie   28-Jun-29 Cape Bear  
Muttart, Freeman   21-Nov-41 Gladstone  
MacKinnon, John N? 67 29-Jan-42 Providence R.I. Buried Charlottetown
Mackay, Mrs Wallace 51 04-Mar-42 Beach Pt.  
MacLeod, Jos.   14-Jun-42 PEI Hospital Murray Harbour
MacLure, Mrs George 60 29-Apr-42 Murray Harbour North Emma Dalziel?
Machon, Chas. Herbert   31-Jan-02 Murray Harbour  
Machon, LeBert 64 21-Oct-42 Kings Co. Hospital Lower Montague
MacLeod, Mrs. Si?   25-Nov-42 Murray River  
MacKay, Howard 70 01-Dec-42 Gladstone  
MacDonald, Alex D. 83 14-Dec-42 Infirmary, Charlottetown Sandy. Murray Harbour
MacLure, Wallace 86 10-Dec-42 Brackley Pt.  
MacLure, Colin 84 14-Jan-43 Brackley Pt.  
Moore, Humphrey W.   18-Jul-42 East Providence R.I. Husband of Sarah (Garside) Moore. Residence, Brookfield Road.
 - N -        
Nicolle, James 13 04-Sep-35 Kings Co. Hospital Murray River
Nicolle, John 80 27-Jun-39 Gladstone  
Nicolle, Mrs James 85 31-Dec-30 White Sands Mary Harris
Nicolle, Mrs John   21-Jun-33 Gladstone Kate Mackay
Nicolle, William 78 17-Jul-42 White Sands  
Nicolle, Oliver   14-Jun-49 Boston, Mass  
Nicolle, Mrs Will   02-Sep-27 White Sands Maggie Phillips
Nicolle, Mrs John   16-Jan-25   Margaret Clements. At Mrs Bailey's
Nicolle, Irene 20 17-Jun-25 White Sands Will's daughter
Nicolle, James over 80 01-Sep-27 White Sands  
Newham, Mrs. A. 61 13-Aug-51 Providence, R.I. Sadie Grant . Buried Murray Harbour North
Nicolle, Louise 90 odd 25-Jul-55 Guernsey Cove  
Nicoll, Joe 89 08-Dec-56 Murray River  
Nicoll, Mrs Joe   01-Jan-57 Murray River  
Nicholson, Fred 51 22-Jul-58 Kilmuir  
Nicolle, Hammond 91 18-Nov-58 Montague Hospital White Sands
 - P -        
Prowse, Wm. H. 78 12-Aug-40 PEI Hospital  
Penny, Earl   17-Apr-35 Provincial Sanitorium  
Pringle, Dr. John 83 19-Apr-35 Lowell, Mass.  
Penny, Reuben 69 02-Sep-39 Murray Harbour  
Prowse, Mrs. A.P. 79 18-Dec-38 Murray Harbour  
Penny, James G. 71 30-Mar-36 Antigonish, N.S.  
Penny, Mrs. Robert   07-Apr-37 Cape Bear  
Penny, James Robert 44 01-Sep-37 Cape Bear  
Penny, Henry 58 21-Jan-31 Murray Harbour  
Porter, 9 13-Nov-29 Murray River Roul's son
Prowse, Mrs. W.H. 79 11-Apr-42 Charlottetown  
Prowse, Sen. Samuel   17-Jan-02 Murray Harbour  
Phillips, John   15-May-43 White Sands  
Phillips, Henry J. 68 21-Mar-44 Charlottetown  
Phillips, Mrs Henry 53 28-Apr-44 PEI Hospital Maggie
Penny, Robert 83 26-May-44 Beach Pt.  
Prowse, Isaac   Dec. 1918 Murray Harbour  
Prowse, Olivia 22 Feb. 1919 Murray Harbour  
Phillips, Mrs Will   22-Feb-21 Murray Harbour  
Phillips, Johnnie 20 26-Feb-21 White Sands  
Penny, Alonzo   28-Nov-21 Cape Bear  
Penny, Mrs John 76 25-Jul-44 Murray Harbour Annie? Roberts. At Orrie's.
Phillips, Mrs John 89 06-Mar-46 White Sands  
Penny, Mrs James 71 28-Jun-41 PEI Hospital Sarah Jordan Fraser. Murray Harbour
Prowse, W. Fred 65 14-Jul-48 PEI Hospital Charlottetown
Porter, Roulston   24-Nov-48 Abney  
Potter, Mrs William 83 30-Mar-44 Seattle, Wash. Addie Horton
Prowse, Albert P. 67 20-Jun-25 PEI Hospital Murray Harbour
Penny, Franklin   15-May-25 Murray Harbour Reuben's son
Penny, Mrs Vere   05-Jul-27 Murray Harbour  
Perry, Paula 19 15-Jul-51 Charlottetown Killed in car accident at Little Sands
Prowse, Mrs Fred 69 09-May-53 PEI Hospital Charlottetown. Pearl Hobbs
Porter, Will 68 29-May-53 Charlottetown Murray River
Penny, Mrs Reuben 79 29-Jul-53 PEI Hospital Murray Harbour. Lizzie White
Penny, Mrs Hedley 74 24-Jul-55 Murray Harbour Lottie Herring
Prowse, Preston 77 11-May-56 PEI Hospital Murray Harbour.
Porter, Mrs Will   30-Jun-56 PEI Hospital Murray River. Mary Gosbee.
Penny, Mrs Ernest 80 08-Jan-58 Murray Harbour Selina MacKenzie
Penny, Ernest 83 03-Mar-58 PEI Hospital Beech Grove
Prowse, Mrs Preston 77? 02-Jan-59 Montague Hospital Janet Stewart
Prowse, Joseph   Dec. 1958 Halifax A.P's son. Murray Harbour
Phillips, Mrs Albert   Mar. 1962 Kilowna, B.C. Edith Prowse
 - R -        
Richards, Mrs Flora 89, 5mos. 03-Jan-41   Mary?
Roebuck, 70 03-Jul-35 Montague Hospital off dredge
Reynolds, Mrs Freeman   17-Jul-35 Murray River  
Robertson, Mrs Stewart   30-Nov-39 Pictou Hospital  
Roberts, Mark   14-Jan-39 Murray Harbour  
Richards, John 83 06-Nov-36 Abney  
Reynolds, Lowell's baby 6mos. 11-Feb-37 Murray River  
Reynolds, David 67 31-Mar-37 Murray Harbour  
Reynolds, Frank 21 10-May-31 PEI Hospital  
Robin, Will 76 08-Jul-33 PEI Hospital  
Roberts, Mrs. Maria 93 21-Sep-32 Murray Harbour  
Richards, Mrs James   27-Dec-29 Gladstone  
Reid, Jennie Hayter   10-Aug-42 U.S.A.  
Reynolds, Freeman 78 12-Sep-42 Murray Harbour  
Richards, Mrs Alex 68 5 apr 43 ? Gladstone  
Robertson, James 85 11-Apr-44 Murray Harbour  
Reynolds, Mrs George   10-Nov-44 Murray Harbour North  
Reynolds, Mrs David 71 16-Nov-44 Murray Harbour  
Reynolds, Mrs Ben 93 19-Sep-44 Pt. Pleasant  
Roosevelt, Pres. F.D. 63 12-Apr-45 Warm Springs, Ga. Washington, DC
Richards, James Edward 21 days 21-Aug-45 PEI Hospital Jimmy's baby. Gladstone
Richards, William 76 31-Jul-47 Murray Harbour  
Richards, Vere   14-Aug-47 Boston, Mass.  
Ross, Donald P. 88 05-Feb-48 Lower Montague  
Reid, Mrs.   Apr-48 Franklin, Mass. Bessie Brehaut
Roberts, Mrs John   18-May-25 Murray Harbour Margaret Machon
Richards, Ch. baby   02-Dec-25 Abney  
Reynolds, 12 04-Aug-50   Roy's son. Killed by truck driver. By Will Miller. Murray River.
Richards, Mrs Will 75 13-Aug-52 Murray Harbour Bertha MacKay
Reynolds, Chester   28-Nov-55 Murray River  
Richards, Mrs Jim 65 29-May-56 Abney Julia Hartling
Roberts, Mrs Elliot   08-Jun-56 Oxford, N.S. Henrietta Stewart
Reid, Steven 82 08-Dec-58 Murray River  
Reid, Mrs Steven   11-Dec-58 Montague Hospital Murray River
Reynolds, Mrs Adam 97 18-Dec-58 Beech Grove  
Richards, Ben 80 12-Mar-60 Montague Hospital Cambridge
Riley, Duncan J. 84 03-Feb-62 PEI Hospital Belle River
Ross, Mrs Arthur 80 Mar-62 St.John, N.B. Celia Moore
 - S -        
Stavert, Rev. R. H. 67 18-May-41 PEI Hospital  
Stewart, Lochie   14-Nov-40   Reported missing
Sharam, Henry 86 07-Jul-35 Gladstone  
Stymeist, James 42 27-Mar-39 PEI Hospital Murray River
Sharam, Mrs. Wm. 86 04-Apr-39 Murray Harbour Jemima White
Stewart, Lochie   22-Apr-36 White Sands Twin daughters of Lawrence
Stewart, Isaac. Sr. 86 19-May-36 Montague  
Smith, John J.   06-Sep-36 N. Perth  
Sensebaugh, Mrs Eliza 76 07-Jun-37 PEI Hospital  
Saunders, Mrs James   30-Mar-31 Murray River  
Sensebaugh, Mrs Henry 69 17-May-31 Machon's Point Jessie
Stewart, Ray's baby 7 mos. 30-Mar-29 Murray Harbour  
Sensebaugh, Chas   24-Dec-29 High Bank  
Stewart, Mrs John J.   04-Dec-41 High Bank  
Stuttard, Mary Ellen Machon 70 10-Nov-42 Providence, R.I.  
Sterling, Rev. John 69 14-Feb-43 Kensington  
Saunders, Mrs J.B. 50 02-Oct-43 PEI Hospital Murray River
Stewart, Fred   Oct-43   Killed in Sicily. Cape Bear
Sterns, John 48 16-Dec-43 PEI Hospital Charlottetown
Stewart, Mrs George   09-Apr-44 Cape Bear Isabella Penny
Sharam, James 67 24-Feb-22 Gladstone  
Saunders, Robert 88 22-Apr-22 Murray River  
Singleton, Mrs Wallace 68 12-Dec-44 Belle River Maria Davey
Stewart, Mrs Peter M.   17-Dec-45 PEI Hospital Belle River. Jennie? MacLure
Strickland, Phillip 79 30-Dec-48 Cape Bear  
Sharam, Mrs Henry 75 13-Mar-49 Charlottetown Lizzie Saunders. Murray River
Singleton, Seldon 10 18-Jan-51 PEI Hospital Laura Richard's son . Belle River
Stewart, John E. 77 27-Feb-51 PEI Hospital Murray Harbour
Stewart, Johnnie John 76 26-May-51 High Bank  
Strickland, Mrs Phil 81 01-Apr-52 Beech Pt.  
Stewart, Mrs Lawrence 52 29-Jun-52 Murray Harbour Lena Bell
Strickland, Chester 47 10-Jan-53 Beech Pt.  
Stewart, John M. 90 25-Sep-53 Murray Harbour  
Sensebaugh, Mark 72 23-Mar-30 Guernsey Cove  
Stuttard, Clara   10-Jan-55 Providence, R.I.  
Sharam, Mrs James 92 15-Apr-55 Gladstone Charlotte Bell
Stewart, George 77 06-Sep-55 PEI Hospital Cape Bear
Stewart, Norman 80 03-Oct-56 PEI Hospital High Bank
Sensebaugh, Henry 84 01-Jun-57    
Stewart, Mrs J. M. 77 13-Oct-58 Murray Harbour Sarah Brehaut
Saunders, John 78 23-May-59 Murray River  
 - V -        
VanIderstine, Peter J.   29-Sep-38 Heatherdale  
VanIderstine, John 82 22-Dec-45 Murray Harbour  
VanIderstine, Mrs John 89 25-Apr-47 Murray Harbour Mary Ann Nicolle
VanIderstine, Mrs Peter J. 80 04-Jan-48 Heatherdale Christine Martin
Vessey, Edward J. 73 31-Jan-49 PEI Hospital Rev. Roy's father. York
VanIderstine, Mrs Will 52 21-Sep-51 PEI Hospital Evelyn Sorrie. Montague
VanIderstine, Robert   16-Apr-60   Drowned off Hills. bridge
VanIderstine, Hayden 70 19-Mar-62 Peter's Rd.  
 - W -        
White, David   20-Feb-41 Cape Bear  
White, Mrs Arthur   20-Apr-41 Machon's Point Mabel MacLeod
Winsloe, John 84 08-Jun-41 Guernsey Cove  
White, Mrs. Roland and baby 42 10-Apr-40 Murray Harbour Kate Singleton
White, John 28 10-Aug-40   Drowned off Cape Bear
Williams, Fred 18 18-Aug-40 PEI Hospital Cape Bear
White, Eva's baby   27-Dec-40 Abney  
White, Mrs Freeman 26 28-Jan-35 Murray Harbour Myrtle Dunn
White, Jos. 87 20-Aug-38 Murray Harbour  
Williams, Mrs Newton 54 12-Oct-36 Cape Bear Mary Giddings
White, Harold 3 24-Nov-31 Machon's Point . Laura's son
Weeks, Mrs Rev. E.S. 59 23-Oct-41 Sackville, N.B.  
Williams, Mrs Abe   18-Dec-29 Cape Bear  
White, Mrs Jos.   22-Sep-42   At Mrs. Reuben Penny's
Winsloe, John A. 31 09-Mar-43 Halifax Hospital Guernsey Cove
Wheeler, Bessie 52 21-Jun-43 PEI Hospital Murray River
Whiteway, John B.   Dec-18 Murray River  
Wheeler, Mrs John   Dec-18 Murray River  
White, Vere 58 24-Jul-21 Murray Harbour  
White, Sybil 17 30-Oct-44 Infirmary Rollie's blind girl. Murray Harbour
White, Bernice   04-Oct-45 PEI Hospital Fred's little girl. Murray Harbour
Warren, Minnie Moore 68 09-Feb-46 Providence, R.I.  
White, Gavin   28-Sep-47 Cape Bear Blind
White, William 67 21-Oct-47 Abney  
White, Mrs. Milton 61 17-Dec-47 Murray Harbour Margaret MacDonald
Williams, Arthur E.B. 65 17-Feb-49 Athol, Mass. Irene Gordon's husband
White, Raymond   23-Feb-28 Cape Bear  
White, Clarence   24-Dec-25 Murray Harbour Hank
White, Lena Brenda 2 mos. 31-Dec-51 Abney Ray's baby
Ward, Cephus   31-Dec-51 Abney  
Wyand, Mrs Allen 72 11-Jul-52 PEI Hospital Burned to death. Cavendish.
White, Mrs Jos. 81 08-May-53 Murray Harbour Alberta Forbes
Webster, Rev. G.C.   20-Nov-53 Wallacetown, Ont.  
Williams, Newton 76 26-Apr-54 Cape Bear  
White, John 65 27-Sep-55 Murray River  
White, Oliver   06-Nov-55 Nova Scotia  
White, Mrs Roland 62 16-Mar-56 Montague Hospital Sallie Bell
White, Louis 49 19-Mar-56 PEI Hospital Percy's son. Murray Harbour
White, Ray's baby   15-Aug-56 Charlottetown Hospital Abney
White, Mrs Fred 83 29-Sep-56 PEI Hospital Ida Brehaut. White Sands
Whiteway, Geo. B. 69 04-Jan-57 Dover  
White, Fred 92 19-Feb-57 Beech Grove. White Sands
Wheeler, Louis 84 Oct. Charlottetown Murray River
White, Wallace 79 09-Jul-58 Montague Hospital Murray Harbour
Wright, Montague 79 25-Jan-59 Montague  
White, Matilda 95 06-Jun-59 Sunset Lodge Murray River
White, Roland 60 04-Sep-60 Montague Hospital Postmaster. Murray Harbour
Wood, Seymour 93 21-Jan-61 Mount Herbert  
White, James 76 09-Jan-62 Abney B.G. Inn
 - Y -        
Young, Mrs Ewen   09-Sep-58 Murray Harbour Etta Murley

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